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The Little Things
2023-09-25 14:13 UTC by French la Vie

The Little French Things


1) The first page in a century old book.

The Little French Things


2) A bronze drawer pull, 1700s.

The Little French Things


3) French antique textiles

The Little French Things


4) A worn silver thimble, and a religious medal.

The Little French Things


5) A scissor for fine lace or needlework.


The little things

like most things

hold importance.

We might not know why.

We might not...

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Here We Go Again
2023-09-24 20:45 UTC by French la Vie


The French la Vie guests arrive Tuesday.

So many new places to add to our antiquing escapades!

I cannot wait to show my guests, and you.






Some days are unhurried

Other days disappear in a few hours,

yet some days are packed tight,

and other days seem to chase the hands around. 

I hope your Sunday was good...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-09-24
2023-09-24 04:00 UTC

  2. The Flower Child
  3. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  4. Porto, Portugal A Superstar of Generosity and Kindness, A Must See

Next Week, The French la Vie
2023-09-23 16:47 UTC by French la Vie

antiquing in france
Next, a week of antiquing and a one-of-a-kind experience begins as I invite my guests to a world where history and artistry intertwine. I hope you will tag along as the French la Vie delves into the colorful French markets and cherry-picked brocantes. Also, my enthusiasm for "very old stuff" led my next group to experience France...

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2023-09-22 19:38 UTC by French la Vie




And before I fall

asleep at night,

you should probably know

that you're

my final 

and favorite thought.

via Samira Vivette


New Way of Collecting
2023-09-21 05:21 UTC by French la Vie


Oh no.

Not another chair and stool.

Walk on by,

Keep going.

And I did.

Taking a photo is my new way of collecting.


Common Art History
2023-09-20 21:13 UTC by French la Vie

Rolling past my feet was a ball on the run. Picking it up, I saw that someone had taken fabric remnants a very long time ago, torn them into strips, then tied them together end to end and rolled them into a ball.   
This is no ordinary ball; it is art history rolled up in one.

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Poem and Photo by Emory Hall
2023-09-19 16:26 UTC by French la Vie



Poem and Photo by Emory Hall 

from her new book.



My Afternoon Date
2023-09-18 08:43 UTC by French la Vie




We walked hand in hand

to the ice cream shop.

After that treat we around the corner to the park. 
A band was playing so we stopped and listened.




If ever you want an authentic view of Paris, go to this park on a Sunday afternoon or any day after 4:30.

Park Villmin


For a delicious original...

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The Beginning
2023-09-17 17:42 UTC by French la Vie



Weekly Top Posts: 2023-09-17
2023-09-17 04:00 UTC

  1. The Flower Child
  2. A Sea of Gold
  3. Porto, Portugal A Superstar of Generosity and Kindness, A Must See
  4. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  5. The Artist and His Animals

Paris Walkabout on a Saturday Afternoon
2023-09-16 21:17 UTC by French la Vie

Paris side street

Paris Side Street in the Marais



Paris Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf 


Paris street artist

Favorite Street Artist



Place Vosges


patron Saint of Paris

Patron Saint of Paris Saint Genevieve


father and son







Le Jardin du Palais Royal,

Le Jardin du Palais Royal,

"Réflexions" by Emmanuel Barrois.



fountain Paris

A stone fountain...

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The Flower Child
2023-09-15 21:57 UTC by French la Vie







Love Tanks Brimming
2023-09-14 21:50 UTC by French la Vie



Sacha is back in France (work-related) so he stopped in to see us briefly, as he heads down south where he will meet Yann and drive to the Alpes. 



 Love tanks were filled.

(Gabriel’s idea for the photo)




We spent most our time in the park.

It has been nearly two years since I...

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A Sea of Gold
2023-09-13 21:43 UTC by French la Vie

The Artist and His Animals
2023-09-12 21:08 UTC by French la Vie

The Artist and His Animals

The Artist and His Animals

The Artist and His Animals



Gabriel's artwork is his gift to me.

I love the various hoove colors.

And who stays in the lines without being told so?

Gabriel does. 

