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Community Living, Life in France
2023-06-03 08:50 UTC by French la Vie

Gabriel has a friend. A friend is a man who works as a cashier at the little grocery store next to their apartment in Paris. The cashier has befriended Gabriel by talking to him whenever he comes in, "Hello Gabriel, how are you today? What do you have? What are you doing? Where is Mom? Is this your grandmother?" He encourages him to talk with a...

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Olivia 1900s
2023-06-02 05:30 UTC by French la Vie


Little red shoes with double buckles

A large Peter Pan collar,

that belong to Sacha nearly thirty years ago.

A stripped dress with a bow tied at the back.

Holding a ball.

Little girl.

Olivia 2023 or 1900s?


The Lighthouse
2023-06-01 07:04 UTC by French la Vie


The lighthouse in Cassis

The elements serendipitously came into place.

A young man sitting on the side, nobody around except a pigeon waiting for some crumbs.



Where Does it All Come From?
2023-05-31 09:06 UTC by French la Vie



Old Beautiful Simple Perfect
2023-05-29 19:52 UTC by French la Vie









Sunday Brocante
2023-05-28 20:49 UTC by French la Vie


The advantage of living in France , is that when my groups come we are able to go beyond the facade, to the real deal, off the beaten path, and visit my French antique dealer friends, look in their stash and share meals with them.








Each group that comes makes the experience unique and I am thankful for their trust in...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-05-28
2023-05-28 04:00 UTC

  1. Two of my Favorite People
  2. Gabriel Dances Ballet
  3. Do You Speak a Second Language?
  4. Little Olivia
  5. French la Vie Second Group of the Year

The Brocante Fun Continues
2023-05-27 21:32 UTC by French la Vie


Hanging out with this group of artisans has been delightful.



Taking a minute pause. Easy going. Taking the heat in stride.



They would rather shop than eat. 


They pick things out for each other and share their finds. 
No competition. It is incredible to witness. 



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French la Vie Day 3
2023-05-26 21:43 UTC by French la Vie


Thé brocante world.  


in Provence



French la Vie 

Creating friendships   


Collecting, creating, understanding the French history and culture of  everyday things.


More to share. 


Brocante with The French la Vie
2023-05-25 21:27 UTC by French la Vie


A beautiful start

to a week long journey


Four beautiful creatives

gathering findings and,

inspiration for their art and lives.

Not even the unexpected and desired rain

Could dampen our mood.



Love Does
2023-05-24 21:54 UTC by French la Vie


So true.

So needed.

Holding space for a person with compassion, not just the people we love or care for.


(Seen on MomofFive Michelle's FB)


2023-05-23 21:15 UTC by French la Vie


Today Chelsea sent me this photo of Olivia.

I could gobble her up in one bite without adding any sugar.

Chelsea says Olivia constantly says "Mamon' for Mommy and "B-iel" for Gabriel.

She has yet to master my name and has said, "Daddy" either. It will come.




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A Child's Kiss
2023-05-22 21:48 UTC by French la Vie

these two


Sweet-filled with everything good?

Gabriel runs up to me for one reason only,

Hugging my leg, he kisses my thigh;

if I am sitting on a chair, he kisses my arm,

and if we are face-to-face, he holds it in his hands and kisses it.

At first, I did not understand why he was kissing my thigh...

Gabriel's habit of kissing wherever he can...

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Paris Flowers
2023-05-21 18:03 UTC by French la Vie



La boutique Louis Vuitton de la place Vendôme, Paris.


Weekly Top Posts: 2023-05-21
2023-05-21 04:00 UTC

  1. Two of my Favorite People
  2. Homeland Finding it Within
  3. Gabriel Dances Ballet
  4. French la Vie Second Group of the Year
  5. Daily Walk

Do You Speak a Second Language?
2023-05-20 19:07 UTC by French la Vie

Gabriel stood by me in the kitchen and asked if I could have some "Siri-O-O-O." As I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, bending down to his level, I asked him to repeat what he said. Still, I could not figure it out. So I asked him to show me what he wanted. He went to the cupboard, opened it, and pointed to the cereal.

Okay, I...

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A Sidewalk Cafe
2023-05-19 21:05 UTC by French la Vie

sidewalk cafe


A classic sidewalk cafe in Paris

A table for two with an iron base and a round marble top.

Two colorful wicker chairs, side by side.

Wherever you are in Paris, it is a classic sight and has been for more years than I am old.

But now, a new trend is out and about ...


Are they...

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Raindrop on Roses
2023-05-18 21:33 UTC by French la Vie

Corey Amaro rose


"...Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things…"

Well, actually, not the whiskers on kittens, that is scary.


To be a Child
2023-05-17 21:54 UTC by French la Vie





The author is unknown to me.

