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One Moment to the Next
2021-09-27 08:40 UTC by French la Vie


(Photo by Yann)


Being Present to the Moment
2021-09-26 09:11 UTC by French la Vie



Being present to the moment-

To the kaleidoscope of emotions,

To the ever present play of light and darkness in the chasm.

Sitting still in the pregnant space...

waiting without hurried expectation.


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2021-09-26 04:00 UTC

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Running Water
2021-09-25 08:55 UTC by French la Vie


Down by the River



Down by the river,

beyond the gate,

 a dirt path

winds this way and that,

between the chestnut trees,

the sunlight filters through the leaves,

creating lace-like shadows on the ground.

The water rushes by and it seems

the birds sing in harmony with it.

Nothing is asked.

Though much is said.

Words spoken...

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Be the Light
2021-09-24 20:50 UTC by French la Vie

be the light


The church was open late in the evening

the only light came from the candles lite by devotion and prayer requests

there were a few people silently praying

the moment I entered I felt love, sadness, peace

and a 


The womb surrounded me.

Be the light.

Who are you praying for? 


One in Spirit
2021-09-23 21:26 UTC by French la Vie


after mastering the winds,

the waves,

the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of love,

and then, for a second time in the history of the world,

we  will have discovered fire”

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin…


and when the Angels will ask me to recall

I will tell them that I remember you ❤️...

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Godspeed Julie
2021-09-22 21:23 UTC by French la Vie

  godspeed julie

Godspeed cousin Julie.

When I saw my cousin Linda's name appear on my phone I knew why she was calling.

The news was no surprise yet it was hard to believe, hard to feel, hard to hear the words:

Julie died early this morning.

Stardust to stardust.

A new journey begins for you and those of us who love you.

Writing this is surreal......

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Pop of Color
2021-09-21 20:46 UTC by French la Vie

pop of color

Pop of color

perfect dose

to brighten the spirit.

To poke, "Live brightly, boldly, be beautiful you!"




Say Say Oh Playmate
2021-09-20 21:18 UTC by French la Vie



How many hours spent playing, pretending and being happy, did this doll give?

How many times did the child's caregiver pick up the toys and put them away with care?

A century later her life is scattered on a table for everyone to see:

Missing legs,

no hair,

 no two shoes alike.

a collections of mismatched socks


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2021-09-19 21:34 UTC by French la Vie


Today this Pickle said,

(Babao t'aime Ohi.)

"I love you"

Oh man did my eyes water up.

BTW he said it in French.


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2021-09-19 04:00 UTC

  3. My Cousin Julie
  5. Thoughts About Living with Sadness

The Original Annie Hall
2021-09-18 21:35 UTC by French la Vie



What Keeps You Going?
2021-09-17 11:03 UTC by French la Vie

birds singing on a crane


Yesterday the sky was clear though an overcast hung over me.

I carried Julie with me while walking

in and out of here and there over and under around and around

Came home after walking for several hours

made dinner of two bowls of Coco Puffs with blueberries to feel healthy,

binged watched on the British series on Netflix "Sex...

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Julie's Birthday / Hospice Care
2021-09-16 09:14 UTC by French la Vie

grief has a roadmap of its own

my heart has traveled that tumultuous path

more than once

and it is markably the same with its

unexpected turns

going into the jungle

of memories and regrets

uprooting what 

was paved with worn steps 

with echoing voices of why and ifs

and how can this be?


my cousin Julie who I have...

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Alex Vervoordt
2021-09-15 18:25 UTC by French la Vie



A wonderful video as why we collect and what it means to us...

by Alex Vervoordt.

My friend Barbara sent this video to me saying she thought of of me when she watched it.

ah lovely, to be thought of by this video.

I love everything he says xxx little did she know how much I admire his style.

If I could be as wise and as...

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Holding Memories in a Safe Place
2021-09-14 21:02 UTC by French la Vie

memory holder

The inside of this box took me by surprise, because of it I had to buy it then I sold it that is how it goes as a brocante buyer. In one hand and out by the other. 1800 hand embroidery piece tucked into a small case. It probably was used to hold a rosary or relic… I have seen plenty of curious and beautiful antiques many ask me how I can...

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Let the Wind Take Us
2021-09-13 08:20 UTC by French la Vie


In my mind’s eye my cousin Julie and I are riding bicycles again on county road P we are about 13 years old.

The sky is blue,

 the  rice fields are waving that brilliant green,

our long brown hair wiping around our faces as the wind is at our backs …

we let go if the handle bars throwing our arms into the air,

we look...

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Spider Chrysanthemum and What Not to Take to a French Dinner Party
2021-09-12 19:55 UTC by French la Vie

Spider chrysanthemum

The plant identifier app that I use claimed it King Protea which I knew wasn't right.

The photos the app shared were nothing like the flower in my photo. 

Thank you for the suggestions Leonie was the first to tell me it’s name it is a spider 

My friend Mary (we were in a monastery together) sent me this article...


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Weekly Top Posts: 2021-09-12
2021-09-12 04:00 UTC

  2. My Cousin Julie
  4. Thoughts About Living with Sadness

September 11th Twenty Years
2021-09-11 21:56 UTC by French la Vie

Where were we that moment still fresh in our minds?

