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Going to India
2018-10-16 21:10 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

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Several months ago Yann heard about a group that offered motorcycle tours but not just motorcycle tours, Yann rides a  motorcycle nearly every day, rain, hail, snow, in the evening, in the summer, in a suit, in jeans, always equipped and I trust him completely, but tours on vintage motorcycles truly off the beaten...

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A Favorite
2018-10-15 21:50 UTC by Tongue in Cheek


After the wedding and before the reception outside in front of the church I asked Sophie the photographer to take this photo of us. This facade is right next to the church. I asked the owners who were sitting on their kitchen chairs (to Yann's right) if we could take a photo by their house, they agreed then I quickly told Chelsea,...

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Judging a Book by its Cover
2018-10-14 15:52 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

Book lover, French la Vie, Corey Amaro


Books at the brocante are as plentiful as going to the library, the only difference is it outside, noisy, and you never need to return them. Books on every subject exist at the brocante: fashion, religion, history, dramas, dictionaries, and from current authors to authors whose names speak volumes: Voltaire, Racine, Proust,...

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