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Visiting Private Homes in France with the French la Vie
2019-04-18 21:47 UTC by French la Vie

French la vie, visiting private homes




Along the back roads through Provence,

I am lucky enough that friends I have met through the brocante over these last thirty years invite my groups to come and see their homes. To go beyond the facade by entering into the soulful homes offers such thoughtful generosity into the culture and life of the French. Even if you...

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French la Vie This Week
2019-04-17 20:52 UTC by French la Vie

french la vie



The first of the season, French la Vie's latest group started out yesterday for a week, to be followed by a second group. Gloria, Barbara, Jennifer and I had such fun! Easter week is full of brocantes in villages throughout Provence, this first group wanted to focus on textiles as they are crafters and artists who teach classes on...

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Notre Dame love, faith and the promise of Joy!
2019-04-16 21:50 UTC by French la Vie



Yesterday I wanted to share about Yann's marathon which was on Sunday

but the fire at Notre Dame consumed my every thought,

and the marathon trailed far behind in what I wanted to post on my blog.

Though today I saw a connection that seemed to bring a moment of stillness in the sadness of what has happened.


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Notre Dame
2019-04-14 21:16 UTC by French la Vie

Notre dame empty


Utter sadness, beyond scope, a tragic loss. 

Notre Dame survived hundreds of year, touched millions, was a beckon of faith.

More than any other monument Notre Dame is the one I had visited the most.

Countless Masses and prayers, visits with nearly everyone I ever knew who came to Paris with me. 

I wish...

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Marathon Man
2019-04-14 21:05 UTC by French la Vie

He did it!

24 miles 42 KM.

He said it felt great until it didn't, the last four miles he could not feel his legs.

But he is ready to do it again.

I posted videos of the day on my Instagram stories and on Facebook. 

Such a highly charged day! I will tell more, but we left the marathon and took a train back home as I have a


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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-04-14
2019-04-14 04:00 UTC

  5. ...

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Running the Marathon in Paris
2019-04-13 19:30 UTC by French la Vie

marathon Paris




paris marathon





Yann is running the marathon in Paris tomorrow (Sunday).

If you would like to cheer him, on and follow his progress you can do so by downloading the app Schneider,

then you will need to look up his name Yann Rolland-Benis.

He starts at 9:00 in the morning (Midnight in...

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Photo Messages From Sacha
2019-04-12 20:26 UTC by French la Vie



Should he shave his mustache? His beard?

I said no so loud I am sure he heard me in Seattle.


In Memory of My Dad on his Birthday
2019-04-11 20:30 UTC by French la Vie

Hog harley davidson pins


Today was the day my dad was born.

Repost from 2008






My dad's shop was a milking barn but when I was fourteen he stopped dairy farming and went into motorcycles. He kept farming rice, and went riding on the weekends.

My dad had many different motorcycles, his...

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Dogs Doing the Brocante
2019-04-10 18:28 UTC by French la Vie



On top of the table

at the brocante

two dogs,

not one,

but two dogs sat on top of boxes of old postcards.

The brocante dealer tried to reassure me,

"They're not mean, just playful."

"Lucky for me," I tried to smile, "I do not need any more postcards."





Brocante with dogs. Is...

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Off the Beaten Path in France, Where is it?
2019-04-09 20:23 UTC by French la Vie

secret places france



I am often asked about France, it makes sense given that I live here and write a blog about it. When I travel to a new place I like to have a few facts about the place in my pocket too. A good restaurant, a must see or do sort of thing, where to stay... a few starting bits so that I have a foot on the ground when I arrive.


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Mini Tarte Tatins
2019-04-08 12:59 UTC by French la Vie

mini tarte tatin corey amaro


Tarte Tatin is one of my favorite French desserts, it is a classic down to earth recipe when it comes to the array of French desserts, it is not the Marie Antoinette of pastries, instead, it is a French Country type that I can imagine having at a long farm table by an open fire.

The other day I had every intention to make a Tarte...

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Arriving to Marseille by Train
2019-04-07 21:15 UTC by French la Vie

TempImageForSave (45)



The TGV (high-speed train) from Marseille to Paris and visa versa takes three hours it is significantly faster than driving by car or by flying.

I returned home tonight after spending a few days in Paris visiting my dear friend Laura from Colorado and then this weekend with Chelsea. 



