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The Beginning of This and That day
2017-10-16 20:16 UTC by Tongue in Cheek


The French Muse starts another adventure tomorrow. Everything is ready and waiting. I will be posting photos in the go, so please check in to my Instagram stories and French Muse Facebook to see more photos of our experience.




Two dear friends stayed last week in our house next door. My days were so jammed pack I barely saw them. Which was...

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Creative Friends
2017-10-15 20:26 UTC by Tongue in Cheek



Awhile ago at my favorite place and pastime (all time) in the world, need I say more at the brocante I met an artist and his wife. At the end of the brocante we talked and talked and exchanged numbers. A few months later I went to visit them.

Over time we have visited each other several times and have become friends.


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Weekly Top Posts: 2017-10-15
2017-10-15 04:00 UTC

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Lunch in Cassis
2017-10-14 20:28 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

Cassis with friends, living in France, Corey Amaro


Cassis with friends, living in France, Corey Amaro

 Our  Canadian friends Denise (aks Panty Lady, W.R. and Good Cook) and Vlad have a summer home in Cotignac. We shared the day together in Cassis before they return home. 


Cassis with friends, living in France, Corey Amaro





Cassis with friends, living in France, Corey Amaro





Cassis with friends, living in France, Corey Amaro



The little...

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Happy Birthday Mom
2017-10-13 20:57 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

my mom



My mom reads my blog so with that in mind:


Hi Mom! Happy Birthday! 


The photo above is my Mom with her brothers and sisters and her Mother, they are shucking corn.

I love you and wish you a wonderful day and many more birthdays to come.




Please add a...

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2017-10-12 20:24 UTC by Tongue in Cheek














Inner Peace
2017-10-11 20:58 UTC by Tongue in Cheek



We have a choice in everything we do.

To bloom where we are planted or not.

To strive to be our best, (even when it is the last thing we want to do) or be a stick in the mud.

Life continues to continue, 

love creates a circle Open arms, wide enough to encompass buds, blossoms, stems, roots,...

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Photos for Tuesday
2017-10-10 15:36 UTC by Tongue in Cheek














What is Going on!?
2017-10-09 21:43 UTC by Tongue in Cheek




Such frightening news about the fires in California! 

Thinking of Barbara, Mary, George, Lizzie, Carole, Ulla, Susie’s son, Jane, and so many more!



Provençal Autumn
2017-10-08 21:26 UTC by Tongue in Cheek








Weekly Top Posts: 2017-10-08
2017-10-08 04:00 UTC

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Last Night's Soup
2017-10-07 17:40 UTC by Tongue in Cheek





Late last night I took a bad photo of this delicious soup that I made. Those of who know French Husband know that he eats anything, always cleans his plate, never complains, inhales his food at a nerve-wracking rate and if you ask him what he ate or what it taste like he usually says, "Delicious and banana." In fact,...

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