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Do You Hear a Voice in the Trunk?
2018-12-14 18:27 UTC by French la Vie




The Scene:

Two women walking around a very shabby and not so chic brocante in France.


Susan: An American woman who speaks some French, loves the brocante, knows what she likes and is happy to be brocanting in France. Enjoying the scenery-- but focused. 

Corey: American woman who lives...

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Loving Something New Everyday
2018-12-13 19:07 UTC by French la Vie


Love something new every day,

that sure beats, "Do something that scares you every day.

I suppose for some, loving is scary. 

At the brocante last weekend I saw a box full of 1700 documents. It would extra easy if the saying went, "Love the brocante or something old every day," and yet at the same time that would...

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French vs. American Finding the Way
2018-12-12 16:18 UTC by French la Vie

Climb to the top corey amaro french la vie


Someone once told me that the difference between a French and an American could be summed up like this:

"If you put a French person and an American person in the middle of a dense jungle and asked them to find their way out, the French person would bend down grab some soil look at it for clues, look up to see which way the wind blew the...

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I Was Born to Do This
2018-12-11 17:02 UTC by French la Vie





One of the many characters in the French nativity santon,

hand painted over a hundred years ago.

Carries two baskets from the market filled with cabbage.

Some brought incenses,

some brought gold,

some came by with their lambs and drums;

The French santons, the many characters of the village come to the Provencal nativity, 'it...

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When Your Child Grows Up
2018-12-10 19:18 UTC by French la Vie

childhood, corey amaro French La vie,


Sacha wrote me the other day asking, "Mom do you remember the last time you held my hand when I was a child?"

As we lived in an old house in the country not so far away from the village, close to a river and a forest behind us, we often walked to and fro the village and went wandering by the river that looked more like a...

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Not Blogging about Politics
2018-12-09 20:47 UTC by French la Vie

blogging, corey amaro


Writing a blog starts with a theme, and usually, that theme has to do with a person's interest or passion, such as food, family, crafts, politics, social awareness, style, or a knowledge regarding a certain area of expertise. Blogging is vast and takes on many subjects, some bloggers blog with a goal in mind whether for their...

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2018-12-09 05:00 UTC

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My Italian Neighbor
2018-12-08 09:55 UTC by French la Vie

Red vespa


Italy is less than two hours from our doorstep. My neighbor. Seductive enchanting Italy. I love that. Zip across the border, Italian enchantment rushes up, grabs me, Bacio qui! Limoncello in the afternoon, then back to oh la la France in the evening. 



Italian lunch


San Remo is a lovely seaside town....

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A Favorite Daily Routine
2018-12-07 21:53 UTC by French la Vie


Largeribbontiedintobow Tabletop

Emptysilverspoon Img_4001



Setting the table has been something I enjoy doing since I was a little girl.

The fork on the left, the knife to the right with its cutting part of the blade towards the plate.

As I place the silverware alongside the plate, I imagine those who will sit around the table and dine.

Hoping their...

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Settling In
2018-12-06 20:28 UTC by French la Vie

Back Home Settling in French la VIe


Provence welcomed us with a blue sky, where the sun warmed our backs.

We unpacked, went through our mail, I made soup while Yann went to the boulangerie he brought home two freshly out of the oven baguettes. The butter melted, dripping on to the table.

Years of going back and forth have made it easier for me to know how to deal with...

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French la Vie
2018-12-05 17:22 UTC by French la Vie

French la Vie Guided journeys in Provence, and Bretagne. French la Vie will lead you to discover France through different lenses sharing the heart and soul of Provence and/or Brittany. The French la Vie Journeys are handcrafted to each group that comes. If you like antiques we will visit markets and have personal entrance to little...

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Back Home
2018-12-05 17:00 UTC by French la Vie


Field of Dreams


Letting the golden leaves crown the day.

A different landscape awaits me far from the one that I am leaving behind. A bit colder, architecturally more pronounced yet golden leaves still crown.



Field of Dreams


Goodbye Willows.



We arrived in Paris I am fighting...

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Homecoming: Rolling Between Both
2018-12-04 19:03 UTC by French la Vie



Home the deep well, unending ever rich the source of who I am and the springboard to my tomorrows. Home that comes with me wherever I go and roots me when the wind tries to cause unbalance. It is my everything, it is the threads that connect and bind me, the threads of memories, faith, family, friends, threads that my parents have woven...

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Some of Us
2018-12-04 07:45 UTC by French la Vie



Christmas Spirit
2018-12-02 21:17 UTC by French la Vie






Preparing for Christmas
2018-12-02 06:54 UTC by French la Vie


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my Mother’s home! 

No luck with the internet today hopefully tomorrow will be a better day which

Will allow me to post more photos of my Mother’s home.




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2018-12-02 05:00 UTC

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Oh Fun
2018-11-30 21:27 UTC by French la Vie




Sacha's Photos of Our Stay in Seattle
2018-11-30 16:10 UTC by French la Vie

Sacha's Photos of Our Stay in Seattle



There is a connection between people who love one another that runs deeper than time and space, a bond that unites in an unseen world that intertwines memories, moments collected unknowingly, the essences of love that cannot be defined by words. 

