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Is Bitcoin A Bubble At $8,000? How About At $1 Million, $10, Or even $100 Million?
2017-11-17 18:48 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Bitcoin is reported to have been in a bubble for nearly eight years and counting. It’s a very elastic bubble, since it can go from a $1 bubble to an $8,000 bubble. Initially, when trading at fractions of a penny—where it took thousands of Bitcoin to buy the first pizza—it was largely seen as a novelty. I wasn’t a participant, unfortunately, and wouldn’t buy my first coin until 2014 when it was a mega-bubble at $618, down from super-mega-bubble at $1,000 at the end of 2013, igniting its biggest selloff ever by lots of deer-in-headlights who realized they’re millionaires on a lark, a dare, true belief, or whatever. Just certainly not anything rational. That would be impossible, since it’s a bubble, where mockery and derision is simply a priori, baked in the cake.

Because, it’s not supposed to happen. No experts predicted it, unlike all the things the experts got completely right throughout human history:

  • They really shut down those Luddites at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. No expert touted that people could lose jobs and that would be bad. In fact, they embraced the job and skill migration inherent in rapid industrial progress.
  • The first thing the experts did with the invention of the automobile was admonish and assure everyone that horses and buggies were done, obsolete, that the automobile was here to stay. The future.
  • When labor and money-saving appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, gas and electric ranges, and microwave ovens hit the marketplace, the experts were the first to assure the public that this was a completely normal, capitalist progression. Everyone should embrace all of it, now, no question about it. No concerns or troubling feelings expressed.
  • When computers came along, the first thing all the experts did was to line up and proclaim that this was solidly the future—a computer or two in every home. And, when it went from mainframes to personal computing, they especially embraced the decentralization and flowing down of digital power to the unit of the individual human being. They all said, to an expert, “It’s best if individuals all figure this out on their own, chose their own values, and place their own bets.” It’s what they said. Trust me!
  • Then came the Internet and the Web. Once again, all the experts dismissed all doubt and instead, admonished looking to the future, banking heavily on its wide adoption, never looking back. None of them posed or raised cautionary or insurmountable problems or obstacles.

It’s human nature to poo poo all that’s new new. I’ve been doing it with hiphop and rap forever, and you can too—because its hiphop and rap. But the foregoing bullet list is merely a small sample of all that the anointed experts throughout ages of centralized hierarchical authority have mocked, derided, and dismissed in the service of the sovereign elite.

Understand it from their point of view. Life is short, they have their privileged positions of power and influence, plus taxing authority, and they have a lavish gala someplace, at least once per month. What’s not to love? Why rock the damn boat? And hey, we can already show we care. What do you think charities and foundations are for?

Sovereigns need experts to hedge against rapid and revolutionary change, because whether religion, science, social evolution, or finance, the population gets to make excuses too. And if you’re going to make excuses, play a victim, or whatever way you’re going to complain about human progress, it’s better to refer to an expert than to a King or a Queen—it sounds better; and almost, like being smart and discerning.

You’re in charge of your own mind, dammit; you cited an expert!

Smart sovereigns and the smart experts in their service understand well that short of dictatorship, and with a modicum of free markets, they can’t prevent any of this change long term. All this, then, is for the purpose of management, giving sovereign and staff time to understand it, chew on it, angle it, spin it…to work out details, to eventually control it by embracing it and bringing it under its wing—to ultimately lend the impression that it was their idea in the first place, or at least by their encouragement; and taking credit is where their true and essential whoredom lies in modern Western democracy. Al Gore—who created the Internet after his dad created the highway system—the guy you’d have to invent if he didn’t exist—is far too obvious to be considered masterful, but it’s cute and strangely endearing.

Bless Al Gore’s heart.

Bitcoin. $7,000, up to $8,000. The current range. When does the bubble pop…as you hear the pleas from the experts? Please, can’t it pop, already? We’re waiting.

Uh, they’re conflating.

[…Read the rest at Patreon, now 372 Patrons and counting, each paying me $5 per month to analyze, trade crypto (now a $3,000 Public Portfolio of Bitcoin and about 20 other “secret coins waiting to explode,” up 15% in just days), and write about it all, all in a zero up sell, no-troll community already with tons of crypto traders lending their advice. So far, since kicking off September 8, 2 1/2 months ago, it’s bout $1,625 net to me per month in a cottage business, created from something I was doing anyway, just not writing about it. And now I do and it’s geared to newbies and ‘nobies.’]

Latest Primary Resources:

Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check out my Patreon Profile.

I’m On With Lawrence Neal, Corporate Warrior Podcast
2017-11-16 19:03 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Richard Nikoley Tells You Who To Listen To in the Low-Carb and Keto World

Richard Nikoley is one of the most prolific and notorious voices in the overlapping spheres of the paleo, low-carb, and keto worlds online. He is the author of the book Free The Animal: How to lose weight and fat on the Paleo Diet ( Amazon US / Amazon UK ) and, where he writes about everything from health, fitness, philosophy, politics, to culture (and more), and he has published over four thousand posts throughout the years, engaging an audience that has contributed over a staggering hundred thousand comments (and counting). Richard is an unapologetic straight-talker who is driven to help people reach their full potential in all areas of their lives, even if it means rocking – or outright sinking – a few boats.

Contact Richard:

In this episode, we cover:

  • Who’s legit and who’s full of it in the low-carb and keto world
  • How grains, potatoes, and other carbs might fit in a healthy diet in ways that may surprise you
  • How Richard Makes money online (despite his notoriety!)
  • … and much more!

In his Facebook post, Lawrence Adds:

New Podcast – Unedited! Courtesy of the unfiltered Richard Nikoley I have deliberately left in the off-the-record pre and post audio to give a behind the scenes look at how awkward I am and how funny Richard Nikoley is … lol

Well, I had a roaring good time.

Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check out my Patreon Profile.

Use Facebook Like It’s A Skanky Whore: Intoducing #ClickAway and #BuyElsewhere
2017-11-12 21:42 UTC by Richard Nikoley

The problem is that if you are looking for customers (such as for affiliate deals on this blog), or Patrons (such as my crypto deal on Patreon) you pretty much have to be active on Facebook because it’s where the world’s eyeballs are, now. Think of the enormity: 2.1 Billion active users. Compare that to the entire population of the USA (325 Million) and the EU (745 Million). Wow. It’s simply impressive and ridiculous to argue otherwise. Troubling? Well, that’s your call to make, but I’m not much of a hand waiver.

I prefer seeking alternatives. So allow me to propose a couple simple ones.

While I do my angry and mean schtick on this blog and Facebook, and my business-nothing-but-the-business pro-presence on Patreon, it’s all really about cottage-level business for me that’s no stress. Since about 2013 or so, I’ve monetized this blog about the best you can do without being a sell-out, or, necessarily having to do anything right now! or bust your ass. I’ve got the Amazon Associates, the book, Google and Content ads, Elixa Probiotic, and a couple other deals that generally bring in an average of $1,500 per month. Not bad for a writing habit where I literally get to write on my own whim.

