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Quiet Fireworks
2021-04-16 17:49 UTC by French la Vie

quiet fireworks



johnny sun good bye again


excerpt from Johnny Sun's book 

Goodbye Again





Daily Walk Foraged Flowers
2021-04-15 16:48 UTC by French la Vie

foraged flowers corey amaro


Walking every day of the year allows me to see the transformation

brought on by each season,

also where flowers grow outside the boundaries of properties.  

Clipper in the pocket off I go

hello, lilacs, rosemary, almond blossoms...



foraged flowers corey amaro


Do any of you know the name of the pink beaded flower branch? It...

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2021-04-14 20:55 UTC by French la Vie

corey amaro flower


At the moment and maybe for a while longer

I will be posting quotes that speak to me and or a sweet photo as I take a step back to let myself

catch up with what has happened and what is happening.

Haven’t we all at one time or another needed time to just say okay here I am

and let it just sit in our lap while we hold on to...

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Love Intentionally
2021-04-13 19:21 UTC by French la Vie

broken but whole



broken but whole


My Cousin Julie
2021-04-12 21:00 UTC by French la Vie

miracle, corey amaro flowers julie


Yesterday, I received again devastating news about my cousin Julie, Sacha's Buddhamere.

If I wasn't so sad I would have had time to feel downright mad at the God I call Love.

I know Love has no bounds and that God can take my anger with a grain of salt.

Some hit pillows I have a good go at God, it helps to be able to dump it somewhere...

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Miracles Happen
2021-04-11 21:49 UTC by French la Vie


Miracles Happen

and when they do

there is a joyous elation of life, love, and a boost to faith.

Whether the miracle is big or small

and for however long 



Weekly Top Posts: 2021-04-11
2021-04-11 04:00 UTC

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  2. When Things Take on New Meaning
  3. All that Love
  4. Plant Love and Share it as Much as You Can
  5. Please Send Your Loving Healing Everything to My Friend Pam

Loving Kindness
2021-04-10 21:16 UTC by French la Vie


My mother always said, "When someone dies everyone is very present to the loved ones for the first few weeks, which is good and needed. But do not forget in six months, or even a year after that those who have lost someone still need loving attention, maybe even more so as the weeks turn into months as life goes on for those who haven't...

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Plant Love and Share it as Much as You Can
2021-04-09 15:41 UTC by French la Vie

Flower painting garden pot


Thank you for all your loving attention and kindness.

Haven't we all had a complicated ongoing year plus, and for some it has been terribly hard.

Thank you for your love sent to Pam, she is in need of every ounce of healing.


With Cynthia's passing so many memories have been stirred up. I hope to share some as time goes on.


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Please Send Your Loving Healing Everything to My Friend Pam
2021-04-08 18:34 UTC by French la Vie



Pam a longtime reader of my blog who has become a friend of mine

is in the hospital with pneumonia and is intubated.

Her husband Rick has asked me to pray and I am asking you to join with me to

ask for healing grace and gentleness to surround her. 



2021-04-07 19:57 UTC by French la Vie


Bicycle in paris


Paris 1989 (repost from 2006)


Once upon a time and one time only,

did French Husband help deliver a wedding cake for our dear American friend Cynthia, who had an American bakery in Paris.

Cynthia who introduced chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cheesecake, bear claws, and muffins to the Parisians back in...

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All that Love
2021-04-06 20:14 UTC by French la Vie



(Quote from Instagram. The antique santon belongs to Dorlis a wonderful artist and curator of beautiful things. The crown of thorns was made by my friend Philippe. The two of them had a stunning exposition for Holy Week.)