If you know the author, please let me know so I can give credit,


Little Olivia
2023-05-16 19:21 UTC by French la Vie



18 months.



Pink Surprise
2023-05-15 20:32 UTC by French la Vie


A pair of beautiful Chinese pistachio trees blooming in Paris. Oh how they caught me by surprise.

Have you seen them before?



Mother’s Day
2023-05-14 19:17 UTC by French la Vie


As Gabriel and I walked home from the park, we saw a man sitting on the ground with a bucket full of Lily of the Valley, selling them for 2.50 Euros a bouquet.

Gabriel buried his face in them, and declared they were the best flowers he had ever smelled. He told me he loved me more than all the flowers in the world, and considering how he...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-05-14
2023-05-14 04:00 UTC

  1. Provence Peeks from the Brocante
  2. French la Vie Second Group of the Year
  3. A Wonderful Group Arrived
  4. Gabriel Dances Ballet
  5. Daily Walk in Cassis

Homeland Finding it Within
2023-05-13 20:45 UTC by French la Vie

Sacred heart




That is where my heart goes,

That is where I find my roots that hold me in place,

That is where the long road ends, where the green never seems less green.

Home is where my soul knows no bounds, and my arms never tire.

Home, that is where I am when I feel the distance between the

Here and now, I don't have words, nor...

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Two of my Favorite People
2023-05-12 21:45 UTC by French la Vie


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Old Painting of the Future?
2023-05-11 18:37 UTC by French la Vie



There’s something about this painting that reminds me of Olivia. Chelsea and Yann think the same thing.

They don’t have the same nose, Olivia doesn’t have any hair, they are far from the same age, yet there’s something about that little mouth that little smooch, and most definitely it is their eyes.

 I bought the painting...

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Strawberry Desserts from My Readers
2023-05-10 13:07 UTC by French la Vie

strawberries Corey amaro


Tom wrote:

"Shortcake, strawberries, and whipped cream!" We agree simple is the best. Allowing the strawberries to flaunt their deliciousness without being crowded by extras. 


"Dip the strawberry in sour cream, then brown sugar." wrote Judy Wilcox. I must admit that French strawberries do not need sugar, but...

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French la Vie xxx
2023-05-09 21:07 UTC by French la Vie


after the fun of buying at the Brocante for a week, especially with two women who said they weren’t going to buy much, the challenge begins of packing everything to send.


these women know how to have fun and every opportunity.



even when it rains in Cassis, which is rarely does, they were enjoying every moment that France...

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Strawberry Favorite Dessert
2023-05-08 06:12 UTC by French la Vie


Eating strawberries fresh from the basket, is my favorite recipe. Though a handful of strawberries blended with roasted beet, some chickpeas, a leaf or two of mint and a spoon of cream is a delicious dip.

Please tell me your favorite strawberry recipe?




Three Peas
2023-05-07 21:43 UTC by French la Vie


L. came on thé French la Vie because her friend was coming. But days before the French la Vie her friend fell and had to cancel, L. Isn’t  a shopper except Ashe likes vintage clothes, and wore everything she bought. Then the brocante bug bit her!


C. Did not know what a brocante was. She found out. The two of them joked about...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-05-07
2023-05-07 04:00 UTC

  1. 48 Hours of Brocante Bug Biting
  2. Happiness is
  3. French la Vie Second Group of the Year
  4. Gabriel Dances Ballet
  5. A Wonderful Group Arrived

Provence Peeks from the Brocante
2023-05-06 20:11 UTC by French la Vie








Happiness is
2023-05-05 21:17 UTC by French la Vie


Old friends, new friends, sharing meals, stories, brocante and good moments. Life is good. 


48 Hours of Brocante Bug Biting
2023-05-04 21:15 UTC by French la Vie


The nightbird sings outside my window under a full moon,

Flowers in full bloom, scent my room.

The end of another wonderful day with a group of women on the French la Vie.



Sharing Provence, exploring brocante wherever I take them, and feeling like we have known each other for longer than the last 48 hours. How can that be? It is...

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A Wonderful Group Arrived
2023-05-03 21:09 UTC by French la Vie


Thank you for your messages yesterday. 
I do not know why I am fortunate to have kindness and generosity shown to me, I am amazed by it, and thankful for you xxxx

The group arrived, wonderful and happy!



French la Vie Second Group of the Year
2023-05-02 20:58 UTC by French la Vie


Ready, steady, let’s go!

I’ve checked off my list. The rooms are ready.  The garden is full of roses May is a lovely time of the year. I’m excited to see what poppy fields we find. Yann calls them, “puppy fields”!
I get a little nervous to meet my new group. As a friend said, it’s like stage fright. I know what I’m...

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Gabriel Dances Ballet
2023-05-01 20:08 UTC by French la Vie



Click on the link below to see Gabriel dance ballet after seeing Swan Lake. He proudly pointed his toes, and guided me to video his movements , “Especially, look at my face.” 

