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A Comment From Bev S. Heartache Reality
2023-03-31 10:55 UTC by French la Vie

Bev S. said:
My daughter-in-law was asked to substitute at that school on Monday.
But opted for another private school (which was supposedly on the shooter's list).
She had subbed for the 3rd-grade class the Monday before
With all 3 children who were killed on Monday in her class.
They sang...

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What's Going On
2023-03-30 21:24 UTC by French la Vie

"Mother, motherThere's too many of you cryingBrother, brother, brotherThere's far too many of you dyingYou know we've got to find a wayTo bring some lovin' here today, yeah
Father, fatherWe don't need to escalateYou see, war is not the answerFor only love can conquer hateYou know we've got to find a way

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The Recent Shooting
2023-03-29 21:49 UTC by French la Vie

Another one.

I wish we could say it will be the last, though unfortunately, sadly, disturbingly, it won't be.

As I read articles written about the shooting, words popped up and haunted me:

... Brown eyes ...

... she pulled the fire alarm ...

... nine-years-old ...

... 30 cents a bullet ...

When people ask me if it is safe to visit Paris...

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French la Vie 2024
2023-03-28 21:42 UTC by French la Vie





Announcing the

2024 dates for the French la Vie.

Four persons maximum:

April 9 to the 16th
May 7 to the 14th
May 21 to the 28th,
September 17 to the 24th,
Please email me for more information.


Thé air We breath
2023-03-27 19:49 UTC by French la Vie


I found this in a magazine on an airplane I was on years ago.

The air we breath.

Recycled source of life.



Baby Bites?
2023-03-26 21:45 UTC by French la Vie


Sweet butter flakiness,

Do you think Olivia liked it?

Please caption this in the comment section.



Weekly Top Posts: 2023-03-26
2023-03-26 04:00 UTC

  3. Focus on Today

The Cycle of Love and Life Endures
2023-03-25 17:30 UTC by French la Vie


Blue skies, budding trees, flowers blooming, birds singing, welcome spring! The revival of nature is a gentle reminder that I, too, can shed my old skin and rejuvenate myself. 
The cycle of life, nature’s song, and the signs it gives us to believe in.

The constant call to embrace the sacred dawn.

A leaf falls, nourishing the...

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Kitchen Breakfast Poetry
2023-03-24 09:54 UTC by French la Vie


Take a bowl, mash a banana in, Oats uncooked, let the mixture begin, Add an egg, a spoon of yogurt, heaping, And cinnamon, salt, to make it worth keeping.

For a pop of flavor, don't be shy, Ginger, orange peel, coconut to try, And just a touch of nutmeg zest, To make it pop-a-lious, be our guest.

Heat a pan, let butter melt and swirl, Pour in...

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Correction to Yesterday's Post
2023-03-24 07:55 UTC by French la Vie

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Fall in Love with Life
2023-03-23 22:18 UTC by French la Vie


Bananas and Artwork
2023-03-22 22:52 UTC by French la Vie


Gabriel enjoys drawing: people, the sun, and flowers. After school at the park, he carefully describes his art to Olivia while she holds onto her banana halves.

Chelsea sent me this photo of the artist and his admirer.


Daily Walk Views
2023-03-21 22:58 UTC by French la Vie











Roman Artifacts at the Brocante
2023-03-20 20:20 UTC by French la Vie

Roman ring

(Photo: A Roman ring seen at the French brocante last weekend.)

The French brocante offers more than disregarded dusty old things from someone's attic, and it offers more than hopeful boxes of disheveled, could-be treasures. The French brocante is not just a place to find unbeatable prices or the chance to find a Picasso. It is a living museum ...

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Love Song
2023-03-19 21:05 UTC by French la Vie



The poet Arne Garborg championed the use of Landsmål (now known as Nynorsk, or New Norwegian), as a literary language; he translated the Odyssey into it. He founded the weekly Fedraheimen in 1877, in which he urged reforms in many spheres including political, social, religious, agrarian, and...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-03-19
2023-03-19 04:00 UTC

  1. Gabriel and Olivia
  2. Focus on Today
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For You Too
2023-03-18 19:00 UTC by French la Vie


These two are

too little to know

What their Vavie does with her time

One day when I am gone 

this blog will remain

a history of little things

for them to read and see-

and you will be there too.