I am holding on to that invisible cord that wraps around me with my family and...

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The Space Needle
2018-11-29 07:42 UTC by French la Vie


































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2018-11-28 07:36 UTC by French la Vie




When my children were young we had a magical, organic vegetable garden. We had tomatoes until December, green beans that made Jack-in-the-bean-stalk, look like any Tom-Dick-or-Harry and ...

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Family Affair
2018-11-27 06:55 UTC by French la Vie


My cousin Ginny, her husband Jim, their daughter Courtney and their son in law Craig.




When Your Child Moves Overseas
2018-11-26 00:38 UTC by French la Vie

IMG_5180 (1)



Our son Sacha moved to Seattle over a year ago. He is happy and that is what matters.

Though at first, I could not even think about his moving overseas without breaking into tears, then over time I would not cry but was sad and if I thought about it for too long I would become overwhelmed with emotion. Often I...

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The Canal Behind my Mother's House
2018-11-25 06:24 UTC by French la Vie

reflections at sunset



As the last rays streamed down creating a masterpiece on the still water of the canal I was transfixed on how an ordinary canal running behind my mother's home became a work of art. The canal's dirt road, the fields in the background, the barns and sheds that dot the canal bank were transformed simply from nature's brush of...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2018-11-25
2018-11-25 05:00 UTC

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Some Photos of the Day
2018-11-24 05:17 UTC by French la Vie



The helpers in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day.




Homeland outside my mom's front door.










My mother's traditional turkey cookies.

That always adorn the dinner plate.



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Thanks Giving
2018-11-22 21:06 UTC by French la Vie

Corey amaro french la vie thanksgiving



The comfort of familiarity.

I am thankful for everything in that familiarity.


- - -

Our flight path flew over Paradise as smoke billowed and rolled into the valley, the clear sky turned ash gray.

Since we have been home the stories of family, friends, and others who live in Paradise and the surrounding area...

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The Eve of Thanksgiving
2018-11-22 04:58 UTC by French la Vie

The eve of Thanksgiving


We are going home for Thanksgiving.




Living in Provence Then and Now
2018-11-21 09:36 UTC by French la Vie

living in Provence, French la Vie, Corey Amaro


French la Vie Corey Amaro Provence



living in Provence, French la Vie, Corey Amaro







living in Provence, French la Vie, Corey Amaro


living in Provence, French la Vie, Corey Amaro




living in Provence, French la Vie, Corey Amaro








If you are on interested in experiencing Provence from an authentic viewpoint, to explore...

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An Old Scrapbook
2018-11-20 08:51 UTC by French la Vie



A few years ago I found this turn of the century scrapbook, there wasn't any writing, nor name in the book, instead, there were

plenty of cards, chromos, and images. I sold it a month ago.






An Old Scrapbook



An Old Scrapbook


Chromolithograph :


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A Letter from Assemblyman Gallagher
2018-11-19 20:51 UTC by French la Vie

I received an email from Assemblyman Gallagher on how to aid the victims of the #Campfire in Paradise:

Words cannot describe the pain our North State families are feeling. If you or someone you know lost a loved one or in any way has suffered as a result of the Camp Fire – I send my deepest condolences. 

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The Holy No
2018-11-18 22:47 UTC by French la Vie




When I lived in a monastery, the Abbot asked who knew how to cut hair? I raised my hand, I had never cut anyone's hair in my life but being 19, in a monastery, I...

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2018-11-18 05:00 UTC

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The Signs of Falling in Love
2018-11-17 22:10 UTC by French la Vie



One of the first signs that a person is falling in love is that the person smiles constantly.


I was looking back at some blog posts when I stumbled upon this post that I wrote about Chelsea when Martin (Mr. Espresso) came to Willows ten years ago. Ten years ago. Ah, one of the many good things about journaling and...

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Make a List
2018-11-16 21:39 UTC by French la Vie


Make a list of the things that make you happy




Make a list of the things you do every day




Compare the lists





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Thankful for my Peace of Mind
2018-11-15 19:27 UTC by French la Vie


The sun sends forth the last rays of light, as it pours through my kitchen window spreading across the kitchen table, the gift of light: The sun gives whether there are clouds, rain, or things in the way, then repeats the same gift the next day. Steadfast. Light for everyone and thing regardless who or where or what they are.

Contently, as I...

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Not So Still Life
2018-11-14 19:13 UTC by French la Vie



Where Do Our Words Leads Us?
2018-11-13 18:42 UTC by French la Vie

words as song


Last night I watched a video (linked below) called: The Birth of a Word. I was amazed and moved. Amazed that someone could imagine how to capture the birth of a word, and amazed at that implication of what that means.








Imagine capturing the birth of a word?!

While watching the video...

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The Lessons We Learn are not all Behind a Book
2018-11-12 22:19 UTC by French la Vie

Photo by Tracy Englund Paradise

Photo Via Facebook Tracy Englund


A letter recently posted by Aaron Draper to the students at Chico State University:


Aaron Draper

Dear Students,

Our CSU Chico President, Gayle Hutchinson, has decided that it would be best to cancel classes next week. I support this decision 100%. The air ...