When Things Take on New Meaning
2021-04-05 17:43 UTC by French la Vie



Not a Happy Bunny
2021-04-04 18:34 UTC by French la Vie

B61D487D-BEEC-4D3D-B0B2-E4D24DD10B2A 2A2A7F9B-3EAD-4BE5-B13D-62B117C2C600 9DA13BB6-4C4F-490A-B8CF-0212F0F89C81 36DA7987-7EA7-4A9D-AF43-DCBD726ECBB7


Weekly Top Posts: 2021-04-04
2021-04-04 04:00 UTC

  1. What is Perfection?
  2. Live it Well
  3. Good Friday
  4. Simplicity
  5. The Challenge of Being Fortunate

Where the Children Sleep
2021-04-03 20:42 UTC by French la Vie

“For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.

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Good Friday
2021-04-02 21:51 UTC by French la Vie

There is a beginning to every end.

There is light in darkness.

There is forgiveness

and suffering.

Prayer doesn’t always bring you what you want

nor what you need.

it is okay to doubt, to be mad and

not want to hear someone tell you how to be better.




Food for Thought
2021-04-01 18:00 UTC by French la Vie



What are some of your reflections after this year living with Covid?

(photo and text via my friend Rachel Baker’s Instagram.)

I have various covid reflections rambling around in me but what strikes me most is the daily conversation about this subject the actual living through it each step and wondering will it ever end if we do not...

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Nursery School
2021-03-31 19:20 UTC by French la Vie

nursery school


Gabriel's daycare was short-lived.

He started last week. Since September I had been going to and from Paris every week to watch him.

I was sad to give up my role but happy too to have my days back at home.

And happy that he could play with other children, which he hasn't been able to most of his little life.


Tonight France...

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What is Perfection?
2021-03-30 21:02 UTC by French la Vie





What is perfection?

What is loved-

What is created for someone-

and cherished-

even when it is worn true.

what is perfection?

a loaf of bread, a lily and contentment in the simple things that nourish us and bring beauty.




2021-03-29 20:52 UTC by French la Vie


 When you have only two pennies left in the world,

buy a loaf of bread with one,

and a lily with the other.


~Chinese Proverb

(thank you Jeanne for sharing this quote with me)



Live it Well
2021-03-28 19:10 UTC by French la Vie

its a wonderful life corey amaro


I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and for you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
I see skies of blue
And clouds of white
The bright blessed day
The dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
The colors of the rainbow
So pretty in the sky

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Weekly Top Posts: 2021-03-28
2021-03-28 04:00 UTC

  1. Give Love Daily
  2. Quiet Paris
  3. What Are You Waiting For?
  4. The Lollipop Lesson
  5. Standing Amongst the Roses

The Challenge of Being Fortunate
2021-03-27 10:19 UTC by French la Vie



I am fortunate.

I have a good life.

I have a family who loves me, food to eat, a roof over my head. I am healthy and in no pain.

I have running water, more than enough to...

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Standing Amongst the Roses
2021-03-26 20:54 UTC by French la Vie


standing amongst the roses corey amaro



I remember the day like it was yesterday, though it was over twenty years ago.

I went up the hill to visit my friend Annie.

She invited me, saying to come mid-morning to help her pick the roses.



corey amaro standing amongst the rose



Annie was an American by birth.

Soon after she was born her parents returned to their...

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Where Love Finds a Way
2021-03-25 09:10 UTC by French la Vie


When you cannot be together 

because your countries are in lockdown to each other

and your hearts are longing.



Love finds a way.



paradise found

Paradise found.


The Lollipop Lesson
2021-03-24 20:37 UTC by French la Vie


The Little Squirt pointed to the canister on his parent's dresser that held phone-chargers, plugs, a hair clip or two, some receipts, and a few lollipops.

"Gabriel, I don't think the lollipop is the answer."

You see the handlebar to his pushbike was up too high and I could not lower it no matter how hard I tried. When I told him I couldn't...

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Quiet Paris
2021-03-23 22:38 UTC by French la Vie

paris lockdown

Paris and several other regions went into a stricter lockdown

than what all of France has been experiencing since October.

Parts of Palais Royal where Gabriel and I go to hang out were completely closed off.