Who is Who ❤️ Happy to See You!
2023-03-17 20:14 UTC by French la Vie

4426E97C-16AE-4E2C-8D4F-29CC309D2444 BD432A6A-8A85-44E7-92C3-593E080BA3BEF5BF8BA9-F139-4B06-B796-825C99DB5594

Good morning!
I am Paula and my husband is Bob. We attended the same high school in Central Illinois during the 60s and started college at the same time and place. We feel madly in love during those early days of college but my family did not approve of our bi racial status. In our mid 20s, our paths diverged . We did survive the 60s! 

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Who is Who Continues. I am Loving to Finally Putting a Face to You
2023-03-16 18:52 UTC by French la Vie


48991ECB-D175-4B42-8E2D-783C181257D3 B32092DA-749C-4096-90C1-E43FDF2330EB






Dear Corey, dear Fellow Blog Community members!

Back when Corey's father was very ill is the time I began reading Corey's blog. This must be well over ten years ago, if memory serves me? I have not missed any posts since then either. I am not a person that has written much though. I figure she has...

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More Beautiful Readers on Who is Who on my Blog
2023-03-15 20:24 UTC by French la Vie


Hi Corey 

I can't seem to log on to anything else so hope you can do something with this!!

I have been following you from Australia forever it seems, before your Dad died.

Your posts used to arrive about 3pm and I eagerly would log in to see what was happening in your life.

I have been married to Graeme for 58yrs & known him since we...

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Last Call
2023-03-14 22:54 UTC by French la Vie


Last call for Who is Who on my blog. Please send me a photo of yourself and a note about yourself.
Please send it here:



Who Are You?
2023-03-13 21:02 UTC by French la Vie

Thank you for sharing a photo of yourself on my blog. I imagine some of you wanted to but were shy or maybe did not want your image on a social media platform. I understand. Though for those of you who did, thank you, and for your messages, I was delighted to put a face to names I have read for years.

Here are a few more...





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Thank You for Sharing Who You are with the French la Vie
2023-03-12 22:06 UTC by French la Vie


Please, if you want send me a photo of yourself and a bit about yourself.

Thank you for letting me "see" you.

You can send me a photo by email at




It's supposed to say...My other half Randy and I are on our last big trip.

With love from Kathy, a  long-time reader (and fan) of Corey and her blog!


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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-03-12
2023-03-12 05:00 UTC

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  2. Who is Who?
  3. Welcome Tulips Sign of Spring
  4. Balancing Act
  5. Plant a Seed

More Beautiful People
2023-03-11 22:04 UTC by French la Vie


Hi Corey,

Leslie Gelber here, from Northern California. I love to make stuff, mostly clothes. I met your mother many moons ago at her shop in Willows! I’ve been following your blog for at least 14 years. A dream would be to be on one of your tours in France. Thank you for all you share with us, the rare, the raw, and the...

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Who is Who Continues
2023-03-10 22:36 UTC by French la Vie

Hello, there, Lovely Readers!

I hope you're all doing well. I have a fun idea that I think you'll enjoy. I would love to create a "Who is Who" section on my blog where I showcase all of you. You heard that right - I want to feature your photo on my blog.

All you have to do is send in a photo of yourself and a brief description (Your name, at...

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Who is Who on my Blog
2023-03-09 20:28 UTC by French la Vie


Hi Corey,
Your blog was the first blog I ever read. When I was working and needed a break I would read your blog just to make me smile and ground me in a stressful day. Thank you so much.
I am Marilyn (marilyntea on Instagram). I will celebrate my 80th birthday next week. Recently I had the attached picture taken with my...

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Who is Who on French la Vie
2023-03-08 20:55 UTC by French la Vie


If any of your readers happen to visit the DeYoung/Legion of Honor,.have them stop by to say ‘hello.’
I am looking forward to putting faces on all your dear readers.
Much love,
I’ve been reading your blog since 2009❤️
(I have known Laurie since we were children xx)


Here I am ((Ella), with la petite Simone as we make...

