Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in Cheek


Secrets in the Attic
2022-05-14 21:04 UTC by French la Vie

secrets in the attic , corey amaro


Up in an attic, secrets are told tucked away in boxes, stuffed in baskets, locked in safe boxes,

buried in forgotten letters, or left aside without thought by someone who never came back.

I enjoy going through things in attics, not so much the dust, nor the little creatures that pop up without saying hi.

There is usually a discovery or two, and stories that follow are worth the mice, and spiders who claim the empty space as their home.

Have you ever had a mouse run up your leg?

I had a rat fall on me, yeah I didn't even scream as I was way too into a box of old papers to notice.


That is when I realized I have a serious addiction.

But then you already knew that crazy factoid about me.






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