And, in just two month’s time since September 8, I’m at the same level with Patreon. Doubled my Internet income in two months, and at $3k per month, it becomes something a bit more serious for me to nurture and deliver value to, on a daily basis. Honest value. Never anything that harms me getting to sleep peacefully and going the distance soundly.

So, what to do, on the heels of my 9th Facebook Block?

Sure, I could get mad. I could try to get even—a presumptuous, self-indulgent, and irrational fantasy. Or, I could figure how I could benefit by using Facebook even more, and by use, I mean use like a cheap and skanky street whore.

Here’s how I’ll do it. For me.

  1. No more will I write anything substantive in posts to Facebook. Or comments. However, I will continue to approve members to Ketotard Chronicles, and approve relevant posts. I’ll also continue to click “Like” and such on various posts and comments, to reamin engaged on that minimal level.
  2. When I have a link to forward or highlight, or something to write about it, I’ll compose it here, and then post the link to Facebook, drawing users away from Facebook, to my bog, where I have all of my own affiliate deals and advertising.
  3. For comments, I’ll be more patient and when a comment thread I’d like to participate in develops, I’ll screen-clip the relevant portions, create a post here with my more robust thoughts, and drop a link to the post as a reply in comments, again drawing users away from Facebook to my own deals—also offering that they engage in further comments here. And that will be the end of my reply, every time, unless they come here. My way, or nothing more.

That’s the #ClickAway part. How about the #BuyElsewhere?

That’s simple, and anyone can be doing the same thing already to fuck with Zuck. When I see something advertised on Facebook that I’m interested in looking into, perhaps buying, I never, ever buy from the ad on facebook and I’ll even clear all Facebook cookies and see if there’s a cookie from the website the ad sends me to, or a code in the URL and clear that.

But better to just see the ad, open a new tab, and Google search the product. If it’s a retailer on Facebook, buy from a different one if you can. If it’s a manufacturer, make sure it’s not accountable as a Facebook sale (clearing cookies, clearing a tracking link in the URL, etc.). In either case, you’re fucking with them and disrupting shit, because it artificially makes the cost of their Facebook ads look too expensive if they can’t chalk up your sale to Facebook.

What you can do for #ClickAway.

  1. Have another medium to write. It could be snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, or even Twitter where you do a post string and then just link it back as a comment or even a post.
  2. The goal is to never give Facebook any content.
  3. To every extent possible, you use Facebook to draw its users elsewhere, to some other platform.
  4. If you have a blog, like this, then you can do your own deals and make some bucks from sales on your own site if you happen to be engaging enough. It could even be the start of something bigger for you.

Facebook’s “community standards” schtick, run out of their office in Dublin, Ireland, has run amok. I don’t know of many people—and I know a lot of the fellow multiply blocked, like me—who don’t kinda hate Facebook, at best. It’s somewhat like a heavy smoker or drinker. They kinda hate the object of their failure, but can’t bring themselves to break away.

And think of it this way, circling back to what I said above: They have 2.1 Billion users. In what possible way can you assert community standards in that? Consider the United States; the Pacific Northwest compared to the Deep South, compared to the Eastern Seaboard, compared to Massachusetts. Or consider Europe. Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. Community standards? What a funcken joke.

This is what a simple, leftist “mind” Matt Zuckerberg and his leftist minions in Dublin, Ireland, possess. Communism, throughout its history in the Soviet Union, China, Southeast Asia, and Cuba and South America always tried to impose a fixed set of “community standards” across all of humanity: human social, cultural, economic, and philosophic engineering towards a lowest common denominator of bee, ant, robot, and automaton.

I spoke to this notion of Leftist Collective Community Standards here, at the end of my 7th Facebook Block. It’s ridiculous, I’m a bit inebriated, but I do hit the point.

So, everyone gets to do what they wish, of course, and it would be fantastically irrational to see this as starting a movement, so let me just emphasize that the way you ought to look at it is so as to help you do better, make more money, have more influence, and over what you own and control. And not the CockZucker.

That is exclusively why I’m doing all the foregoing. Whether or not a single other person does what I’m going to do, with just a bit more effort that will be sinfully and mischievously fun, it’s going to benefit me and my own stuff, using Facebook like a cheap little skanky whore.

Elixa Probiotic is a British biotech manufacturer in Oxford, UK. U.S. Demand is now so high they’ve established distribution centers in Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Still, sell-outs happen regularly, so order now to avoid a waiting list.

Show Business Shenanigans
2017-11-12 19:16 UTC by Richard Nikoley

I’m rarely speechless about anything, but I’m reeling with laughter the last couple of days. All these people who presume to tell us how to live. How to keep up with it?

I’d posted this on Facebook the other day, even before hearing of the allegations over that “troubled,” sanctimonious, lying con-man asshole, George Takei.

At least Louis C.K. owned up and I think, did the best one can do to redeem one’s self after some lousy and weird behavior.

On the other hand…

And he all but admitted to groping on yet another recent Howard Stern appearance.

Well, at least we stall have Tom Hanks: Another Actress Steps Forward Accusing Tom Hanks of Being Nice.

In the latest of a series of recent allegations about the Academy Award-winning actor, actress Veronica Warren revealed Thursday that Tom Hanks was extremely kind to her on the set of the 2006 film The Da Vinci Code.

“He gave me half of his sandwich when he saw our food supply was running low,” said Warren, who was only 17 at the time. “And it wasn’t just one instance. The entire time I was on set he repeatedly exposed himself to me as a thoroughly decent human being.”



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2017-11-12 05:00 UTC

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My 9th Facebook Ban, Almost Right On Schedule
2017-11-11 16:00 UTC by Richard Nikoley

My 8th ban, from Sep 16 – Oct 16, was only 3 days from the end of my 7th ban, from Aug 13 – Sep 13. By all rights, the interim time until my 9th should have gone no longer than 3 weeks, yet I made it three and a half. Progress!

The first three bans were like a day or two, then a week, then a couple of weeks. From then on, it’s 30 days. This is my 6th 30-day ban.

I’d done some housekeeping on Richard Nikoley’s Ketotard Chronicles group Thursday night, noticing that Ketotards had begun posting their nonsense in comments there.

It begins here.

How many fucking times am I going to have to point this out?

When does the abject ketotardedness stop?

Onto round two.

Jesus… See, you can tell how she thinks ketotarded.


I’m telling you. Ketotards here are fine and good, if you know your place, which is utter submission. You are here to learn, because you’re ketotarded.

It’s what the group is for. To the extent that any of you ketotards in residence harbor stupid fantasies like you’re going to make an evangelistic impact here, let me disabuse you of your walnut. You’ve already lost your brain.

You should be clear on what I’m telling you. I will not tolerate a gram of your bullshit here.


See that?

