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My French Village
2022-08-17 21:27 UTC by French la Vie

French village


Before living in this French village, we lived in Marseilles; before that, we lived in Paris. Our village isn't touristic; it is over 1200 years old.



living in France 

For the thirty-four years, I have lived in France, this is where I have called home the longest.




The French boulangerie (bakery) with a...

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There is Light
2022-08-16 20:32 UTC by French la Vie

     there is light



« We do not get what we expect,

we stumble on cracks and are faced with imperfections. 

Bonds are tested and tightened.

and our landscape shifts

In sunshine and shade.


There is light.


There is.


Look for it.


Look for it shining over your shoulder.

on the...

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Dining Conversation
2022-08-15 21:17 UTC by French la Vie



When you visit Provence, we will taste our way through the countryside.

We will do breakfast at a cafe,

lunch at a bistro,

tea at a salon du the,

an aperitif at a bar,

dinner at a typical French restaurant, and if you have room...

We will have dessert too.

I will translate the menu if you do not read French. Though I must tell you...

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Hot and Cold
2022-08-14 05:30 UTC by French la Vie


This was the view from the brocante today.
It was over a 100 degrees.

Afterwards, we went to dinner and sat in the shade, the weather started to cool off. Before long it started to hail.
So strange to feel the heat of the day give way to hail.

Though ice and buckets of rain were welcomed.

The drought is severe within France - this...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2022-08-14
2022-08-14 04:00 UTC

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Favorite Finds from the Brocante this Weekend
2022-08-13 20:13 UTC by French la Vie






Our home is going to look like a church if I keep this up.


11 Years and We Picked up Within Seconds
2022-08-12 19:11 UTC by French la Vie

Barjac Brocante


the man and his jackets



friends reconnected

friends reconnected

text by my friend Linda Marcov 

“ Sometimes things are just made to happen. Our friends Corey Amaro and Yann Rolland-Benis were attending an antique fair in a village about an hour and a half away from us. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to visit with them we agreed to meet at the fair. Corey...

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Summer Days
2022-08-11 19:40 UTC by French la Vie

Summer Days



2022-08-10 21:45 UTC by French la Vie

Golden French Country side

France golden light


France countryside


Golden light on the first evening at our friends Rodger and Arnelle's slice of heaven.

Whenever I am here, I am filled with gratitude for their generous hearts and this beautiful countryside.

A pure gift.

Tomorrow there is a big fat juicy brocante nearby, and yet the temptation to forego it and stay here.

Thankfully, we...

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How Do You Say I Love You?
2022-08-09 21:22 UTC by French la Vie

How Do You Say I Love You?

How do you say I love you in sign language?

I taught Gabriel how to hold his three fingers up.

Chelsea sent me this picture as they were on vacation,

I noticed that Gabriel had his three fingers held up.

Of course, a sweet baby smile speaks of love too.


The Story Teller
2022-08-08 21:03 UTC by French la Vie



What story are we living in?

What story are we sharing?

What story are we listening to?

Are we the storyteller?
Or the one who listens?

Or maybe some of us drink it in and process it later?





A child's handwritten postcard tells her story to her friend Claudie.

What story will we...

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Yann’s Family Photo
2022-08-07 20:39 UTC by French la Vie


Yann, his sister Arnelle and his mother.




Weekly Top Posts: 2022-08-07
2022-08-07 04:00 UTC

  1. Going to Visit Yann’s Mother
  2. Lorca: Love Poem
  3. This Healing Water
  4. Doing What He Loves
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Terms of Endearment
2022-08-06 21:11 UTC by French la Vie


"Mommy, why does Kristi call Max Honey? Why doesn't she call him Peanut-Butter?" Sacha asked when he was three.

Some of the terms of endearment in French I don't mind: Mon petit Coeur de sucre (my little sugar heart,) mon...

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Driving Through
2022-08-05 21:25 UTC by French la Vie


Driving across France.

From one coast to another.

From cool weather back to the heat.

Fields and fields of sunflowers, wheat, and

cows chewing their cud.

Glorious rain somewhere along the way.

What filled your day?




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Tattoo Artist on a Train
2022-08-04 20:11 UTC by French la Vie


Washable pens

on a three hour train ride 

Inspired tattoo artist 

creates his art.



There is a Path
2022-08-03 21:42 UTC by French la Vie


There is a path well worn and true.

Leading along the Normandy coastline

with a history as deep as the sea. 

Today it is peaceful.




We are here visiting Yann's family.

The never-ending beach goes on for miles.

The low tide extends so far out that one has to see it to believe it.

They are constantly moving and...

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The Walk to Buy. Baguette
2022-08-02 21:01 UTC by French la Vie














2022-08-01 20:57 UTC by French la Vie


is anything ever finished?



