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Kindness shared
2020-09-21 19:03 UTC by French la Vie



Pumpkin Harvest
2020-09-20 11:20 UTC by French la Vie


Cinderellas I have watched you grow on the vine, snuggled in the dirt, full and ripe

Stacked on the blue truck away you go






Pumpkin Harvest
2020-09-20 11:20 UTC by French la Vie


Cinderellas I have watched you grow on the vine, snuggled in the dirt, full and ripe

Stacked on the blue truck away you go






Weekly Top Posts: 2020-09-20
2020-09-20 04:00 UTC

  1. What I Found Online
  2. Listening Beyond Words
  3. A Legend RGB
  4. Daily Dose of Nature’s Beauty
  5. You Are Not Alone

A Legend RGB
2020-09-19 06:28 UTC by French la Vie



Petal by Petal
2020-09-18 11:42 UTC by French la Vie

petal by petal


Petal by petal

your fragrance a soothing strength

unfolding with consistency 

though your depth surpasses such a mundane word

eternal beauty,

poetic boldness,

even in your elegance

your protective thorns set the boundaries

though hinder not your graceful strength.

... and let us be the petal, the fragrance, the rose that...

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You Are Not Alone
2020-09-17 10:10 UTC by French la Vie

    As I pushed Gabriel in his stroller I read,

“You are not alone”

on a building’s wall. Not three yards away was a man gathering his belongings; Several empty plastic bottles, a massive soiled plastic sheet that appeared to be his home, and a rag for a blanket. His clothes barely hung on him.

Unruly hair and...

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Be the Love You Seek
2020-09-16 05:59 UTC by French la Vie



Daily Dose of Nature’s Beauty
2020-09-15 12:23 UTC by French la Vie

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What I Found Online
2020-09-14 07:27 UTC by French la Vie

8C5D11D6-4BB9-40AE-BA0D-CF873757075E A37EE2C7-8924-4CC0-AD3D-5C60A3CC78C7


Listening Beyond Words
2020-09-13 20:23 UTC by French la Vie



Babies when they hear a sound they usually stop what they are doing and listen at the same time they look around for recognition that they have recognized a familiar or new sound.

When Gabriel hears a sound he knows or a new sound he stops- he looks- he listens- he looks around to see who has noticed what he has heard. Registering...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2020-09-13
2020-09-13 04:00 UTC

  1. Breathing in
  2. Tell me Some Acts if Kindness?
  3. Baby in Paris
  4. Carrying On is What We Do with Courage and Grace
  5. California

Bread, Wine,Cheese... and Confit Tomatoes
2020-09-12 20:29 UTC by French la Vie


Cherry tomates clinging to the vine

Gently swirl them with a generous splash of olive oil,

toss oregano and salt confetti

bake for 30 minutes or so on medium heat until theit coats wrinkle.



What I Saw Today on my Walk
2020-09-11 21:30 UTC by French la Vie



A moisten path

leaves glistening with raindrops,

nature breathing after a long spell without rain.







This cabanon (cabin) that really wants me to come inside.

I know it does.

My name is on the door.

I have never seen anyone around it except trees and vines inching their way cover...

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Carrying On is What We Do with Courage and Grace
2020-09-10 19:58 UTC by French la Vie

Be safe

be kind

Scream if need be, get it out, but do so without hurting anyone.

These are unusual times challenging us to see things we might not have seen, to listen to ideas that are new or uncomfortable, to hold on to what we believe yet be open to the possibility that it is okay to change, to question, to keep caring even if it is too much...

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2020-09-09 20:31 UTC by French la Vie

The photos of the orange sky, smoke dense enough that you could look at the sun directly as we do the moon, photos that I doubled-checked by asking if they were taking last night or this morning?! A silence fills the air, birds are not singing, wild animals are coming into the neighborhoods in search of food, water, shade, refuge... Ash blowing as...

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Baby in Paris
2020-09-08 18:09 UTC by French la Vie




After six months in the south due to Covid 19 Chelsea and Martin returned to their apartment in Paris. Martin was working from home but now is back at work, and Chelsea will go back to work later this month. 

Gabriel is in Paris and loves loves loves to be outside. There is a park near their home so they go there as often as...