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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-04-07
2019-04-07 04:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland
  2. I am Eighty

Peeks into Beautiful Paris
2019-04-06 21:04 UTC by French la Vie

Paris, Love, Pink and Baby



Paris is a wonderland this Spring as the pink blooming trees are wearing nature's crown jewel. 

Against the greyish white buildings, the pink is intensified. 




the light in paris


The light in Paris, mixed with the stark stone facades and the blooming trees is...

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Sweetness of Friendship
2019-04-05 21:40 UTC by French la Vie



“A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart,

chaff and grain together,

knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it,

keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.”

George Elliot





Yesterday evening I came to Paris...

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Heading Towards Paris
2019-04-04 16:30 UTC by French la Vie


love has no limits




Love as you know has no limits, and where takes us is on a journey to wholeness.


I am on the train to Paris... it is such a beautiful day, and as the train whizzes through the countryside spring is there waving its hands.




The Holy No
2019-04-03 20:34 UTC by French la Vie

Tomorrow I am going to Paris to see a friend I have not seen since I was pregnant with Chelsea.

Laura was one of my closest friends in the monastery. Laura left around the time that I did-

she married, had children, a career, a beautiful life... and tomorrow we will remember and share

our stories of then, in between and now. I can hardly wait to see...

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April First Joke that Still Makes me Laugh and Yann Not so Much
2019-04-02 21:22 UTC by French la Vie


April's Fool in France


On April 1st the French give each other chocolate fish called: "Friture." The tradition has it that on the 1st of April children try to stick a homemade paper fish onto people’s backs without the person knowing it, then run away yelling, ‘Poisson d’Avril’ (April's Fish), which is like saying, "April...

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Portrait Memories of Carpentras 1914
2019-04-01 11:38 UTC by French la Vie


portrait WWI et II
portrait WWI et II





Glued on the stone columns along the arcade in Carpentras was the reproduction portraits from Louis Rama

who earlier in the year had an exposition of portraits he created of WWI.

Louis Rama called the exposition "Our Faces 1914" their memories.



The exhibition was of portraits of soldiers curated from...

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All one Needs
2019-03-31 21:12 UTC by French la Vie

mother and child


All one needs is love, well actually to love and be loved.

Thank you, Mom and Dad (even though you are not here physically)

for the love, you showed me and for the love, I saw you share so freely with others.

Love what a difference it makes.



Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-31
2019-03-31 04:00 UTC

  1. I am Eighty
  2. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland

Questions You have Asked Me?
2019-03-30 18:28 UTC by French la Vie

French lifestyle Corey Amaro


I look forward to checking in with u every day because life in France has the appearance of something more. I still can figure out if this is true. So my question is a request to have you add small ideas of change that you have learned in France and from your mom.


France has a long rich deep history which weaves...

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Questions / Answers about my Life in France
2019-03-29 22:35 UTC by French la Vie


Brocante Vibes, Corey Amaro,


Where do you store everything you buy at the brocantes to be sold later?

In my house, in our place in Paris, in my studio, under my bed, in my closets, in the garage, between the sheets, under pillows, stacked on the bookshelves, on the chairs who needs to sit? Stacked in the corner, on the top on my head.


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Q/A Second Part of What Some of You Have Asked Me
2019-03-28 21:38 UTC by French la Vie

Garden grows, Corey Amaro; Living in France


Do you like to garden? Or to design gardens?

I like to pick flowers in the gardens. I like to sit in beautiful gardens. I admire my mom's garden. I do not mind gardening but it is not something I think to do instead I do it out of necessity. I like to take photos of gardens. Do I like to design gardens? Not as much as I like...

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Responding to Yesterdays Comments
2019-03-27 22:50 UTC by French la Vie

french la vie


Do the French have a specific retirement age? Will you and Yann ever formally "retire"?

"In France, the general rule is that you must retire at age 67 and you can retire from age 62, as long as you have worked 41 years. According to a 2008-law, which was strongly opposed by the Left, you are now permitted to...

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Do You Have Any Questions for Me
2019-03-26 16:50 UTC by French la Vie

serving it French corey amaro


It has been nearly 14 years that I have been blogging, sometimes with gusto, sometimes with a peek, usually with a photo.