You’re “scared to leave.”

This is is what chronic ketosis with protein restriction does to otherwise perfectly good brains.

So, enough already. Time to <PLONK> the guy.

Baby baby.

And I went out of my way to give her a chance.

Listen, I began this today by signaling to all three Jimmy Moore agents that unless they submit to the deal here, it ends only one way.

I’ve been running this kinda psych gig forever. When in a conflict, you always allow for either party to demure. “Oh, maybe I misunderstood, etc.” Bitch please. I lived in Japan for five years and because I so understand the grace of saving face, I can spot in an instant when the goal of the interlocutor is to dominate rather than reach an accord.

Yea, news flash, this is my space. Want to know how I know? I could delete the whole thing in a few clicks and you can’t, and that’s what makes it exclusively mine.

It will run according to my exclusive direction, desire, and even whim. You’re free to enjoy and partake if you like. But make no mistake about your place.

…I’d seen a bit of this going on but was busy. Jimmy couldn’t take down the group with explicit complaints to Facebook, so I’m weeding out his agents one by one.

Then this.

I don’t know Angela Price, but I’m a sucker for smart chicks who take no shit from pussy boys.

Wrapping it up.

Alright, I’ve just spent hours and hours cleaning house here.

Three publicly beheaded, by which I mean that I bait them into obvious stupid shit, then block and ban, and then post the screen clips here for a good laugh. 5th grader formula, but 5th grade is the time of your life. You can be ahead of the learning and maturity curve, and get away with every sort of mischief.

I’m a 5th grader at heart. Fart jokes? Nothing funnier. Most of my wife’s 35 career teaching? 5th grade.

She knows me well.

See, Jimmy Moore explicitly filled some of the membership here with his sycophants back in his pathetically failed campaign to get Facebook to ban the group because he felt bullied because he’s a morbidly obese dude telling people how to eat less carbs, less protein, and more fat for “health gains,” where at least, there’s typically gains. He even reported that he had received death threats over what he could not possibly have taken as anything moore than a bad joke, which was rebuked instanter anyway.

Jimmy is all about putting his own gains on public display regularly, everywhere, no shame. Personally, I’m at the point where I’d rather turn a corner and find a street bum with his pants down, jerking off in public.

How about you? Serious. Would you rather see a street bum jerking off in public, than yet another picture of Jimmy Moore in front of an audience chock full of complete, soulless whores, applauding him, as he’s talking about weight management and health? Which makes you want to vomit moore?

When does the mhooring madness stop?

Since we can’t count on Tom Naughton or Chevara to do it (I see that Tom Naughton is signed up once again to help Jimmy be a fraud, next Love Boat), is there anyone out there who will ever put a foot down and take moore of a stand?

I doubt it. Whoring is known as the “oldest profession on earth” and that meme is guarded and sacred because it’s metaphorical. It transcended the female of the species very long ago. In fact, males are some of the most high-powered, high-paid whores ever.

Then, the parting shot addendum, agent of my 9th “downfall.”

The thing is, it means absolutely nothing to me. All these micro-SLAPP “Facebook lawsuits” minions file each time I post something has zero effect. When the ban is up, I will continue just as before. I do not waver.

I will cut you down. There is no debate. There is no three strikes. There is no two strikes. It’s summary judgment, dismissal, and execution for coy ketotards around here. I will hunt you down and I will dispense with you and I will have others laugh at your fat. No quarter. No mercy.

Yesterday, I summed up the whole housecleaning like this:

Awesome. My little housecleaning tirade last evening motivated 9 group members to take their moron ketotard asses straight out the door, and this is in addition to the three ketotards I showed to the door myself.

Ketotardedness is not tolerated here. Not a gram’s worth.

Make zero mistake: the primary mission of this group is to mock, deride, expose, laugh at, ridicule and otherwise make fun of ketotarded nonsense and the ketotards that put such nonsense forward.

I will hunt you down if you spout your bullshit in comments here, and I will embarrass you publicly. No quarter, no mercy, no second strike. We will have a laugh at your stupidity, ignorance, and hubristic audacity for thinking you can get away with that stuff here, under Richard Nikoley‘s nose.

In what way did people not understand that when I set up this group last June, I was absolutely serious about it, what it was all about, and what the aim and purpose was? I have never wavered an inch off that, nor will I, Jimmy Moore and his fat laddies notwithstanding.

Elixa Probiotic is a British biotech manufacturer in Oxford, UK. U.S. Demand is now so high they’ve established distribution centers in Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Still, sell-outs happen regularly, so order now to avoid a waiting list.




What Is A Cryptocurrency “Wallet” Really?
2017-11-07 17:31 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Since this post Sunday afternoon, my number of Patrons on Patreon has shot up by about 40, now over 270. Quite a ride. So, I decided to really dig deep into security, because I think a lot of folks worry about that, with good reason.

And so, I cover the gamut of security options, from holding your cryptocurrency on an exchange or web server, to feature-rich software wallets on your computer and mobile devices, to hardware wallets, and to primitive but very secure paper wallets completely removed from computer and the internet, locked securely in a safe. I cover everything about what a cryptocurrency wallet is not (they’re not actually a “wallet,” really) to what they actually are.

Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check out my Patreon Profile.

TL;DR: If you’re a newbie or ‘nobie’ and this goes over your head or makes it spin, no worries. You can still reap all the benefits of being in crypto with reasonable assurance that your investments are secure by following just a few simple security precautions I’ll outline at the end. And, by just going through those procedures and allowing epiphanies to sink in naturally over time, the following will become increasingly clear to you. Welcome to the frontier, settler!

[You can access the whole post here on Patreon.]

Latest Primary Resources:


I’m My Own Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
2017-11-05 23:05 UTC by Richard Nikoley

On September 8, 2017, I launched a gig, not on a whim, but on much trepidation. Since my wife’s retirement as a 35-year school teacher in June, she had watched me in action and while not putting her foot down, really encouraged me to get paid for what I do anyway. Not via ads, pop-ups, or affiliate stuff as on this blog, but direct, by subscription.

My wife is very, very good to me and I’m locked into the blogging paradigm since 2003, 4,600 posts and counting. She doesn’t particularly like or read my blog, so it offers a fresh and unique perspective at home. How damn cool is that? …I’d have said “how fucking cool” before, but I’m a professional now.

Long story short, I settled in on creating a separate Patreon presence. I loved the ethic of it as soon as I saw it and I determined to take that ethic to the max and not game it by offering a lot of levels of stuff. So, this is my sales pitch:

I got 20 Patrons Day One. What the hell?

By September 30 just before the first payout happened, I had 137 Patrons. Three cancelled the day before the monthly payment charge, having received the month for free. But why be petty about pettiness? I got the benefit of the 134.

I got about 69 more patrons over the month of October and only 2 cancelled the day before payment, so a bit over 200 for that payout.