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Tell me Some Acts if Kindness?
2020-09-07 09:28 UTC by French la Vie



Breathing in
2020-09-06 19:45 UTC by French la Vie

cassis french la vie corey amaro


Breathing in peace

breathing out distractions

breathing in grace

breathing out worry

breathing in gentleness

breathing out bitterness

breathing in faith

breathing out superficiality

breathing in love

breathing out anger

breathing in silence

until I am breathing out silence as well



Weekly Top Posts: 2020-09-06
2020-09-06 04:00 UTC

  1. Happy Birthday Yann
  2. Flower Child
  3. Changing Seasons
  4. Bread of Life
  5. Example from the Heart

Positive Learning
2020-09-05 06:20 UTC by French la Vie



Happy Birthday Yann
2020-09-04 21:55 UTC by French la Vie



Your birthday

you woke up early to take a bus to the motorcycle repair shop

were, at last, the reparations of one of your oldest motorcycles was completed 

while there you saw a vintage 125 motorcycle

love at first sight 

I shook my head 

disappointment filled yours

”you have six”

”three don't...

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Changing Seasons
2020-09-03 14:50 UTC by French la Vie

6F65B914-2E46-41EB-BCB6-BB46D99F2F1E 519C41BB-32A2-45B9-BFD1-FBAA4D305C1D

Changing seasons

In the air 
Caressing my consciousness

ever so slightly

Barely aware

that tomorrow

that distant future


Leads the way



Flower Child
2020-09-02 05:51 UTC by French la Vie

20172EEB-9AEC-4D27-ACA1-92DEB2D20500 E49F972D-60F8-42E5-AC85-6CAA2CEFD54B12060694-2748-4AD5-A062-87724AA514C8 41B74FB0-5A1E-4E69-ADF9-A30056232A02 DEAC846B-C150-4238-BC38-C7C036BF8418 2FD0A5F9-0985-4B6D-AB40-872BAB2DE976

In the garden of delight


Bread of Life
2020-09-01 20:57 UTC by French la Vie

Bread of life


Bread of life the source of our well being




Bread: many hands, golden wheat, sweat, the beating of heart and sun.

Breaking bread,

shared labor,

shared joy,






Life's source food for the soul, feeding the need of our hearts, bodies, and minds.


Example from the Heart
2020-08-31 20:11 UTC by French la Vie



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
2020-08-30 20:51 UTC by French la Vie

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Weekly Top Posts: 2020-08-30
2020-08-30 04:00 UTC

  1. Find Peace Where You Can
  2. Summer Holidays are Coming to a End...
  3. Darkness to Light
  4. One of my Favorite Stories of Annie
  5. This Delight

Find Peace Where You Can
2020-08-29 17:42 UTC by French la Vie


A ten minute walk from my home

that I ritually take to start my day


a place where I find 

solace, a place to pour out my thoughts.



Worn Loved Remains True
2020-08-28 20:33 UTC by French la Vie















Darkness to Light
2020-08-27 07:47 UTC by French la Vie



“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. 



Summer Holidays are Coming to a End...
2020-08-26 21:01 UTC by French la Vie



I am going to miss this little person!


One of my Favorite Stories of Annie
2020-08-25 20:51 UTC by French la Vie

Annie threading a needle 

While threading the needle to sew Sacha's worn jeans I asked Annie if she had any tender memories of living during World War II? If there was any light in that dark passage. Anything that reminded her of beauty when life around them was so unfair and off balance.

Focusing on sewing 

Annie keeping her eye on the thread and needle said, "Of course...

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Which Hand This One or That One?
2020-08-24 21:18 UTC by French la Vie

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Over and over he plays

Sometimes he gets it other times he guesses again.

He plays, he tries, and he is happy learning on his Mother’s knee.


This Delight
2020-08-23 21:18 UTC by French la Vie

this delight

Holding on to this delight while he propels me forward to seeing the world through his eyes.



Weekly Top Posts: 2020-08-23
2020-08-23 04:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland
  2. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  3. Updates
  5. What Caught my Eye Today

Invincible... Albert Camus
2020-08-22 21:48 UTC by French la Vie

albert camus


Thank you for the many messages on my blog, email, and FB. I appreciate your opinions, your encouraging me to do what I feel and yet understanding my stance without having to spell it out. I am thinking and rethinking about the possibility of keeping my blog politically free, yet encouraging myself to listen without judgment, to...

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Listening to Listen
2020-08-21 20:27 UTC by French la Vie

“You listen not for the purpose of judging, criticizing or analyzing. You listen only to help the other person to express himself and find some relief from his suffering.”




Politics I Said It
2020-08-20 15:36 UTC by French la Vie

Flag vote

Over the years that I have been blogging, I have purposefully made an effort not to engage in politics on my blog and for that matter anywhere on my social media accounts. With the outbreak of COVID-19, my being in the States, the Presidential election taking shape, and how masks were becoming a political statement -I made a choice to post a...

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Thank You
2020-08-19 18:11 UTC by French la Vie



Thank you for your messages regarding my blog. There were a few hiccups that we figured out, so it is back. Whew. Hopefully the comment section will start to work allowing you to add links and comment to one another. I appreciated your response, your caring ... 