Brocante Buddy
2022-07-31 21:15 UTC by French la Vie





Weekly Top Posts: 2022-07-31
2022-07-31 04:00 UTC

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  2. Going to Visit Yann’s Mother
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Normandy a Peek into a Brocante
2022-07-30 21:11 UTC by French la Vie


A peek into a brocante shop proved that the prices are better than the brocantes in Provence,

Even if nobody wants an armoire!



Fan the Flame!
2022-07-29 20:50 UTC by French la Vie



Normandy Olivia Meets Her Great Grandmother
2022-07-28 21:29 UTC by French la Vie


Great Grandmother is 92 years old,

and Great Grandchild is 9 months.


Going to Visit Yann’s Mother
2022-07-27 21:45 UTC by French la Vie


on the train

two little ones in tow

when traveling with children one needs a uhaul!

diapers, snacks, books, toys, bibs, sippy cups, car seats, a stroller…  legos falling between the cracks, water bottles rolling under the seats…

a man dare told Gabriel to SHHHH! And Gabriel wasn’t even being loud, though he did sing , “Jingle...

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Doing What He Loves
2022-07-26 20:32 UTC by French la Vie


Doing what he loves.

Self made.

Far from home, plus freelance

means determination.

Not easy.

Especially, during the lulls where questions pop up like weeds.

Following passion is rewarding - mixed in with its share of doubt and worry.

He is doing it, and I am proud of him.






Lorca: Love Poem
2022-07-25 20:04 UTC by French la Vie





"Ay, the pain it costs me
to love you as I love you!

For love of you, the air, it hurts,
and my heart,
and my hat, they hurt me.

Who would buy it from me,
this ribbon I am holding,
and this sadness of cotton, 
white, for making handkerchiefs with?

Ay, the pain it costs me ...

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This Healing Water
2022-07-24 20:38 UTC by French la Vie

cassis healing water

Thankful for the layers of colors

As her waving arms bring me in

holding me close

as I surrender to her 

healing power 





Weekly Top Posts: 2022-07-24
2022-07-24 04:00 UTC

  3. ...

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Not a Little Mermaid
2022-07-23 20:22 UTC by French la Vie



not yet

but one day


Love is Like a Butterfly
2022-07-22 21:50 UTC by French la Vie


The last several I have been back in California I noted that I hadn’t seen butterflies my mother she said that she had noticed that too. As a child chasing them was a given so we’re caterpillars.
I saw one the last time I was home.



The Ever Flow of Nature's Healing Grace
2022-07-21 19:43 UTC by French la Vie


I go to nature to be soothed, healed,

and have my senses put in order.

– John Burroughs




An Inconvenient Truth
2022-07-20 17:05 UTC by French la Vie

Summer In Provence

It’s hot 

very hot…


Summer In Provence


All the shutters are shut to keep the heat out.


Summer In Provence

We only go out if necessary. Food is necessary. Walking is unbearable, and most French people walk to the market. Without air conditioning and walking, it’s one hot summer.


Summer In Provence

Carrying a pretty basket to and from the...

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News Flash
2022-07-19 07:06 UTC by French la Vie

brocante by corey
brocante by corey
brocante by corey

News Flash

In case you have been wondering where I have brocante items for sale.

Please go over to my Facebook and follow my page. 

French la Vie


and or on my Instagram

Corey Amaro


If you see something you like send me a message and I will send you the details.



May Your Day…
2022-07-18 06:50 UTC by French la Vie

magic moment

quote by Brad Montague INSTAGRAM

(Quote by Brad on Instagram)


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Forever Happy
2022-07-17 21:05 UTC by French la Vie

forever happy cassis

When I ask him to smile

He overdoes it.

or as he says,

 »It is his American smile. »


happy in France

We went on the boat to the next hamlet between Cassis and Marseille.


Next time we will leave early so we will have time to stop for a bite to eat. The last time we had dinner there was for our third anniversary -...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2022-07-17
2022-07-17 04:00 UTC

  3. ...

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A Child on a Summer Day
2022-07-16 14:37 UTC by French la Vie

Summer day

and then again

summer day

ice cream

slow pace

When I realized the grocery shop would  soon close

Gabriel decided to crawl?


summer happiness

6:30 rise and shining

Breakfast, then out to the beach.

Sand and salt

Balance along the wall to the park. 

5000 steps later

Nonstop play

a cold shower turned into a water fun fest

A big creamy lunch with gnocchi


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Frenchman in Seattle
2022-07-15 21:51 UTC by French la Vie


a Frenchman in Seattle

Obviously French

a stripped shirt

a beret

needs a baguette, a bottle of wine, cheese.

and mustard.

Bastille Day,



July 14th, Bastille Day
2022-07-14 11:01 UTC by French la Vie

france Bastille Day

Here is a toast, or more a wish, a hope, a prayer, a reflection_

May peace come without violence,

Without manipulation,

or taking what belongs to others.

