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Pie is Tarte in French
2018-08-14 14:06 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

pie is tart in French

My mother makes pies ten times a day. The moment my mom reads this she is going to say, "Oh that Corey, I certainly do not."

Okay then, at least once a week, usually on a Monday for the family dinner. One thing is certain, my mom is known for her flaky, buttery pie crust. Banana cream, coconut cream, lemon meringue, chocolate,...

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A Change is Coming
2018-08-13 15:16 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

French La Vie


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After years literally of saying that I wanted to change my blog's name,

After writing and posting every day since 2005 to this blog of mine,

I am changing the name of my blog Tongue in Cheek.  Though the blog won't change, just the name.

Because I am hopeless how to come up with a name that would represent what my blog...

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Sunday without Brocante
2018-08-12 18:15 UTC by Tongue in Cheek






Sunday without brocante, though there were plenty going on. Yann and I went kayaking in Cassis, I held paddles, splashed around but Yann’s effort took us out and about.

Shutters half closed we took a nap, or I should say Yann did. 


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