Bonjour Cassis it has been awhile ....
2020-08-19 18:03 UTC by French la Vie


Back in the Saddle more to come
2020-08-18 21:36 UTC by French la Vie



Missing Blog
2020-08-17 19:24 UTC by French la Vie

I have no idea why some of you are not receiving my blog and are unable to see it. I am trying to figure it out and hopefully it will work soon.

Please let me know if you are receiving my blog or not.



Slow Internet Due to Storm in the Distance
2020-08-16 14:42 UTC by French la Vie

Trying to post today is hopeless. After several long posts and a multitude of photos disappearing faster than I could save. I am writing to say this is my post. My patience is leaning towards frustration which I refuse to enter into as this is our mini holiday. 
Love you and I know you understand.

Until tomorrow xxx


Weekly Top Posts: 2020-08-16
2020-08-16 04:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland
  2. What Caught my Eye Today
  3. Heading Home
  4. Delicious Decisions: A Wedding in Provence
  5. Updates

After a Feast on Blackberries
2020-08-15 14:47 UTC by French la Vie

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After a very warm summer day topped off with a feast on blackberries without exaggerating: He ate fistfuls; we put him in the tub.



Giving Peace a Chance
2020-08-14 20:35 UTC by French la Vie

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Peaceful Distraction
2020-08-13 16:37 UTC by French la Vie


A torn leaf

holds the remains of last night’s thunderstorm 

an insect approaches for a sip

walking by I am drawn to the vibrant color 

Mesmerized - my thoughts drift - leading my steps

in a different direction.


A few kilometers later I sense the scenery is not the same

I have gone off course.

I keep walking...

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Never too Old
2020-08-12 20:35 UTC by French la Vie

barjac brocante


When you fall in love with the brocante it stays with you

The older woman leaned out her window, it could be me one day. 

What will you still enjoy no matter what?




There is time for Peace
2020-08-11 20:40 UTC by French la Vie



Finding Home
2020-08-10 19:09 UTC by French la Vie

A20B3685-3AD0-4F3B-91EE-EEC9F6D07852 EC2D15C2-657F-4A14-8EDE-52A1F6B2D1EB

Our friends Rodger and Arnelle have generously offered their home away from home to us for a holiday shortly after we arrived we took an impromptu nap that lasted two hours! The warm breeze passing through the wisteria, the lullaby’s silence, the sturdy stone walls gave haven and we took advantage of its gift.


Open Heart
2020-08-09 21:39 UTC by French la Vie


Open and ready may it be, 

to hold to give and receive.





Weekly Top Posts: 2020-08-09
2020-08-09 04:00 UTC

  1. French Antique Guessing Game: Takaans Paper Mache Molds from the Philippines
  2. Miss You
  3. Readjusting Slowly
  4. So Worth Listening To...
  5. Brocante Diet

Blackberry Kiss
2020-08-08 08:38 UTC by French la Vie


Funny how something so small and unknown of its impact seems to sip into our consciousness, taking hold in the depths of our being becoming a symbol or a sign of something significant.

On a path deep in the forest where the morning light barely penetrated, where I deliberately watched the placement of my steps as not to trip a blackberry appeared...

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Gabriel and his Blue Wooden Sail Boat
2020-08-07 09:11 UTC by French la Vie

AA66C5B7-647A-4993-AED0-06C5C6DF40AC 93B1AAC5-9C60-40B4-A00D-1029E22D54F4 CAC38D65-E2B7-4C59-9842-ABC147606611 29DA0D2D-8F0D-49CE-A2C5-9B4E5A4021E3 5FF34818-8BC0-4DF8-A70E-74D7815210A2 2CF0AE6C-B1B0-4C81-8074-F6D3C3D77FD3 233F750E-F7A2-4076-99ED-61E20C1053A5

When Yann went to Normandy last week he brought back a blue wooden sail boat for Gabriel.



A large zinc basin served as a pond for Gabriel to sail his sailboat with sound effects he vocalized of a motorized boat vroom vroom.


Every Step
2020-08-06 20:19 UTC by French la Vie



My daily walks continue. During the last several weeks I’ve been waking up earlier than I usually do around six so that I can have a lead beating the heat. I am not a morning person I literally have to push myself out of bed and dress with my eyes close. You might be thinking that since I go to the flea markets I must be a morning...

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Sitting on my Desk
2020-08-05 19:21 UTC by French la Vie

EE28AD8C-6DF5-4074-AC67-9F6CB28CC427 778FCE41-42EF-482F-B51A-374BD7712718 0F9884B7-27B7-4546-8CEF-C3927E3A7AB2 46C7097C-F0D1-4982-B54F-7A9849F98E11 D9CF05C2-35D4-4741-AB2E-CF795A1C7B5B



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