Where are we now and have we learned?

What peace do we have, do we offer

 to those who died that day

to their families

and to those in Afghanistan the millions who died after the towers went down?

Tragedy ...

hate offers a brutal response

and somehow makes some of us have...

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Please Do You Know the Name of this Flower
2021-09-10 21:37 UTC by French la Vie

Calling it pretty isn’t enough.

Do you know more about it!


The Pied Piper
2021-09-09 21:36 UTC by French la Vie

pied piper

Water and being outside are two things most children love.

The fountain at the park was hard to turn on for most of the little hands there so Yann decided to hold it on for them.

Gabriel, as you can see doesn't like wet clothes, hence he was in his diaper.

Once the children knew that someone was holding the water on the lineup was continuous...

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Bee Sting
2021-09-08 21:04 UTC by French la Vie

238831FE-5851-44C3-8A24-E4F3D41CCF0A 40FEB52C-FA04-4266-8C34-90B9D37BD4F5
Sent to me by Patricia xx

The thought above reminded me of  

Saint Francis and his teachings-

… though when the bee stings me

the idea of being a flower fades.

Ah to be able to hold good thoughts about another when they sting you, to seek understanding in the face of adversity.

That was Saint Francis.



French Ways
2021-09-07 21:52 UTC by French la Vie

maison du village square

French house-keys

Finally at the end of summer the warm weather has arrived in Provence, driving everyone either inside or to the beach.

Luckily, for us our maison du village (house in the village) has stone walls that are over three feet thick. Our maison's wall butts up against the neighbor's maison's wall creating a six foot thick stone wall. Insulation at...

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Hello Lovely Friends
2021-09-06 21:09 UTC by French la Vie

French flower Market




Perfectly Modest Drab
2021-09-05 20:02 UTC by French la Vie

Paris street

Walking along in Paris two women in front of me caught my attention. Now I am not a fashionista, nor buy fashion magazines so who am I to judges, but I did. The mother and her thirty something year old daughter could not have been more dowdy if they tried from head to toe they looked like a throw back to 1970s and not in that hip cool sense but...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2021-09-05
2021-09-05 04:00 UTC

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Happy 59th Birthday Yann
2021-09-04 20:59 UTC by French la Vie

birthday joy


Birthday lunch for Yann with Chelsea, Martin, Gabriel, (not in the photo) Tatiana (Yann's great-niece) Juliette (Yann's niece) and Stephane (Juliette's partner). I love this photo so much! They are cracking up because Stephane and Yann were being funny. I was so in the moment that I took only a handful of photos, which are posted here....

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Paris After Sunset
2021-09-03 21:17 UTC by French la Vie

Paris after sunset


Paris after sunset.

Walking from one end of Paris to the other,

or walking from my daughter's apartment in the 10th by Saint Martin Canal

to our apartment in the 14th by Montparnasse

it is about a five mile walk 




unless you do what I do which is weaving, mingling, poking in

and out of courtyards and favorite...

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The Perfect 10
2021-09-02 20:59 UTC by French la Vie

Number 21


In a perfect world everything is perfect. Everyone is happy. Life offers geniune kindness and plenty to eat. Nobody suffers or dies, children grow up with only good memories of their families. Everyone has what they need. There isn't any waste. And if I wanted long legs and a little nose I would have it. But in a perfect world it...

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New Trend in Paris
2021-09-01 21:40 UTC by French la Vie


When we went to Barcelona to surprise Sacha for his birthday back in June

I noticed that women were not wearing bras,

but it didn't register that it might be a trend or movement like it was in the sixties instead it was

something I noticed without equation ... 

Until I came to Paris this week. Oh, braless-ness is a thing-


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Duck Duck Goose…
2021-08-31 21:29 UTC by French la Vie


graffiti in Paris

Got out if the stroller to check it out



Gabriel repeating after me 

dog, cat, mouse, duck… 

pink mouse

blue duck…

soooo many



C761BA39-FEE9-4D1D-B441-832BEF6E6A0F 3586459B-97C1-4F3D-AD58-BF50DB258DAF

Simple pleasure

A long the sidewalk.


Paris Snapshots
2021-08-30 21:06 UTC by French la Vie

Paris snapshots corey amaro, paris




Paris snapshots corey amaro, paris



"Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her,

still, she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings."

Victor Hugo



Paris snapshots corey amaro, paris


"The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart."

George Sand



Paris snapshots corey amaro, paris

Paris snapshots corey amaro, paris



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As is…
2021-08-29 20:53 UTC by French la Vie

A child’s collar in an old box

Art without effort or thought 

Two pieces traveling together through time 

captured together haphazardly  



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2021-08-29 04:00 UTC

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Road Sign Reads like a Bucketlist
2021-08-28 20:38 UTC by French la Vie


Where would you go first?
I know where I would go!





Kiss Kiss
2021-08-27 21:19 UTC by French la Vie

Sweet love


G x C



Gabriel likes to kiss me I cannot complain.

Sweet little Boy Boy.