Nevertheless, we had a good time. 

Now that the weather is nice the parks are packed.

Everyone wears a mask.



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Give Love Daily
2021-03-22 21:31 UTC by French la Vie



my friend Pam sent this to me. It says a lot about living with grief and not holding back about living and loving.

Live love abundantly.


What Are You Waiting For?
2021-03-21 21:55 UTC by French la Vie

what are you waiting for?


That is the question.

What am I waiting for and why am I waiting?

Does time take the lead?

Or is procrastination the culprit?

What am I longing for?



Covid to end.

...and you?


Weekly Top Posts: 2021-03-21
2021-03-21 04:00 UTC

  1. BookWorms
  2. Not the Same
  3. Thank You
  4. Blog Post
  5. Lace Therapy

Lace Therapy
2021-03-20 11:43 UTC by French la Vie




It is that lace thing again, every now and then I must show it.

The funny thing about this lace attraction of mine is I do not use it. I do not sew it on my sheets, towels, 

or pillowcases.

I don't create with lace or attach it to my clothing.

Nor do I doll-up a doll with lace.

Nope, none of it. So why am I attracted...

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Flower Girl
2021-03-19 10:28 UTC by French la Vie


flower girl 1800s tinted engraving


1800s tinted engraving on a young maiden with flowers in her hair.

Wildflowers from my walk today.

Spring come, come as soon as you can!




Thank You
2021-03-18 21:28 UTC by French la Vie

roses garden thank you corey amaro


Thank you for your response regarding if and how you saw my blog.

For some unknown reason it was not appearing on the 16th to most of you,

then popped up twice, then not at all, then come up late on the 17th.

I have no idea why. But it is working now so all is good.

Wish I knew more about why my blog acts bizarrely sometimes 


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Golden Light
2021-03-18 05:36 UTC by French la Vie


A light at the end of the tunnel,

a burst a of spring in front of the last winter branches.

Two realities

the end of winter, the beginning of spring.





Blog Post
2021-03-17 18:45 UTC by French la Vie



My blog appears not to be posting

trying to see if this works.

If you can see this please can you send a comment or an email.

Please tell me if you see this on your email subscription and or through your browser?

Thank you.



Almost Spring
2021-03-17 18:00 UTC by French la Vie


Photo via Permillion


(Permillion has a beautiful beautiful account on Instagram. She takes photos of books with flowers.)

Thank you for all of your wonderful book selections for Gabriel! 

Today would have been my brother Marty's 61st birthday.

I found Permillion's quote tender,

it is almost spring.


Grief is a passage...

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2021-03-15 19:24 UTC by French la Vie



Please can you suggest some favorite books of yours.

we have Good Night Moon, which is a classic and I have plenty of books from when Chelsea and Sacha were little too

but I am curious to know of more since we do not live in the States I am not aware of all the titles.

Chelsea and I are speaking English to Gabriel, Yann and Martin...

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Not the Same
2021-03-14 22:29 UTC by French la Vie

corey amaro

For over a year I faithfully walked five miles or more every day as a prayer for my brother.

I walked in rain, heat, at night, early in the morning, during curfew in a circle in our courtyard...

I did it no matter what and in the back of my mind, I would think if my brother has to suffer for no reason every day with terminal cancer

I certainly...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2021-03-14
2021-03-14 05:00 UTC

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  2. Listening
  3. Do You Think He Likes the Swimming Cap?
  4. Hanging Out of a Helicopter
  5. A Story My Brother Marty Told Me

Tulips and Rain
2021-03-13 10:07 UTC by French la Vie


Tulips that I stood by

outside a flower shop

under a canopy in the rain


Wind whirled

the sidewalk glistened 

with the changing sky


I thought about my umbrella back home

... the cut flowers in their buckets

brought me joy

remained as they were

brave delicate blooms

Reminding me nature’s...