Do you have any questions for me?

I will answer them in tomorrow's post.



Faded Tulip Romance
2019-03-25 21:09 UTC by French la Vie

faded tulips


I love when tulips end like this.

Reminds me that every stage is beautiful, has something to offer.




The Work Day: Preparing the Nest
2019-03-24 22:58 UTC by French la Vie

preparing the nest


Chelsea and Martin (who live and work in Paris) came "home" for a long weekend. Their first stop was a local second-hand store where they bought a few pieces for the new apartment. Nothing puts a fire under one to get a move on like an upcoming baby. Nesting is a real thing, and it was in full gear this weekend. 

Luckily we live fifteen...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-24
2019-03-24 04:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland

Violets the Bravest Flower
2019-03-23 23:04 UTC by French la Vie




The bravest little flower

dares to bloom before spring announces itself

Receives a white winter coat and a heavy tiara of raindrop diamonds, 

Blooming purple with a note of glee.

Here I am, such a tender little flower reminding me of faithfulness against the odds, courage with grace.

What is your...

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Scrap Jars Just Another Way of Saying Scrapbook
2019-03-23 22:54 UTC by French la Vie




The little things I have collected that have no real value on their own, due to a chip, crack or a tear instead of throwing the defaulted bits and pieces away, or disregarding them to a chest of drawers never to be seen again instead I have collected these fragments in apothecary jars. Creating, "scrapbooks or "scrap jars".


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Are Sandals Worn in the Louvre
2019-03-22 22:53 UTC by French la Vie

Louvre paintings Foot


Heavenly soles at the Louvre.


After all these years of living in France, the Louvre never ceases to amaze me. If I lived in the Louvre I would feel the same way it is a feast for the eyes.



Paintings shoes louvre



Whenever I go to the Lourve I like to focus on one thing and take photos of just...

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Everything has a Story to Tell
2019-03-21 21:29 UTC by French la Vie



Spode coffee cup 1800s



1800s Spode DemiTasse

Found at the Avignon International Fair over twenty years ago.

A setting for eight.

Plates, saucers, demitasses, teacups, creamer and sugar bowl to match.

While carrying them back to the cupboard I tripped.

Five demitasses danced to dust.


We hold...

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Friendships Through Blogging
2019-03-20 21:54 UTC by French la Vie


Singing the song of my memories,

it is a beautiful gift to have.

Petal after petal

Sharing memories especially with those who need to hear how their lives have touched mine.

Thank you for reading my blog, for your ever generous response, for the many gifts you have given me by your words, friendship, prayer, and good thoughts. I am lucky to know...

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Semi-Marathon in Paris
2019-03-19 20:31 UTC by French la Vie







A little over a week ago Yann ran a semi-marathon in Paris, he will run the marathon in Paris on April 14th. He started training in January with Chelsea as his coach. They are a good team those two. Yann is an obedient student who would never disappoint his daughter and Chelsea is a strong, constant,...

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Coco Chanel Challenge
2019-03-18 22:48 UTC by French la Vie

Coco Chanel and the Baby Who Pooped

Chelsea was six weeks old when French Husband came home with a pair of tickets for a Chanel fashion show. A friend from work had given him the tickets since he couldn't go.



Coco Channel photo source Chanel.


My excitement was instantly tamed when French Husband...

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Chelsea at Six Months
2019-03-17 21:44 UTC by French la Vie



Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-17
2019-03-17 04:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland

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2019-03-16 22:15 UTC by French la Vie


Ten reasons why to visit Provence, though do you really need any?


No need for words... let your eyes tell you why:


Vineyards in Provence



Arles corey amaro



Aix en provence place albertas









Gordes, provence, france



Provence countryside




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Route de Crete Cassis
2019-03-15 20:28 UTC by French la Vie





The Route de Crete laces along the edge of the cliff along the sea between Cassis and La Ciotat. The view is breathtaking, giving you the sense of flying,

as you wind along the tight turns with intense views of the sea far below.









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Scone Memories
2019-03-14 21:10 UTC by French la Vie


A Throw Back to 2009... Since I am travelling to Ireland today I thought I would repost something 'Irish'... Scones!