In the last day, it blew up like it did in the first few days. At present:

…Just so you know, Patreon itself gets an insanely reasonable 5% of the gig. The money changers get more, 6-7%, so I net out at 88-89%. This is why we need crypto.

Oh, and the EU wankers get a piece of my action as well.

Is that a LOL, or what? Some American guy almost nobody likes, a few select smart folk adore, and most hate, is effectively channeling money to the EU. It’s not much money, but it makes me laugh, the pure impotence of it.

So, anyway… Owning to the briefing notes of Teeka Tiwari’s cryptocurrency event and then Patrons sleuthing out the “mystery coin,” patronage grew by about 30 over the last day, 233 as I write this. I’m very grateful, and a special shout out to Patron Mark N. who put us on the right path, and to Matt A. and Mark J. for digging up the leaked memo. You guys really showed the powerful potential of a gig like this where we’re never hounded by hype, ads, or trolls.

Also, by pooling it together at a reasonable subscription price, your money goes where it should go, which is to the essential message, meaning into the crypto markets. Like Bob Brinker of the long running Money Talk radio show always said, “give yourselves a round of applause.”

So, now with Patronage getting to the $1,000 per month mark, it’s time to also up the game. Things like more formal briefings, inside stuff I can dig up, regular news and views roundups, etc.

One thing I’ll always shy away from is any sort of market timing or technical chart analysis. Because, it’s wrong as often as it’s right and I don’t want to be corrupted into touting my good calls and ignoring the bad ones. There is already the public portfolio, so you can see what I’m in and how it’s doing. I encourage you to note how it’s naturally self hedged, Bitcoin against Alts, and vice versa. By keeping that balance, you can relax while you wait for the big breakout somewhere, sometime.

It’s another milestone reached, about 2 months to the day from launch.

I’m my own private Bitcoin. This will continue to grow and at times, like over the last day, grow rapidly.

The Patrons have been fantastic in helping move this grassroots gig along, by freely sharing their own expertise, insights, and tips. So far, over the two months, many of us have taken positions in as many as 20 altcoin alternatives to Bitcoin (there are about 1,000 altcoins, most crap, some frauds), some that trade for pennies like Bitcoin did in 2009 and 10, but with buzz, adoption and good trading volume.

The entire crypto market is only about $150 Billion and only 15-30 million out of 7 Billion on the planet hold cryptocurrency. And yet, big institutions want to get in on the action, but there are no easily traded hedges that they need, as insurance. So, the biggest hedge outfit in the world, the CBOE, is going to be rolling out crypto derivatives as hedges. This will mean trillions into the markets.

That money has to go somewhere and I’m pretty sure it’s going to lift pretty much all of my boats, even my joke coin, “PotCoin.” Yes, I have 700 coin of a crypto designed to offer the unbanked pot merchants an alternative. They only need to get non-high enough to make it into something…

You should start your education now, where you sense and feel you can get out in front and you can! Don’t wait until you feel like you have to catch up to everyone else. If you are reading this, it means you follow me. And if you follow me, you know that you lead by following me. LOL. :)

So, you’ll be needed once everyone is begging for knowledge and yet again, you will be able to do your social calling, which is to help light the way for others, as so very many of my peeps do in diet and politics stuff, with my eternal gratitude, solemn nod, high salute, and awe.



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Teeka Tiwari’s Mystery Privacy Cryptocurrency Pick Definitively Revealed
2017-11-04 17:58 UTC by Richard Nikoley

The other night, November 2, Teeka Tiwari held a webcast with a couple of renowned Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency experts (Anthony Di Lorio and Charlie Shrem), dubbed an “Emergency Cryptocurrency Briefing.” Here’s Teeka’s bio.

Mr. Teeka Tiwari is a Co-Editor at Palm Beach Research Group LLC. He is responsible for The Palm Beach Letter. Earlier, Mr. Tiwari was an Editor for Jump Point Trader and Mega Trends Investing at the firm. Previously, he was a hedge fund manager and launched a hedge fund. Prior to this, Mr. Tiwari was a Vice President, youngest in history, at Shearson Lehman. At the age of 18, he was the youngest employee at Lehman Brothers. Mr. Tiwari has been a regular contributor to the FOX Business Network and has appeared on FOX News Channel, CNBC, ABC’s Nightline, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and international television networks.

I subscribe to his modestly priced Palm Beach Letter. There’s lots of good info but, of course, half of it is the continual upsell pitch to get you to pop for his Palm Beach Confidential, for $3,000 per year. The webcast the other night was quite good. About 90 minutes, with the first hour being a lot of really good crypto info, both general and specific—especially if you listen between the lines. I took copious notes for my Patrons and posted that on Patreon yesterday. The last half hour was the pitch, a deal where for $2,500, you get a two-year subscription and a basket of freebees.

Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check out my Patreon Profile.

One of the things he gave away was a pick of a certain coin and payment platform that banks happen to be interested in. From my notes:

It’s a crypto disrupting one of the biggest markets in the world – banking. Most banks are still using old, antiquated technology to transfer money. Takes them about three to five days to clear a typical transaction. However, with this crypto, it takes five to 10 seconds. In other words, this crypto is 25,920 times faster! It’s 42% cheaper than what banks currently pay… and experts project that those cost savings will climb to 62% over time. 75 of the world’s biggest banks have partnered with it. That includes UBS – one of the world’s largest banks… as well as Bank of America, Barclay’s, and Santander.

That one, he names. The other one, he doesn’t. Rather, it’s a hook for new subscribers to grab his deal.

It’s only been around for a few months and has a market cap under $50 million. It’s a privacy coin that was created by a dream team of ex-military experts in intelligence, cryptography, and cybersecurity. It’s more private than any other crypto I’ve come across. This crypto is virtually unknown. But I recently discovered that very soon, this crypto is expected to announce a major initiative… One that I believe will make it the most secure cryptocurrency in the world… and will very likely send a flood of money into this coin.

Well, within a few hours of posting the clues he gave out, one of my Patreon subscribers had a guess of one of a couple, and two other subscribers came up with definitive proof of exactly what it was, via a leaked memo to his Palm Beach Confidential subscribers dated October 19, 2017—the same day that kicked off a 500% gain over just a few days, on heavy trading volume. It’s definitive. There’s zero doubt. Even more, I show that after that pump and dump from October 19 was done and it was trading about halfway through that 500%-gain range, it got pumped again all day yesterday, the day after the briefing, and is now being dumped by the savvy. I’ve already suggested a couple of ways to potentially get it for less, using limit orders; and if you don’t know what that is, there’s an app for that.

So, Teeka definitely has the power to pump some of these small-cap cryptos (this one has a market cap of about $50 million). But he also has an impressive record. The header image is two of the charts shown during the briefing.

The first image shows the number of S&P equities that delivered 100% or more gains in the first six months of 2017, compared with the number of cryptocurrencies that delivered 100% or more.