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Things with Wheels
2021-03-12 12:53 UTC by French la Vie

reading about trucks



reading about trucks




Reading to a baby

one page half-read


two pages back,

then upside down 

followed with

words in a row interrupted by sounds and 

lots of facial expressions.

And when the pictures become real

on the life stage...

We spend much time admiring trucks, garbage trucks, and...

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Hanging Out of a Helicopter
2021-03-11 22:00 UTC by French la Vie



Sacha Rolland-Benis Godspeed Filming


Sacha Rolland-Benis Godspeed Filming





Sacha Rolland-Benis Godspeed Filming

Need a cameraman?

Need a daredevil?

Need an artist?

Need a perfectionist?

Need anything to do with filming?

I know just the person.

so happy for Sacha but I must admit when he told me about this gig I said,

”You’ll be harnessed and safely attached right?”

Then I spent the entire...

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A Story My Brother Marty Told Me
2021-03-10 13:47 UTC by French la Vie


My brother Marty said that friends and family changed the way they talked to him when they heard he was seriously ill with cancer. Their tone was different their concern and sorrow showed and he longed for everyone to talk to him like they did before; to shoot the breeze, talk about their days, their dreams, their lives as they did before...

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2021-03-09 21:07 UTC by French la Vie

corey amaro photograph french la vie


to my breathing,

trusting its message.






That Cutie
2021-03-08 21:15 UTC by French la Vie

Thank you for enjoying the photo of G,

I still crack up

when I see that

photo of Gabriel.

just too cute...

those rolls

that expression

and his tum tummy.


I am in Paris babysitting.

We went to the park 

I sat in a toy house while we 

pretended to eat pasta.

Then we watch a young couple

practice acrobatic moves


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Do You Think He Likes the Swimming Cap?
2021-03-07 15:17 UTC by French la Vie



Weekly Top Posts: 2021-03-07
2021-03-07 05:00 UTC

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  2. The Tender Dance
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  4. In Paris with this Little Beau
  5. Unafraid

To Be the Person
2021-03-06 18:26 UTC by French la Vie

to be the person of kindness, corey amaro





I Wonder Who He Learned From ...
2021-03-05 20:45 UTC by French la Vie


French Husband found this at a brocante and rushed over to me exclaiming he found something he knew I would love.

I loved that he was so happy.

He gets the imperfection perfection concept.




The Tender Dance
2021-03-04 13:25 UTC by French la Vie

the tender dance of grieving


The tender dance of grieving

two steps forward one step back


In grief, loving hurts

then it heals


in a tempo with uneven steps


until the rhythm

becomes fluid

with heart and mind


with the delicate steps 

of sweet sorrow

slowly becomes 

soften edges.





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All Day Long
2021-03-03 20:26 UTC by French la Vie


As today was a glorious warm spring day one like we haven’t seen in while I packed the stroller with what we might need to spend the entire day outside. As you probably know when you are with a baby be it with a stroller, a car, or on a plane it seems like everything in the house tags along: A change of clothes, diapers, diaper wipes, water,...

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In Paris with this Little Beau
2021-03-02 22:30 UTC by French la Vie


Gabriel wore his apple hat from V

We had the best day

hanging out with the columns

at the Palais Royal.




After a Lifetime of Uncomfortable Antique Sofas
2021-03-01 22:20 UTC by French la Vie



We finally or I should say I finally gave in to comfort and pleasing my children and son in law.

Gabriel calls the new sofa a boat “bateau” and he has it right. 
We can sail away in it!




2021-02-28 17:43 UTC by French la Vie




Evening falls,

the sky grows dark,

the moon comes up,

and stars bloom like flowers.

 a constant change

earth and sky

subtle and strong

the water flows


Down below in the silence,

in the stillness, in the darkness...

the garden grows unafraid.


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2021-02-28 05:00 UTC

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Thoughts Are Energy Spend Them Well
2021-02-27 18:54 UTC by French la Vie



Look who climbed up on the chair.




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