We went outside, on the port in Cassis, to dance which he freely did for about ten minutes. No inhibition, pure feeling, expressed with innocent...

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Daily Walk in Cassis
2023-04-30 21:36 UTC by French la Vie












Weekly Top Posts: 2023-04-30
2023-04-30 04:00 UTC

  5. Focus on Today

Leftover Tart
2023-04-29 21:22 UTC by French la Vie


Puff pastry is the key,

Leftover confit tomatoes, is it honestly possible to have leftover confit tomatoes?

An insane amount of chopped parsley with some garlic,

Why not add radishes to the leftover mix and cherry tomatoes cut in halves.

Plus, half of a camembert was scattered in pieces here and there.

A bit of leftover confit tomato olive...

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In Cassis with my Favorite Little Girl
2023-04-28 20:21 UTC by French la Vie


Olivia is 18 months.

Almost, as tall as me.


Powder Puff
2023-04-27 20:20 UTC by French la Vie



Thank You
2023-04-26 21:31 UTC by French la Vie



The last day with these four lovely women.

 Thank you, Colleen, Charlene, Diane, and Birgitte.

I hope our paths cross again.



Friends, Antiquing and Living Well
2023-04-25 18:57 UTC by French la Vie






All the things I love about France I share with my groups.  Antiquing is at the top of the chart, but the gift of friendship with French antique dealers invites us into their homes and partake in a home-cooked meal together. what better way to experience France, than to be able to go into someone’s home not understand a...

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Old Shoes Are Fine
2023-04-24 21:07 UTC by French la Vie



If the shoe fits, wear it.

Found them at the Brocante and wore them all day.

Soft and smooth like butter.

Found a chunky bracelet too. 

I might as well go nake next time to the brocante and dress while I am there.





Provençal Fare
2023-04-23 21:34 UTC by French la Vie


“Its origins date back to the 13th century but it appeared in the 15th century with the emergence of a legend: during the second wedding of King René (Count of Provence) with Jeanne de Laval, known for never smiling, the court pastry chef created this confection especially for the new queen who, after tasting it, became joyful. A courtier then...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-04-23
2023-04-23 04:00 UTC

  3. Focus on Today

Brocante Anytime
2023-04-22 20:04 UTC by French la Vie


… even in the van we have a good time.


Delicious fuel for the hunt.



Funny, we are dialed in to what each other likes, constantly, holding things up for one another.



Best brocante is every brocante!

Especially shared!


Dreams of Clay
2023-04-20 20:21 UTC by French la Vie


my friend Mo is a potter

she took a pumpkin using it as a mold.

Hence, the product.



French la Vie: Day Two
2023-04-19 09:42 UTC by French la Vie


Day two

A wonderful group that makes all the difference.

Instant friends, 

passionate about brocante, enjoying the moment, and being in Provence.

We visited a charming village in Cotignac and hit up all my favorite places and private addresses. Who doesn't like to look beyond the facade and visit private homes, and meet the French? I...

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French la Vie: First Day
2023-04-18 21:54 UTC by French la Vie


First day of the first group of the year. The four women who are here have been a wonderful group from the moment we met. The van was packed, from top to bottom, with their purchases of the day, under the seats, on the seats, in the trunk, and on their laps, and at times I wondered if we were going to fit!  I hope they like packing.

We came...

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Daily Walk
2023-04-17 21:12 UTC by French la Vie

Provence back roads

How did I never notice that little cozy tucked-in house?

Was it because of Saint Baume in the distance that caught my eye?

Or the vines and their ever-changing dance to fruition?

Possibly, because the road is narrow and pay attention I must not trip.

The play of the clouds up high, the other side of the road, and the wildflowers I 


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Love Letter
2023-04-16 20:57 UTC by French la Vie

love letter


First Rose

love letter

scented paper

tied with a string

to someone

sealed with a kiss.



Weekly Top Posts: 2023-04-16
2023-04-16 04:00 UTC

  3. Focus on Today

Best Croissant in Paris and it’s Reality April 6th
2023-04-15 06:44 UTC by French la Vie



Gabriel’s Handwritten Note
2023-04-14 06:47 UTC by French la Vie


Those sweet, mischievous sidewise smiles tell you something is happening, but you don’t know what until the big reveal with that the miracle of discovery comes forth. In this case, Gabriel walked into the kitchen and showed his mother a note he had written by himself. Oh, this little bundle of creative energy, that magical, mystical boy...

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Latest Purchase
2023-04-13 07:40 UTC by French la Vie



Latest purchase, marble is on the side, just delivered.

Should I keep it and dangle it from the ceiling, nail it to the wall, use it as a bedhead, or sell it?

Oh, that brocante bug!



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