The striped leg,

The orange mouth.

One yellow leg.

So many intentional details.

I am going to Paris tomorrow to be with the two little chunks of my heart.



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Swimming in the Dark
2023-09-11 20:17 UTC by French la Vie

swimming int the dark

Swimming in the sea in Cassis is a delicious delight for me. Whenever I'm there, I aim to take the plunge at least twice a day. Are you the type to wade in gradually, or do you dive right in? I prefer to jump right in.

Cassis' beach is not sandy; instead, it is full of pebbles.




Lately, I have entertained the thought of swimming...

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Cassis by Night
2023-09-10 21:15 UTC by French la Vie

cassis by night

The Rugby World Cup is hosted in France.

Rugby fans have descended from all over the world.

I am amazed at how many fans are in Cassis and how many of the bars/cafes and some restaurants have enormous screen TVs set up for the fans to sit, drink, and cheer on their team.

It is like one big happy stadium. And I feel like I am in an...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-09-10
2023-09-10 04:00 UTC

  1. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  2. Porto, Portugal A Superstar of Generosity and Kindness, A Must See
  3. Gabriel’s First Day of School
  4. Breaking News: La Rentree
  5. Swimming in the Atlantic

May You be Well, May You be Happy
2023-09-09 21:03 UTC by French la Vie

corey amaro

Happy Weekend.



 Chiseled Grace
2023-09-08 14:06 UTC by French la Vie












The carved slab of stone appears 

soft and delicate 

as silk fabric.

I can almost see it move with a gentle breeze. 

Where was he going? 

Who took the time to care about such detail? To imagine perfection in this design? 


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2023-09-08 08:06 UTC by French la Vie

Yesterday, the service I used to post my blog was down.

In the nearly 20 years I have posted every day, I have missed posting only thrice.

All due to TYPEPAD's service being unobtainable due to technical issues.

Hence, today, there are two posts.



Porto, Portugal A Superstar of Generosity and Kindness, A Must See
2023-09-06 21:48 UTC by French la Vie


A little video of Porto!


Swimming in the Atlantic
2023-09-05 21:11 UTC by French la Vie




The Tidal pools of Leça da Palmeira Piscinas de Maré de Leça da Palmeira 

A swimming area on the beach of Leca da Palmeira.


The structures consist of two natural pools filled with fresh seawater,

designed and built between 1959 and 1973 by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

My friend Ellen, an architect...

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Breaking News: La Rentree
2023-09-04 09:50 UTC by French la Vie


First day of school.

Someone is not happy.

As Gabriel said this morning, "Maybe we can figure out a way so I do not have to go to school?"

And what is Olivia thinking? She begged to put on a backpack and to go to school.

The two remind me of Chelsea and Sacha, though Sacha is Gabriel and Olivia is Chelsea. Oh, and that feels like yesterday.


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My Long Time Friend … We Are in Porto Portugal
2023-09-03 22:45 UTC by French la Vie






Weekly Top Posts: 2023-09-03
2023-09-03 04:00 UTC

  1. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence

Guess Again
2023-09-02 21:01 UTC by French la Vie

Not Italy,

Not California,

Not a brocante,

Not the Azores

Not Greece…

Think blue tiles-

A fabulous art museum

An old bookstore 

and along the coast.


I am with my friends Ellen and Frank.






Guess Where?
2023-09-01 20:02 UTC by French la Vie

Guess where I am going tomorrow?

and if you do I will send you a postcard when I am there.



Tree of Life

Nothing to do with where I am going.

Often I walk by. It looks better in real life. So I thought to take a photo of it.



Blue Moon
2023-08-31 21:01 UTC by French la Vie

blue moon

Many miles away, a glowing moon gets our attention.

I remember seeing memorable full moon risings in my life...

Many over my dad's rice fields, no moon rising has ever looked that spectacular.

Also, many times over Saint Baume as we were driving back home and rising over the chateau in Cassis.


When I saw this photo that I took...

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Sacha Takes a Hike and a Dip
2023-08-30 21:24 UTC by French la Vie





Photos via Sacha’s friend Nelson.