The second image compares the gains on a $500 investment in each of the top four performers in the same six month period (Jan – Jun) in the S&P, with Teeka’s four cryptocurrency picks.

My post revealing this new privacy coin is is already up at Patreon.

It doesn’t cost $3,000 for a year, nor $2,500 for two years. It’s $5 per month.

There’s a growing collection of resources and, note that Patrons themselves are contributors as well which adds tremendously to the overall value.

Latest Primary Resources:


Notes On Teeka Tiwari’s Cryptocurrency Webcast
2017-11-03 22:42 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Dubbed an “Emergency Biefing,” Tiwari staged a webcast through Palm Beach Group last evening. I knew it was essentially going to be a sales presentation for a high-end Alert service all these folks are always trying to up sell you on (Palm Beach, Agora, Altucher, Casey, etc.) to the tune of $2,000 to $3,000 per year. This one was pitched at $2,500, a second year “free.”

I don’t begrudge these guys doing this at all, but unless you’re aiming to have a huge crypto portfolio you’re better off just putting your $2,500 in crypto and ironically, it would be hard not to get that hint from the content of the presentation. It was about 90 minutes long, with the first hour being pretty solid and good info and the last 30 minutes devoted to the sales pitch.

I took copious notes. So let’s cover the highlights.

[Read the rest over at Patreon…]

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Weekly Top Posts: 2017-10-29
2017-10-29 04:00 UTC

  1. The October 25 Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork — Taking Advantage
  2. Why Mixed Race People Never, Ever, Ever Identify As White: No Money In It
  3. Stash: An Opportunity Cost Calculator On Your Phone That Makes You Money
  4. My Interview at Sigma Nutrition Radio – Ketosis: A Call For for Context & Sanity
  5. #TakeTheKnee Is Unserious, Immature, Childish Bullshit

ZERO: Finally, a Debit Card That Rewards Like a Credit Card
2017-10-26 19:23 UTC by Richard Nikoley

I’ve been very interested in how things financial are changing. I get a true sense that a trend is afoot where people are becoming more interested in meaningful, more frugal, more austere lives over unbridled consumption and high-reward living.

Maybe I’m wrong. It’s just a sense. Perhaps it’s my head-down nature into The Satoshi Revolution and my new Patreon Initiative covering all things cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are limited in issuance, unlike fiat currencies that are unlimited—just ask any Zimbabwean about that.

There will never be more than 21 Million Bitcoin.

As such, for the first time in any living person’s memory, there is the potential for currency, for a means of exchange, that is not subject to continual inflation—an eroding of its value—by government whim and “stimulating the economy;” which in itself, is euphemism for inflationary bubbles that encourage people to spend, spend, and spend some more.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, just like the technology underlying it, is inherently deflationary. At the time Apollo 11 touched down on the moon in 1969 with its primitive “computer,” all of the money in the world could not have produced the iPhone 1, now obsolete even for a Zimbabwean. Everyone has been led to believe that deflation is a bad thing, when it’s really a good thing. Everything good in economies are the result of deflationary pressures…things getting much better for the same price, the same thing going for a lower and lower price, etc. Deflationary opportunity motivates us to hold tight for now, because more for the same is in our future; whereas, inflationary pressure motivates us to spend it now, or “the deal” might be gone tomorrow.

Last week I told you about Stash, a great little phone app that allows you to forego extraneous purchases on a micro level and instead, Stash the difference into a plethora of investment options. So easy, and the money really accumulates if you take it seriously, and then it grows as a portfolio of investments. Even better, you’ll get $5 to sign up, and both of you will get $5 each time one of your friends, family, or social network sign up. Since I posted that, only 15 people have signed up with my affiliate link, but Stash has given me an additional $130 of free money to invest. That’s $75 for the referrals, plus a $35 bonus for the first three referrals, then a $20 bonus for the next two. Even if you could only get 5 people to put the app on their phone and link an account to transfer funds, that’s $80 for free, stashed, and into whatever mix of 30 fund investments you choose.

You just might find yourself getting the hang of this delayed gratification thing.

And now I have something even potentially better for you, dubbed ZERO.

  1. It too comes with a phone app
  2. You’ll open an account
  3. Once you get your debit card, you’ll get 1% 1.5% cash back on purchases
  4. You’ll never have a bill
  5. You’ll never pay interest charges
  6. You’ll never have an over limit fee
  7. You’ll never have an overdraft charge
  8. You’ll never carry a balance; your limit is the balance of money in your own account
  9. You’ll never pay $35 to increase your credit limit by $150
  10. You’ll never pay an annual fee; instead, they’ll give you money every month

But if those 10 benefits aren’t enough, it gets way better. Sure, you can just get the entry-level card and get your 1% 1.5% cash back. If you spend over $25,000 per year in purchases, you’ll get 1.5% (but you get that now, with my affiliate link). Spend $50,000 per year and you’ll get 2% back. And, finally, if you spend over $100,000 per year, you’ll get 3% cash back.

But there’s a way easier way to get to that 3% level. Referrals, again, and I’ll tell you what: it’s pretty easy to get social media referrals when it’s really something and you limit your referral pitches to stuff that’s really something.

I found out about this just this morning, 6am, when I got up. It was a Facebook referral from the same friend who got me into Stash. I signed up immediately because he limits himself to tips on stuff that’s really something. As part of signing up, I shared it on Facebook. Within two hours, I had enough referrals to get me to the 1.5% cash back level, and then the 2% level.

And all I need is 3 more referrals and I’m at the 3% level, with no need to spend $100,000 per year in purchases. You can all easily do this too.

But it gets even better, if you can believe it. Once I have those 3 more—and I’m only 6 hours into this—then every referral after that is worth a whopping $100 deposited right into the account. Astounding.

You can’t beat this deal!

I doubt there’s very many of you who don’t have enough social media props that you couldn’t pitch this in a way that would get people to sign up for their own benefit.

And remember, they aren’t paying you anything. They aren’t even paying ZERO anything. They’re opening an account with their own money and are getting credit card like rewards without having the interest, fees, upsells, and balances they’ll pay exorbitant interest on.

So… CLICK HERE, or click on the image below to get ZERO and get CASH.

Oh, and one last thing. Did I mention that you don’t have to start at Quartz, the 1% level? Nope, because of my referrals already, all of my future referrals begin at the Graphite card level, 1.5% cash back. So, when you click in, if you don’t see “Access code for Zerocard Graphite applied!” right above where you input your email address, then you can click the link to add my unique code: SECURE23411.

I will only ever tip you towards legitimate deals that offer you something real and valuable towards your financial future. Promise.

UPDATE: Zero raises $8.5 million for a credit card that functions like a debit card

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The October 25 Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork — Taking Advantage
2017-10-23 14:18 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Well, it has nothing really to do with gold. It’s a “fork in the road” in order to change a few things going forward for those who want that. I’m not going to cover those. You can Google it.

All crypto is open source code by design. Anyone can copy it. No copyright. No trademark. No patent. And this is its elegance.