School holidays are happening as I type. French Husband and Sacha went skiing. Chelsea came home with more books, binders, and notepads than laundry. She has finals and nothing else matters more than intense studies...

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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
2019-03-13 21:56 UTC by French la Vie

he loves me he loves me not


How funny that out of thousands of things at a brocante fair a charm that size of my fingernail could grab my attention. This green daisy or Margurite in French has two parts, a cover that turns around a stationary part the has words written on each petal. The finely printed words I could not read when I bought it, but I took a chance that it...

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Meeting at the Window Between Here and There
2019-03-12 22:07 UTC by French la Vie

Woman sitting by the window Corey Amaro




Walking along a street I saw an older woman sitting by a window. If it hadn't been for the brown worn shutters, and the white sheer curtain that framed her face... I would not have seen the small shadow of a person peering out.



Woman sitting by the window Corey Amaro 


Aiming my lens at the second floor I hoped to capture the stillness of the...

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The First Signs of Spring
2019-03-11 20:46 UTC by French la Vie

signs of spring provence



"Large blossom branches like this against a blue sky

were one of Van Gogh’s favorite subjects.

Almond trees flower early in the spring making them a symbol of new life. 

Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, February 1890"


VanGogh Museum 




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Apartments, Journeys, Antiques all in one Bag Called French la Vie
2019-03-10 20:17 UTC by French la Vie


Corey Amaro Visit France with me


An apartment in Paris


corey amaro's apartment in paris




If you are looking for a place to stay in Paris, a place that feels like home, that is comfortably stuffed with enough history, beauty, and antiques that you might prefer to cozy on up and never leave instead of visiting my sites:

Paris Apartment





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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-10
2019-03-10 05:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland

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French Husband in the 18th Century?
2019-03-09 20:30 UTC by French la Vie



Sacha Hits the Slopes
2019-03-08 20:25 UTC by French la Vie

TempImageForSave (35)
TempImageForSave (35)
TempImageForSave (35)
TempImageForSave (35)


Some Inspiration for the Cassis Home
2019-03-07 22:02 UTC by French la Vie



Here are some photos that I have in my mind's eye for the Cassis Home

The light,

also the type of molding for a bedhead...




Black trimmed shower


A black iron-trimmed shower with a shelf and stool built in.









This will be...

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Cassis Home Renovation
2019-03-06 09:47 UTC by French la Vie



The renovation in Cassis continues. Rene and his team have been tackling the project with gusto even with the setbacks that come with additions and surprises that are found when renovating a century old property.

One addition was to change the window casings which are white plastic ones known as PVC to aluminum tinted charcoal...

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It All Matters
2019-03-05 21:18 UTC by French la Vie

corey amaro photograph, blog and brocante



 All those little things that say something that words fail to or actions deny. All those little things that let us know that the moment is right, that we are on to something good, that it is okay, that we will be alright.

The way the morning light reaches into our bed, the way the hot water runs down our bodies, the way...

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Come Dance with Me
2019-03-04 22:26 UTC by French la Vie

dance card holder-1914


The first dance I ever went to my mom chaperoned. I was okay with that because at thirteen what mattered was that I got to go to the dance.

Before arriving at the dance my mom told me, "Whoever asks you to dance say yes. It takes courage to ask someone to dance and you are here to dance. When the music starts if no one has...

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Going on Six Months
2019-03-03 22:33 UTC by French la Vie

baby to be

Oh, that girl and her funny faces.

When I was pregnant French Husband asked me if I could not make funny faces as he did not want our children to make them...

I laughed, "Really you think I can just stop?" and added, "Too late now."

Chelsea makes faces and French Husband has gotten over it. 

Going on six months.

My only...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-03
2019-03-03 05:00 UTC

  1. Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland

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A Way to Pray
2019-03-02 21:21 UTC by French la Vie


Putting my hand's palm to palm,

I opened them to form a cup.

I prayed, imagining my prayer taking form into my cupped hands.

I imagined, God's hand, loving hands, underneath my own,

When every word of mine, no longer had a name, when only silence stood between my heart and hands, when my prayer(s) sat heavy in my hands--

I opened...

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Jumping Out of a Plane
2019-03-01 22:33 UTC by French la Vie





Over ten years ago when Chelsea graduated from high school we asked her what she wanted to mark the occasion, what gift would she prefer... 



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