Cooking with Olivia
2023-08-29 21:34 UTC by French la Vie


Set up a makeshift kitchen outside

Take a cup of water, some dinette set dishes, a spoon...

Uncooked pasta,

mint, basil, oregano, rosemary, lavender and bay leaf.

Rocks of course.




We spent the morning pretending.

Olivia likes basil, pasta, and rocks, the rest forget about it.


I found a lovely old child's cupboard...

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What to Expect to Find at the French Brocante
2023-08-28 12:35 UTC by French la Vie


French brocante

What to Expect to Find at the French Brocante

Brocante markets are known for their antique items, including furniture, home decor, ceramics, glassware, clocks, and more. These items are usually older than a hundred years old and have historical or cultural value. 

From decorative plates and mirrors to vintage lamps and candle...

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The Hidden Gem, Off the Beaten Path, Tell me about France ...
2023-08-27 20:34 UTC by French la Vie

secret places france



I am often asked about France. It makes sense, given that I live here and write a blog about it. When I travel to a new place, I like to have a few facts about the place in my pocket, too. A good restaurant, a must-see or do sort of thing, where to stay... a few starting bits so that I have a foot on the ground when I arrive.


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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-08-27
2023-08-27 04:00 UTC

  1. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  2. The Haircutting Memory

Summer's End
2023-08-26 15:27 UTC by French la Vie



Summer's end, and when it does, please take the heat with you.

It has been too hot this summer.

Though it feels like this might become our new normal.




Some Useful Artful Ordinary Pieces of French Antiques
2023-08-25 21:18 UTC by French la Vie


Provencal Summer Ware

 Classic French antique Provencal lard pots in green.

"French Provencal antique lard pottery pots, also known as "pots à graisse" or "pots à lard," are traditional pottery containers used in Provence for preserving and storing lard or rendered pork fat. These pots are known for their charming and rustic appearance, often...

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Not Cinderella's Slipper
2023-08-24 20:53 UTC by French la Vie

Strolling Along

Balancing delicately on a chair

in a clothing shop window,

Encased in an antique souvenir glass box,

A new shoe that had yet to start its journey.

I did a double-take, drawn by the juxtaposition of modernity and antiquity.

Perfection curation.

The glass box was one of the largest I had ever seen.

The shopkeeper shook her head.

'Box and...

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The Haircutting Memory
2023-08-23 21:20 UTC by French la Vie

I wrote this on my blog in 2006



When I lived in a monastery, the Abbot asked who knew how to cut hair. I raised my hand; I had never cut anyone's hair. But being 19, in a monastery,...

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The Memorable Haircut
2023-08-22 21:43 UTC by French la Vie


some of it

A little haircut by the pool for Gabriel while on vacation. I thought I was giving him his first haircut. Such a memorable spot, a good memory creation I would be smiling about for years.

I know how to cut hair. You will never guess where I learned unless I wrote it on my blog years ago. I want to remember if I have mentioned it...

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Brocante Bébé
2023-08-21 20:18 UTC by French la Vie


Brocante Bébé will she take after me? Or just inherit a bunch of stuff she doesn’t want, and sell it at a vides grenier for, “Any ten items for 1 euros?”


Time Seemed to Tick Away.
2023-08-20 21:00 UTC by French la Vie



Have you ever been in a situation where time seems set to a different standard than the 24-hour clock?

The past week spent with Chelsea and her family at our friend's home in Ardeche seemed to pass by quickly. It's perplexing, as time isn't something we can control, yet the sensation was that only a day or two had gone by, not a whole...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-08-20
2023-08-20 04:00 UTC

  4. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  5. Summer Song of Sunshine

Summer Figs
2023-08-19 21:46 UTC by French la Vie


Steps away from the century-old stone house where we are staying,

wild fig trees grow.

Amidst their aromatic scent, I plucked from their bounty, carrying them by folding up the hem of my dress.

All the while, I was dreaming up recipes.

A savory almond crust, goat cheese, fig, and honey tart.