Anybody can fork Bitcoin.

You get the code, call it something else, do an ICO or just put it out there and see what happens. Even at its worst, blindly investing in all ICOs without prejudice still nets over 1000% profit presently.

Let’s be smarter and maybe eek out 3000-500% by passing on obviously stupid, scam, and fraud.

So let’s get to the gist.

What’s a Crypto Hard Fork?

Because of its open source nature, anyone anywhere can do as they wish. There’s no authority to check with. It does not have to be submitted to Congress and the President for votes and signatures.

If you have the skilz, you can create a new coin tomorrow using the exact same core code as Bitcoin. Anyone can.

You can also HARD FORK it. Anyone can. You can only lose the money it took you to get the hardware and software in place to do it.

Soft forks have been done lots, most fail. Hard forks are enticing and have been proven something to pay attention to.

First, let’s get some conceptual stuff out of the way and cover conventional stock splits and spinoffs.


A stock split is where you have, for example, 100 shares in a company trading at $100 per share, and a 2:1 split means you have 200 shares at $50.

Simple. It’s a psychological thing. $100 was too much to pay for a share. $50 is a bargain to pay for a share—that’s a half share. It’s psychological and will become more and more relevant as bitcoin hits $10K and keeps sailing, and people aren’t yet talking about the trading value of a Satoshi, worth 1/200th of a US cent right now…Bitcoin’s built in ‘stock split’ and subject of a future fun post.

A spin off, in theory, does something different. Say you have 100 shares in a company trading at $100 per share, and it splits off what’s accounted to be 1/3 of the company worth, so in exchange, you get 33 shares in the new company. In theory, the parent company stock sells off to $66 per share, you have 100 shares in the new company at $33. So, in theory, you begin with about the same total value, but in two securities instead of one, and from there they do what they will, separately.

What happens from there can be very beneficial to investors (Ebay and PayPal as an example) or detrimental. Sometimes, the sum of the parts is less than the former whole.

A crypto hard fork can be at least as good as the best hopes from an equity spinoff and the August 1 Bitcoin Cash, hard fork (Bitcoin spinoff) proved that. At the time of the fork, Bitcoin was trading at about $2,700.

Bitcoin cash then began trading a bit over $300.

It climbed to over $600, now trades back in the 300s. So, per the theory of stock spin offs, Bitcoin ought to have adjusted down, trading at $2000-2500.

But Bitcoin isn’t a stock. Anyway, so, Bitcoin Cash was a decent money-making opportunity, especially for those who may have had a lot of BTC, and were subsequently unable to unload Bitcoin Cash at $600.

So, how do you participate in the Bitcoin Gold hard fork, coming up sometime on October 25 (when its blockchain reaches block 491,407…so no set time)?

[Read the rest on Patreon, where I cover all the options you can engage in today to make quick money off of the Bitcoin Gold hard fork, even if you have never been in crypto until now. But you must act quickly.]

Latest Primary Resources:

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Weekly Top Posts: 2017-10-22
2017-10-22 04:00 UTC

  1. That Moment When You Realize You’re A Trump Voter
  2. #MeToo Is The New Original Sin That Finally Absolves Eve
  3. #MeToo Is The Feminist Left’s Harvey Weinstein Deflection Diversion
  4. #TakeTheKnee Is Unserious, Immature, Childish Bullshit
  5. Cryptocurrency and the Nature of Modern Money

Why Mixed Race People Never, Ever, Ever Identify As White: No Money In It
2017-10-21 22:43 UTC by Richard Nikoley

You just hate me. I ruin everything.

I make you feel fucking stupid.

It’s my job.

I’ve known dozens of mixed-race folk over my life of 56 years. And I have never known…

A. Single. One.

…who didn’t tout the black, brown, yellow, or red in them while simultaneously downplaying the white.

Every. Single. One.

No. Exceptions.


Follow the money.

…And you sit there and wonder why I laugh, and think that almost everyone on the planet is fucking stupid.

White folk are being taken for a big rocket-ship ride straight to hell. And it pains me that all the dependents are necessarily coming along for the ride.

It’s only by the grace of Western Civilization that the world still exists more prosperous than ever, and white folk created that—right out in front of everybody and everything.

Because, pretty much: if black, brown, yellow, or red were in charge, we’d be a wasteland by now, or at least all yellow (Asians are the most pure racist/tribalist of all races in my experience…but they love your money).

None have come even remotely close to developing the culture white folk have, beginning with the Greeks. Where in the holy muther of fuck! to you think racial inclusiveness comes from in the first place? White industrialism and capitalism. Capitalism is the most color-blind -ism ever. It capitalizes on talent, expertise, and results, competitively. Meaning, if you’re racist, fine, your competitor gets the clever black guy and you don’t.

This is all shit white people came up with, bitches.

I’m a culturist.

I love being 100% white, of 100% Euro descent, of the very core of actual civilization—in spite of many sins along the way that didn’t need to be—and of those who used their minds to raise all boats with secular philosophy, industry, and technology. And to the extent that yellow has contributed to that (the only other civilization to do so), to their great welcoming credit, they mostly copied whitey (which is cool too…competition…baked into the cake).

Hip Hop culture doesn’t understand (too fucking stupid on every level). We don’t care how low you sink and in our indifference, you still sink lower, such that we might at least express a degree of hatred (you’re not worth the feeling). Keep sinking, worthless fucks. Same goes for the brown gang-bangers who can’t take a personal insult without creating a neighborhood war. Worse than my wife’s 5th grade girls she used to teach. There is no being more immature in the whole wide world than a brown gang banger. Nobody has more fragile emotions, including infant children.

This is ALL a function of culture!

UPDATE: I’ve had so far two morons who cared to comment that didn’t get the distinction between race and culture. One had 45 posted comments here and the other one was a first-timer.

Both were summarily dismissed and the former will never post here again.

Here’s a hint. If you can’t very explicitly explicate the critical distinction between race and culture, you’re going to bore me. If you conflate race and culture in such a way that you see this post as racist, you’re eternally too stupid for me and my friends. You’re dismissed as too too stupid for me. And we can’t help you.

Most people are completely stupid and approach posts like this with hubris—the intellectual original sin—and they never get over it. Until you do, you are lost to me, too stupid for me. It’s a theme. I’ve been at this a while.

Critical distinction between race and culture is essential and there is no other way, and it’s simple.

Race is race. Everyone is born of a certain one. But, everyone could choose any culture they wish. That race correlates with culture is just that, a correlation, and it is solidly the left, throughout much history, who prefer that culture and race are blurred and always conflated, not distinctive.

Back in the day, late 80’s, as the deck Officer on USS Reeves, I had 65 deck apes, enlistees too stupid to have any other rating…electrician, mechanic, electronic tech, even admin. Stupid deck apes. Half of them Harlem hip hops and half of them white midwest rednecks. It was hilarious to me how they always tried to be each-other. Then, I read Thomas Sowell, a black intellectual who explained it all.

