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Fruit Rouge Mousse (Three Berry Mousse)
2018-09-19 19:45 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

Dinner Party with three berry Mousse


Claire who spent a few nights with us made Fruit Rouge Mousse for dessert last night.

It was well worth the six bowls used to make it. 


Dinner Party with three berry Mousse


Happy guests indeed considering I am not a dessert maker. I know how to but it isn't my favorite thing to do for a dinner party and not my favorite part of a...

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2018-09-18 21:54 UTC by Tongue in Cheek



Come sit down cozy up in my arms

let me tell you a story and weave dreams around us.

I am certain that if this chair could talk it would 

take days of listening to hear the depths of its stories.



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When Bloggers Meet
2018-09-17 09:19 UTC by Tongue in Cheek

when bloggers meet


Some of you have been following my blog since the beginning, thirteen years ago and those of you who have left comments during that time and still now I feel I know you and there is an undeniable relationship between us. And now after all these years, I am meeting your children!

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting Miss Claire Di is...

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