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Who is Who?
2023-03-07 22:49 UTC by French la Vie

family four generationsPhoto by my cousin Joan

Hello, there, Lovely Readers!

I hope you're all doing well. I have a fun idea that I think you'll enjoy. I would love to create a "Who is Who" section on my blog where I showcase all of you. You heard that right - I want to feature your photo on my blog.

All you have to do is send in a photo of yourself and a brief...

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Welcome Tulips Sign of Spring
2023-03-06 21:52 UTC by French la Vie


Behold the tulips' blooms of orange bright,

That bring the sun's warm, golden light.

Their beauty unfolds to a song so dear,

That only the hearts of children can hear.




Plant a Seed
2023-03-05 22:02 UTC by French la Vie



Weekly Top Posts: 2023-03-05
2023-03-05 05:00 UTC

  1. Gabriel and Olivia
  2. Making Moves in Silence
  3. In Search of Beauty
  4. Wind in G
  5. Sacha’s Latest

Balancing Act
2023-03-04 21:51 UTC by French la Vie


On the stool he stands

with carefree ease one foot in the air.

He is king on this sturdy old thing

claims it as a step ladder, to myself I shake my head,

« Should we take it home? » he says.




Ignoring the convincing chatter of reasons I should say no

I admire him, as he continues to balance with

His unawareness of...

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Gabriel and Olivia
2023-03-03 08:31 UTC by French la Vie

Follow the link below to watch,

Gabriel and Olivia's adventure on the stairs


Making Moves in Silence
2023-03-02 22:18 UTC by French la Vie


The art of not being in the spotlight,

and instead following the way of humbleness.


Sacha’s Latest
2023-03-01 22:40 UTC by French la Vie



Sacha posted on his Instagram his latest adventure filming.

Mother to son,

 »Please tell me you were safe?”

Son to Mother,

“Absolutely not.”

Mother responds,


And wonders why her hair is all white.



A Drop that Contained the Sea, by Christopher Tin
2023-02-28 22:50 UTC by French la Vie



The moment I saw this, I had goosebumps.

Countless times later, I still am moved.

And now Gabriel and I have watched it at least 15 times. We know some of the words and act the scene out; he is the conductor or drummer, and it is magical and holy at the same time. The first time he listened to it, he grabbed my arm and held it...

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Chocolate Pear Brownie
2023-02-27 22:53 UTC by French la Vie

Chocolate pear


Chocolate Pear Brownie, or in French- Gateau au chocolat a la Poire (Of course I made that up, and my French is not to be taken seriously. Though I did write gateau, chocolat and poire the right way.)
Either way, in French or in English, Chocolate Pear Brownie is delicious and you will eat all of it so it is best to invite friends...

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In Search of Beauty
2023-02-26 22:12 UTC by French la Vie



Driving along the twisty roads of southern Italy, we searched for antique shops, secondhand stores, and anything that we could find to renovate the apartment. The challenge was not to be distracted by the many beautiful abandoned century-old houses with their faded patina, stone steps, and worn shutters that echoed life from the hilltop...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2023-02-26
2023-02-26 05:00 UTC

  5. ...

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Italy Renovation
2023-02-25 22:26 UTC by French la Vie


Little by little, we did it

 ...  well most of it. 

Mental jogging even when I was sleeping my mind was checking boxes as to what had to be done before I left.

Paint color for rooms - check.

Tiles for bathroom showers - check. 

Faucets - check

Now, the magic hands will set to work while we are away.




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The Beauty We Stumbled Upon
2023-02-24 20:25 UTC by French la Vie





We searched the Italian countryside for pieces to furnish my friend’s pied-à-terre.

It wasn’t as easy as being in France. We managed to find a few pieces. Though the real fun was navigating the roads and language. The long twisty road home had different landmarks for each of us. Places or things my friend saw were...