Cherish childhood.



Turning Everything into Light
2021-08-26 09:21 UTC by French la Vie



Text by Adrian Michael Green on Instagram.

photos taken on our way to Normandy.


“…turn everything into light… into holy love…”

a seed underground with its elements of soil, water, & light has the best chance to sprout through the darkness and grow.

Like the seed we need our soil, water, & light to help guide us through...

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Riding the Waves
2021-08-25 12:25 UTC by French la Vie

It comes in waves

                                                                                By Mari Andrew via my friend...

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92 and 2 Playing Kick the Ball
2021-08-24 21:28 UTC by French la Vie

0AC6756A-EF34-4B15-8768-A2B364263F8D A90BA2D1-6E93-4952-91C1-73A308340351 F136DA85-CF23-42BB-9122-0741E7878829

They both won but didn’t know it.


Hanging Out with This Bunch
2021-08-23 21:56 UTC by French la Vie

family family family family

Hanging out with this bunch

wishing Sacha was here too.

(Diogenes, we won't know the name until the birth.)

We asked Gabriel what the baby's name is and he calls her


and he calls himself, "Babou".

I love when he says,

"Maman, Daddy, Babou, Papillote, Grandpapa, O.E. (that's me) and then smiles

as if to say, "We are all here...

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Two Months to Go
2021-08-22 16:03 UTC by French la Vie



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2021-08-22 04:00 UTC

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Full of Grace
2021-08-21 19:45 UTC by French la Vie


Utter joy being with this little boy boy.


Peace for All
2021-08-20 08:03 UTC by French la Vie

normandy beach
peace for all


Normandy Beach with a Kite
2021-08-19 07:05 UTC by French la Vie



Flying a Kite
2021-08-18 14:25 UTC by French la Vie

Flying a Kite

Flying a Kite


Flying a Kite


photographs from Gabriel’s Daddy Martin x


2021-08-17 20:44 UTC by French la Vie





Shifting Gears
2021-08-16 10:43 UTC by French la Vie



I thought this vacation going to see Yann's family I would create a travel log of our road trip, add photos, tips,

and places to see... addresses. I thought of the delightful fodder for my blog.

I was looking forward to adding my photos -thoughts at the end of each day that would highlight the happy side. 



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A Beach in Normandy
2021-08-15 21:25 UTC by French la Vie

agon countainville normandy

As far as my eye could see the beach went further

my feet longing to walk and walk

but first, we will visit Yann's family

and then my desire to walk will run along this beach.

Sorry for the lack of photos, but between a slow internet and full days of traveling

my eyes long to surrender to sleep.




Weekly Top Posts: 2021-08-15
2021-08-15 04:00 UTC

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  3. Poolside
  4. My Legs Want to Move
  5. Barcelona in Bloom

Open Spaces
2021-08-14 21:07 UTC by French la Vie

The grass grows greener


The open space enters inside me and expands

the passages that need me to breathe.


A cloud passes by,

I take hold of a wisp of it,

as strong as any current I know,

and I fly.


Over open fields of harvested lavender fields

bales of fresh hay

dancing wheat fields

pear orchards


and rivers snaking along.


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2021-08-13 20:03 UTC by French la Vie


Driving from Marseille


the Normandy coastline 

to see Yann’s family 

16 hours in a car with anyone is a proof of love, right?

We are taking the backroads…

I want to stop every two inches to take a photo.

But that hasn’t happened - we are not driving straight through

That was the compromise!



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Just Desserts
2021-08-12 21:06 UTC by French la Vie

corey amaro carre noir


When going out for dinner I usually eat less during the day as I know it isn't polite to offend the hostess by asking for a small portion

and not finishing my plate.

Hence, I did not heed my own advice when going out to dinner at Pierre Jean and Sylvie's home.

Double hence, the button on my pants was undone.

In their town, there is a...

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The Invitation to Dream
2021-08-11 21:41 UTC by French la Vie




Within each of us, there is a dream wanting to wake up and become real, tangible, whole, and complete.


Within each of us, there is a past, present, and future in collaboration with the scribe of our script. 


Within each of us, there is a history buried, wanting to be born anew.


Within each of...

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I Confess
2021-08-10 21:32 UTC by French la Vie

Thank you Rebecca for posting this I had to share it.


Flowers Growing Around Windows
2021-08-09 21:19 UTC by French la Vie

Flowers in French Windows, Corey Amaro, French la Vie 8C337FAE-E4DA-4FAE-9B21-CB435D2A7700 Flowers in French Windows, Corey Amaro, French la Vie Flowers in French Windows, Corey Amaro, French la Vie

Flowers in French Windows, Corey Amaro, French la Vie A1DAB140-7571-4527-9542-66DC646D9549

Flowers in French Windows, Corey Amaro, French la Vie 967A0B59-A0FF-4A3E-83A0-19AD4AC9FBE1

Looking up 

Flowers growing around and about windows


Green thumbs in a limited space.


Adding life to facades, narrow streets, and dry Provence.


Where do I add life, light, love especially in areas where it is needed?


The wonder never ceases when I see a flower growing in some impossible place its...

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