River Swim
2023-08-18 21:41 UTC by French la Vie


river Swim


"The Ardèche River is a prominent river located in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. It is known for its stunning landscapes and the famous Ardèche Gorge, a natural wonder that attracts tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The river is popular for various water activities, such as canoeing, kayaking, and...

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Plenty to Know About the French Brocante
2023-08-17 21:51 UTC by French la Vie

French brocante

As you prepare to venture into the fascinating world of a French brocante, let me share a handful of insights that will undoubtedly enrich your experience.

Timing, they say, is a secret whispered amongst the savvy. To uncover the one-of-a-kind pieces that await, set your alarm a tad earlier than the rest. As the sun begins its ascent, so...

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Orange Onion Salad
2023-08-16 21:59 UTC by French la Vie



Years ago, my friend Annie talked about a salad she had as if it were her new best friend. She described it in detail: the crunch of its voice, its tangy personality, its unexpected freshness, how curious it was like one has when one is first in love: She wondered what other flavors it might have if mixed with an added ingredient.


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Exploring Today
2023-08-15 21:43 UTC by French la Vie

growing up to fast


I know I shouldn't, but how can I not, given how life unfolds daily among us?

I wonder what this world will be like when Gabriel is my age.

Will it be as enchanting? Peaceful? Sacred? Full of life?

If he becomes a grandparent,

Will his grandchildren's hands be stained blue from blackberries they collected on the untamed bramble?


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Yann’s Photo of a Rare Subject
2023-08-14 21:24 UTC by French la Vie


It is a rare moment when French Husband takes a photo of anything, let alone one of me, blurry, out of focused… yes, but at least it is a photo where my head isn’t cut off, my eyes aren’t closed and it isn’t awkward.


It Takes A Village
2023-08-13 08:59 UTC by French la Vie

image from


A baby's cry always gets my attention. Their cries alert the mother in me: Where is the baby? Why is the baby crying? Is there an adult caring for the baby? Is the baby being abused?

Such was the case the other day in the grocery store. A mother was pushing her crying baby in a stroller. The crying baby was looking at his mother while...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-08-13
2023-08-13 04:00 UTC

  2. Olivia

Hummus: Versatile and Healthy Delicious-ness
2023-08-12 20:53 UTC by French la Vie




If you want to be traditional or old fashion spread, take out your mortar and pestle; even though I love old things, as you know I do, this is where my faithful twenty-seven-year-old Moulinex comes gliding in to be my sous chef.

Put into a food processor the following:

Cooked fresh chickpeas


Lemon juice (a little at a...

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2023-08-11 21:51 UTC by French la Vie


There are so many people in Cassis now that I feel like I am on holiday when I walk outside. Of course, Cassis always feels like a holiday, but these days, even more so. We thought our apartment might be bombarded with sound, but it wasn't. As there are no cars on the port, that makes a massive difference. Also, the noise we hear is more like when...

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Arnelle’s Niçoise Salad
2023-08-10 14:42 UTC by French la Vie

niçoise salad

"Niçoise salad is a traditional French salad that typically includes ingredients like tuna, hard-boiled eggs, olives, anchovies, tomatoes, and green beans. It's known for its vibrant colors and Mediterranean flavors."

red oak lettuce


"Like many other French dishes, the Niçoise salad was inspired by the readily available ingredients of the chef...

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2023-08-09 21:36 UTC by French la Vie


Sacha’s Blackberry Pie
2023-08-08 20:46 UTC by French la Vie


Gathering fresh blackberries was at the top of his list the morning Sacha made a pie.

He knew the patch from last year, and it did not disappoint, loaded with juicy wonders.

Filling his container took mere minutes to collect.

Have you ever picked blackberries?

Growing up in California, we had patches along the canal banks in the fields...

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An Afternoon Treat
2023-08-07 20:42 UTC by French la Vie

ice cream


ice cream


An afternoon treat at a cafe in Cassis with Olivia, and Gabriel.

One of them delighted in a sugar crepe,

while the other devoured a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Meanwhile, one of them amused themselves with an empty chocolate ice cream dish.

The excitement continued as one of the little ones suddenly stood up, pretending to be...

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