You stupid fucks aren’t even well read on the topic: Black Rednecks & White Liberals, by Thomas Sowell.

Jesus, I get so tired of Dunning-Kruger fucks too stupid to even understand the depths of their ignorance. I’ve been at this shit for 30 years, just as intense, every day. Your bullshit only serves to shore up my focussed misanthropy.


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Stash: An Opportunity Cost Calculator On Your Phone That Makes You Money
2017-10-21 16:57 UTC by Richard Nikoley

This is one of the coolest app tools that has crossed my space in a while. You’ll see I’ve added it to the sidebar because it’s worthy of being there and I’ll explain exactly why.

Yes, I blog mostly about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency these days and have set up a Patreon to do that formally. But, some of you, for reasons that are your own, aren’t quite ready for that. But everyone ought to save. Many of you have 401K and variants, IRAs, savings accounts, and brokerage accounts.

Here’s a brokerage account for your smartphone where virtually no investment is too small. Think of it as linking your piggy bank —or in my case, a milk bottle—to a brokerage account with about 30 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)—from aggressive  and volatile to money market—to choose from. You can even invest in silly “socially responsible” stuff if you like. It’s under the “I Believe” tab. :)

If you might rather have the $5 you would have spent on a small popcorn at the theater go to a Warren Buffet Fund instead? There’s an app for that, right in your pocket. A robotics fund? Yeah, that too.

…And this is really the genius behind the app. Giving you the motivation combined with the ease to make opportunity cost decisions on the spot and execute them on the spot. From the link:

Opportunity cost refers to a benefit that a person could have received, but gave up, to take another course of action. Stated differently, an opportunity cost represents an alternative given up when a decision is made. This cost is, therefore, most relevant for two mutually exclusive events. In investing, it is the difference in return between a chosen investment and one that is necessarily passed up.

Or, in this context, the difference in return between a chosen investment and a sunk consumable cost that is passed up.

I stashed $16.50 yesterday from the time I signed up. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Forego something entirely. Like, you walk into a Starbucks, look at the price for that Ultra-Venti-Concoction and assess your tradeoff.
  2. Go for something less costly and Stash the difference.

I did it both ways yesterday. Two things I gave up entirely and Stashed instead. One was having a cocktail before dinner. $7 Stashed. The other was that I would have normally had the ribeye for $29. I went for the pork porterhouse at $24 instead. Another $5 Stashed.

You can do this on the fly, throughout the day, then the app will roll these all up into a single ACH transfer from your linked bank account.

Do you see how this could accumulate? I estimate that just based on a single day, I’ll probably Stash $300 or more per month that would have otherwise gone for stuff I didn’t really need, and that Stash is working for me in actual investments.

Now, here’s another aspect that will apply to some of you more than others. Do you have a social network? Well, once you hit the link and sign up, either via your desktop or iOS or Android phone, you can then share it, and when people sign up with that link, this is what happens.

  • They get $5 free to invest
  • You get $5 free to invest
  • When three people have signed up and they and you have received $30 total from that, Stash gives you a $35 bonus
  • From then on, for every 2 people that sign up, y’all get the $20 from that, and you get a $20 bonus.

So, I made an easy and quick $80 in under 24 hours, all OPM, but all from Stash and in fact, the 5 people who signed up got $25 combined themselves. Nobody lost out. Those funds, as well as the $20 I added myself for a total of $100, is in three funds: an aggressive growth, an aggressive R/E, and Sage-from-Omaha ETFs.

Going forward, I have it set up to do an auto $10 into the aggressive growth fund every week, and $10 deposit into Stash weekly that I’ll distribute manually based on senses at the time.

So have at it. Start turning some of your silly, worthless, go-nowhere spending into long-term gains.

Get savvy.



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#MeToo Is The New Original Sin That Finally Absolves Eve
2017-10-17 22:38 UTC by Richard Nikoley


I got off my Facebook Jail Sentence yesterday, 60 out of the last 63 days. It so happens that it’s in the throes of this latest girl-fad, #MeToo, where all females are victims of all males, by nature itself, per se.

I was asked on Facebook how my 8th ban violated FB Community Standards. It doesn’t, but I’m a white male, a walking violation per se in America, now. Do the math. And then just a bit ago, someone wrote in comments to a post, “You’re going to get banned again. Criticizing feminazi’s is verboten!”

Well, then let them. I know I’m on egg shells. I’m a white male…a walking, talking, writing offense, in Original Sin proportions.

Now, ponder this as you witness the smearing of the nature of the human male, because he’s a human male.

Your code begins by damning man as evil, then demands that he practice a good which it defines as impossible for him to practice. It demands, as his first proof of virtue, that he accept his own depravity without proof. It demands that he start, not with a standard of value, but with a standard of evil, which is himself, by means of which he is then to define the good: the good is that which he is not.

It does not matter who then becomes the profiteer on his renounced glory and tormented soul, a mystic God with some incomprehensible design or any passer-by whose rotting sores are held as some inexplicable claim upon him—it does not matter, the good is not for him to understand, his duty is to crawl through years of penance, atoning for the guilt of his existence to any stray collector of unintelligible debts, his only concept of a value is a zero: the good is that which is non-man.

The name of this monstrous absurdity is Original Sin.

A sin without volition is a slap at morality and an insolent contradiction in terms: that which is outside the possibility of choice is outside the province of morality. If man is evil by birth, he has no will, no power to change it; if he has no will, he can be neither good nor evil; a robot is amoral. To hold, as man’s sin, a fact not open to his choice is a mockery of morality. To hold man’s nature as his sin is a mockery of nature. To punish him for a crime he committed before he was born is a mockery of justice. To hold him guilty in a matter where no innocence exists is a mockery of reason. To destroy morality, nature, justice and reason by means of a single concept is a feat of evil hardly to be matched. Yet that is the root of your code.

Do not hide behind the cowardly evasion that man is born with free will, but with a “tendency” to evil. A free will saddled with a tendency is like a game with loaded dice. It forces man to struggle through the effort of playing, to bear responsibility and pay for the game, but the decision is weighted in favor of a tendency that he had no power to escape. If the tendency is of his choice, he cannot possess it at birth; if it is not of his choice, his will is not free.

What is the nature of the guilt that your teachers call his Original Sin? What are the evils man acquired when he fell from a state they consider perfection? Their myth declares that he ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge—he acquired a mind and became a rational being. It was the knowledge of good and evil—he became a moral being. He was sentenced to earn his bread by his labor—he became a productive being. He was sentenced to experience desire—he acquired the capacity of sexual enjoyment. The evils for which they damn him are reason, morality, creativeness, joy—all the cardinal values of his existence. It is not his vices that their myth of man’s fall is designed to explain and condemn, it is not his errors that they hold as his guilt, but the essence of his nature as man. Whatever he was—that robot in the Garden of Eden, who existed without mind, without values, without labor, without love—he was not man.