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2018-11-11 22:45 UTC by French la Vie

Marseille Notre Dame


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 

― Rumi


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Where to Send Donations to #campfire
2018-11-10 21:23 UTC by French la Vie


2018-11-09 23:04 UTC by French la Vie

image from

Thank you for your messages of concern, prayers sent and love shared. My family is safe but many others are not. Friends we fear have lost their homes, and or businesses the fire is devastating as you probably have heard on the news. The photos are apocalyptic, I cannot imagine the fear many experienced and what they must face with...

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And This I Offer
2018-11-08 22:00 UTC by French la Vie



First, political news that is unsettling and divisive, then another shooting in Southern California, and now a tremendous fire in Northern California near where my family lives.

Putting my hands palm to palm,

I opened them to form a cup.

I pray, imagining my prayer taking form into my cupped hands.

I imagine, God as love, with...

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Lay Faux Toy Excitement
2018-11-07 19:53 UTC by French la Vie

 Memory from 1992
"Corey, there are, old ones, nice ones, I think they are nice. Someone in the office building threw them away, the chairs are outside by the garbage, should I bring them home?" My French Husband said out of breath, was there a sound of excitement in his...

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Why the French Don't Show Excitement by Emily Monaco
2018-11-06 16:18 UTC by French la Vie

Corey amaro French la Vie Paris

My friend's daughter Charlotte sent me the article below, Charlotte like my children grew up in France with bi-lingual/bi-cultural parents, her father is French and her mother in English. Charlotte thought I would enjoy this latest article from the BBC Travel by Emily Monaco. Hopefully, the article and photos attached well to my blog so that you...

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Being French at the Bistro
2018-11-05 21:41 UTC by French la Vie

French cafe Lifestyle

French Bistro, Morning: 

Walk straight to the counter, when the bartender looks at you, nod your head, point your pointer finger up, and at the same time mouth whisper, "Espresso please". Grab a croissant off the platter, pinch off a bit (do not bite into the croissant) and pop it into your mouth, when the espresso comes, down it in two...

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What's the Beef?
2018-11-04 21:08 UTC by French la Vie



Flash Back 1988:

      Staring at the French menu, French Husband translated it for me but not word for word. He read, "Chicken no. Lamb no. Bunny certainly not. The liver of a duck...Oh, I use to love the liver of the duck... mais no."

We were vegetarians in a world of meat eaters. Slim pickings' with a whole lot...

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2018-11-04 04:00 UTC

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Speaking French But Not Really
2018-11-03 21:33 UTC by French la Vie


This is our grand niece Tatianna she is fifteen years old.

In 2009 I wrote this about her:



The mothers gathered at the school gate wore their coats unbuttoned. I took off my scarf and stuffed it in my pocket. The Autumn day felt more...

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Yann's Return
2018-11-02 22:42 UTC by French la Vie

Yann came home from India. I can see in his eyes that he has had a wonderful adventure, snippets of stories unfolded one moment to another as he unpacked his bag and settles back to daily life. He brought a few gifts, scarves, perfume, Safran and fewer photos that have yet to be seen. As soon as I have some of his photos I will post...

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The Undergarment Shop Reveals the Truth
2018-11-01 22:27 UTC by French la Vie

Women Swimsuits in the 1800s (7)

A little girl who had short red curly hair, bobbed up and down the aisle while her Mother looked at undergarments. I was amused by her non-stop chatter and her Mother's forthright replies. When the little girl wandered-off, the Mother would question, "Where is my shadow?" The little girl would quickly return assuring her, "Here I...

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2018-10-31 22:31 UTC by French la Vie





This evening I put two paper mache pumpkins on the window sill, though within minutes the rain had reduced them into an orange puddle. I turned on the outside light in hope that some brave Trick or Treaters might come to my door. Halloween is on the rise in France, each year it becomes more animated.

This year there was a display...

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The Man Digging Through the Garbage at the Train Station
2018-10-30 20:57 UTC by French la Vie

portrait French la vie




A homeless man rummaged through the garbage at the train station, he found a coffee cup that someone had thrown away he opened it to find it empty. He gently put it back in the garbage then turned around not looking at anyone he was smiling. He stood and watched the crowd seemingly entertained I assumed he...

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The Master Painter and the Canvas
2018-10-29 22:36 UTC by French la Vie


La place du Tertre



Painting Paris. Painting France. The vivid colors of day to day life mixed in with the fantasy and history. The stuff of dreams: Golden baguette, blue shutter, red-checked cloth, a dab of red wine, a splash of the Mediterranean and a swirl of Versailles.





Where does your...

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Snapshots from India
2018-10-28 21:09 UTC by French la Vie


I haven’t heard much from Yann. Three phone calls: One was to say he arrived and all was will, the second was while I was in the train and the connection kept cutting out, « ... I had a fall at 80km... don’t worry... great time... all ok? », and the last call was at four in the morning, «... leaving for ... ten hour train...

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