May we live our lifting each other up with understanding and acceptance.

National holidays often come with a painful past.

To celebrate one's homeland, may it be to see the errors, seek...

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Filling Up The French la Vie Thank You!
2022-07-13 15:58 UTC by French la Vie

French la Vie Dates 2023



I am passionate about old things and enjoy sharing my experience and connections with others. When you come along on a French la Vie, you will meet like-minded people who create with and collect antiques. We will be inspired by visiting private homes, shops, and studios in the Provençal countryside. Meeting the French in their...

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Pages From my Inspiration Scrapbook via 1990
2022-07-12 16:48 UTC by French la Vie






These pages still speak my language.


Roasted Apricots with Panna Cotta
2022-07-10 20:31 UTC by French la Vie

Apricot panna cotta corey amaro photograph






Apricot panna cotta corey amaro photograph



Apricot 2



The end of a good meal





Panna cotta 3


Thank you, Denise, for the delicious dessert and recipe from:

 Laura Calder’s Dinner Chez Moi Cookbook

In August our friends Denise and Vlad are coming back to visit! It has been a long time since Covid restrictions...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2022-07-10
2022-07-10 04:00 UTC

  5. ...

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2022-07-09 21:36 UTC by French la Vie

flowers painted


Another lucky find! Several floral croquis designs for silk fabrics.

This is a sampling of one of the panels. Works of art. Clever, creative,

and set aside in a massive folder for me to find a hundred plus years later.

What will I leave behind? Will anyone find it? I would hope we would leave paths of love.



floral design


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Your Sacred Heart
2022-07-08 20:38 UTC by French la Vie

sacred heart

Thank you 


"Let us, then, be what we are, and speak what we think, and in all things Keep ourselves loyal to truth and the sacred professions of friendship. It is no secret I tell you, nor am I ashamed to declare it:

I have liked to be with you, see you, and speak with you always. -

Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


2022-07-07 20:26 UTC by French la Vie






I went for a walk, a small one, the sun on my face felt soooooo good!

Yann is recovering, his only complaint has been tiredness and a sore back.

Nevertheless, we are still living in separate parts of the house.

Thank you...

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The Never-Ending Story
2022-07-06 18:52 UTC by French la Vie


This morning after nearly three weeks in bed or very close to it I felt a shift of energy and a spark that maybe this was finally the end of this lung infection. Yesterday, was the last day of two weeks of Treatment and antibiotics. 

I was cautious. Actually, lectured myself to take it slowly, “Okay, I could do three things, so list...

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How Time Flies
2022-07-05 11:36 UTC by French la Vie


My five little nieces back in 2008 in their dress-up clothes, looking at one another, dreaming of romance in castles, and pretending they were grown-up... I told them I would tie a brick to the top of their heads to keep them pint size. They think I am kidding. Little do they know that if the brick idea worked, I would probably...

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Liberty for All
2022-07-04 08:59 UTC by French la Vie

Fourth of July



May our freedom lead us to love freely.

no matter the differences

 Color, faith, gender, nationality, or status.

Guiding us toward gratitude, understanding, and acceptance 

In one another.



Summer Evening
2022-07-03 18:51 UTC by French la Vie


The lingering Provençal light

glistening waves lapping softly on pebble beaches

Muted colors against the limestone coast.

The cicadas, the martinet (swift), and the owl singing alongside one another without questioning the time of day

 »…is it early morning or the end of day, who cares? »

The harvested lavender, the hum of the...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2022-07-03
2022-07-03 04:00 UTC

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  5. Watermelon Seeds

Speaking of Blooming
2022-07-02 15:25 UTC by French la Vie


The language of flowers, do you hear their message?

Strong in gentleness, faithful in their offering of beauty,

giving without asking why or how.

Flowers speak a language without words, yet the message sips into the roots of our being.

flower speaks by showing us how to nurture the soul.


This Zinnia seems to celebrate its...

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To Be Loved
2022-07-01 14:15 UTC by French la Vie






What to Wear When Riding Motorcycle
2022-06-30 17:22 UTC by French la Vie




To protect your head wear a helmet:

Grab a pair of red boxer shorts

pull them down nearly covering your eyes.

Next, take a pair of socks, preferably a matching color to your “helmet”slip them on as gloves.

Not seen in the above photo, though an important part of the rider’s attire,

is to take off the protective chair leg...

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Wishing I Could See Her
2022-06-29 11:39 UTC by French la Vie







Another Day
2022-06-28 15:04 UTC by French la Vie

another day French la vie

…still here, more or less in the same place. I had no idea that a lung infection could take this long. Little by little, I am feeling better but not 100% myself. Have any of you experienced this before? From your messages, many of you have had asthma or know someone with asthma. I had a blood test and an x-ray. My blood results are promising;...

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