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The Same, but Different…
2021-01-24 14:30 UTC by Florinda

biden harris action figures
Wednesday morning felt different after a restless, silent, very dark night.

We had lost power at 3 PM the day before as Southern California was slammed with extremely high winds, and we had no idea how long we’d be without it. It was obvious that I wouldn’t be working remotely that morning, though. As it happened, we were powerless for a total of roughly 21 hours. And we were without cable, internet, and WiFi for a couple of hours longer

You’d think we would be pretty accustomed to feeling isolated by now. California began its COVID lockdown ten months ago(!!). That said, the connections provided by technology have been taking the edge off that isolation. Being cut off from that takes it to a whole other miserable level.

But as winds of change blew on January 20th, I felt reconnected…and not so miserable.

While driving to the office that morning, I tuned into the Inauguration ceremonies broadcast on NPR. And as I listened, I felt moved, excited, and maybe even a bit hopeful. Flipping the calendar to a new year doesn’t change much all by itself. Flipping the balance of power actually might.

And here’s where to get your own set of Presidential Pair Action Figures.

And in other, less-newsworthy news…

I finished two books this week and continued my experiment with mini-reviews on Instagram. It’s been hard to shake the idea that I need to have 250-300 words to say about a book (Writing paid reviews for Shelf Awareness ingrained that.) Here’s the awful truth, though: sometimes I just don’t. And it’s kind of nice not to push for that when I’m not feeling it.

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