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Greens After so much Pasta
2023-02-23 22:44 UTC by French la Vie




Bugnes During Lent
2023-02-22 22:55 UTC by French la Vie


Grabbing the plastic bag I had prepared the night before, I left early in the morning for my friend Annie's house. (Annie is my friend who is 89, though she says she is 90 because she is closer to 90 than 89.) Annie told me to come early and what to bring to make Bugnes. Bugnes, like oreillettes, are similar to beignets or dough-nuts, though...

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Nature’s Frame
2023-02-21 22:59 UTC by French la Vie


Green feast

iron heart

ivy growing abundantly

framing the door

as if to say,

 »Looky here, take a photo of me! » 



Italy and the Journey
2023-02-20 22:58 UTC by French la Vie


It has been a week since I came to Italy to help my friend Laurie (whom I met through blogging) navigate creating a pied-à-terre. My friend and her cousins bought a property divided into three apartments in the center of an old village between Rome and Naples. Though the apartment has been renovated, several changes and decisions exist mainly...

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2023-02-19 21:41 UTC by French la Vie


A few more days in Italy. So much more to say when time permits and the wifi works faster.



Weekly Top Posts: 2023-02-19
2023-02-19 05:00 UTC

  5. Buche de Noel Birthday Cake

Old Town
2023-02-18 20:01 UTC by French la Vie


How many hilltop villages does it take before I stop gasping at the sight of them? How many villages have I said I could live here? How many empty old homes are there in the French and Italian countryside?

The dream is to breath life back into these places. To be able to wind them up like a music box and watch daily life return. Farmers,...

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A Child Knows What is Best?
2023-02-17 19:03 UTC by French la Vie





Last week I was at the Park with this Cupcake. Was it cold? Yes! Why isn’t she wearing gloves? Well, if you have ever tried to put gloves on a child you know why.


What Better Way to Visit a New Place
2023-02-16 22:54 UTC by French la Vie


Italy -

In a tucked away place, far from the maddening crowd, down a long narrow road, snugged in the homeland of a friend’s family who has asked me to come to be a sounding board as she creates a vacation home, or as she calls it,

“A womb.”

The small town has opened its arms as if we have been friends for a thousand years. My friend...

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An Early Evening Walk
2023-02-15 22:01 UTC by French la Vie


The few trees that remain on the path by our home create a crown for the sun.



The Book of Love - What is Your Love Language?
2023-02-14 17:47 UTC by French la Vie



The word tablespoon is worn off my Mother's measuring spoons; this is another indicator of how much my Mother cooks. This love language of hers is shared homemade generosity and measured in heaps.

The tattered loved-worn cookbook is filled with tried and true recipes stuffed with sweet mementos, marriage announcements,...

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What Colors Do You Like to Wear?
2023-02-13 21:23 UTC by French la Vie



Stepping back from wearing black was a challenge. Black is comfortable, it goes with any moment, dress up, dress to blend in, or disappear in the crowd. My wardrobe was 95 percent black. Nearly a year ago, I put my black-colored clothing aside. Thanks to Laurie-Annya Linfoot, who encouraged me, I dared to step out of my comfort zone and...

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Do They Listen? Do They Have Fun?
2023-02-12 08:14 UTC by French la Vie


Sacha, Yann, and Fabrice (Sacha’s childhood friend) went skiing in Vars. Before they left, I, with a bit of anxiety, “Stay on course, please. No off-trail skiing, okay.” Yeah, that fell on deaf ears. (Photo by one of them - Sacha in his old purple and gold ski clothes, a nod to Willows honker.


Weekly Top Posts: 2023-02-12
2023-02-12 05:00 UTC

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The Real Parisienne
2023-02-11 22:11 UTC by French la Vie

the real parisienne influencer

The authentic Parisienne influencer.

Beret, scarf, espresso, sitting at a cafe at 2 pm,

those iconic chairs, table water and bistro glass, black coin purse on a bistro marble-top table with brass edging,

wrapped sugar cube, newspaper placed to the side,

not a pre-posed photo opt, genuine daily life.

The real deal, and maybe her name is...

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