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2022-05-18 21:50 UTC by French la Vie

Rachel paper patterns


I love when people send me photos of what they have created or used the old paper that I have sold or given to them.

Well, after years of having those wonderful French papers you gave me, I FINALLY found a “card” pattern (most cards aren’t 10 1/2 inches X 14 inches!)
I like them well enough to use them.  The background and the foreground(of course) are from the papers; the 2 ladies in the middle ground are copies of dress patterns
that my mother kept; the rest are things found here and there.  Thank you. Rachel"

Rachel Paper patterns


"Hi, Corey,
I promised that I would send you a photo if I did anything with the French stamps you sent me.  I used them in a display of things on my dining room sideboard with some old letters and other things I love.  Stamps are little works of art and the older ones are so evocative of an era and a place.  Thank you so much!  ...




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