Man’s fall, according to your teachers, was that he gained the virtues required to live. These virtues, by their standard, are his Sin. His evil, they charge, is that he’s man. His guilt, they charge, is that he lives.

They call it a morality of mercy and a doctrine of love for man.

— John Galt’s speech, Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

That is all. Again.


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#MeToo Is The Feminist Left’s Harvey Weinstein Deflection Diversion
2017-10-17 20:02 UTC by Richard Nikoley


Everyone should know and understand that.

Make no mistake.

This latest fad, #MeToo, is intended as a broad-stroke, general indictment of men, masculinity, and the male gender per se.

It alleviates the burden of an alleged victim actually naming an assailant and outlining specific allegations against him so that others can judge whether the charges contain any merit whatsoever, which usually they won’t, which is the what for of the #MeToo thing in the first place. It’s self-referrential and circular.

Moreover, by glomming on with your “MeToo” Victim Olympics skit, you dilute the meaning and seriousness of the offense, fraudulently gaining status at the expense of true victims, because everyone eventually fatigues in Chicken Little fashion, and that’s a shame.

Then, once the feminist MeToo Victim Olympics has come to full fruition—where all males are rapists and all females their victims—then what becomes of true sexual predators and their real victims…male, female, and children?

Lost in the noise of fraudulent entitlement, that’s what happens. Privileged victimhood is Status, now.

What’s really behind most of the #MeToo thing:


  1. Be handsome.
  2. Be attractive.
  3. And don’t be unattractive.

And now this, with 10k Likes and 30k Retweets:

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.40.07 PM

But wait a second. According to the left, democrats, and feminists at the time, it was Bill Clinton who was the victim of that “opportunistic little tramp,” wasn’t he?

Speaking of “tramps,” looks like Courtney Love was on the ball back in 2005—12 years ago—and caught hell from the Hollywood establishment for publicly saying what everyone already knew about that creep, Harvey Weinstein.

What a bunch of amoral douchebag hypocrites populate and run that sewer in Hollywood.

That is all.

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Weekly Top Posts: 2017-10-15
2017-10-15 04:00 UTC

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  2. #TakeTheKnee Is Unserious, Immature, Childish Bullshit
  3. Mark Sisson Schools Jimmy Moore On Keto Clarity
  4. Apparently The Japanese Government Doesn’t Think Bitcoin Is A Joke
  5. PURE Bullshit

That Moment When You Realize You’re A Trump Voter
2017-10-14 22:57 UTC by Richard Nikoley



Bitcoin Breaks $5,000 With Authority
2017-10-12 16:23 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.02.55 AM

Now trading at $5,300.

But I thought all the “experts” said this “bubble” of “irrational exuberance” over something with “no intrinsic value” was done, done, and done nearly four years ago, when it hit $1,000 at the end of 2013, creating hundreds, even thousands of Bitcoin millionaires? They’re experts, right? How could they have been so wrong by a 5x order of magnitude? Does being wrong by 5x order of magnitude over the space of 4 years! make you an expert, an idiot, or an ignorant?

There are now 1,000 other crypto coins to trade, and a few hundred trade in large volume, for pennies. Most are crap, but lots aren’t, and some have already proven themselves. Others will, too.

How sure are you that something like this isn’t going to happen again, once institutions (like Chase and Goldman), hedge funds (15 already, with about 90 in the pipeline gearing up), and the general public start getting into it? There is a bubble coming, alright, but we’re still in stage two. Stage three hasn’t even started yet. This is like DotCom 1995. We likely have 3-5 years of bubble yet to ride.

Get in while the getting is still good.

Latest Primary Resources:

Update 10/13/17: It hit $5,800 overnight, now trading in 5700s.


EtherDelta: Peer-To-Peer Exchange Trading
2017-10-12 04:22 UTC by Richard Nikoley

[This is a post I originally began on my blog, FreeTheAnimal, in order to signal that I would be delving into it here on Patreon far more, but I’d rather put it here as a public post, cross post it to FTA, and then go from there, in-depth, for Patrons.]

Patron John Salwin posted in the community section today and it ended up me going down rabbit holes. I’ll just touch on the culmination, though, as this is a public post and the details are always for those Patrons I’m gouging for 5 bucks a month.

So let’s go.

Securities (like stocks and bonds) and derivative instruments (bundles of things, so you don’t have to DIY) have always commonly traded, publicly, on what are called exchanges.

Exchanges are simply market makers where traders gather and the transaction costs one pays are what the exchange makes for making it easy and quick to buy or sell, depending on how close your order is to the market action. And, by getting more traders into the pool, the more likely that your trade order will be filled quickly. Many of you have exchange accounts. TD, Fidelity, and etc. You don’t have to shout from the town square anymore—or even a trading pit—to fill trades.

Filling trades. It’s the absolute and fundamental essential of the exchange business, which is wonderful on many levels.

Of course, they’re highly regulated.

Why are they highly regulated, beyond the politics and pay-to-play dynamics to create a regulatory hedge against competition?

I’ll tell you why. Because they are locked into fiat currency. It’s their raison d’etre. Somebody needs to create a market to overcome inlfation of the fiat currency. See how that works? Beyond that, they are locked into regulation, accounting, audits, taxing robbers…and all else you can think of at all the levels.

…I saw something today, then threw 20 bucks at it to test it out and it’s maybe going to be the next thing. Or, it’s sure going to disrupt that which is already disrupting, but setting up to be cozy with regulators.

What is it? It’s an open source platform for trading directly on the blockchain. It’s EtherDelta. It’s an exchange only in the barest of essentials. More properly, it’s an Etherium-based platform that facilitates your peer-to-peer crypto trades in Ehterium, ERC20-based crypto coins.

Remember, in my easy how-to, where I explained the various ways to get from fiat currency to crypto in the first place? One way is peer-to-peer. That is, you meet someone in a public place and exchange paper fiat for digital currency that they send Crypto to your wallet address while you watch and wait until confirmed.

Essentially, EtherDelta accomplishes the same thing, except you don’t have to do a post to Craig’s List. You can see it in the whole Order Book right there, and anonymously.

I’m not going to kid you. This is trading 201, not 101. Best you have some experience before getting into it. Otherwise, the “gas,” as they call it, will killya.

But you have to understand the “gas,” meaning transaction costs.

Here’s the TL;DR. Unlike a regulated exchange, EtherDelta is merely a trading interface to the raw blockchain. You don’t deposit money to them, they just keep track of your keys while using them, and you can import a key from an ETH wallet.

Your Etherium (ETH) balance is on the blockchain, forever, and your private key proves you own the coin balance. EtheriumDelta makes it such that you can trade on the blockchain itself via a smart contract, which Etherium is designed for. There are two tradeoffs.

1. It’s slow. Everything takes minutes, because there’s no authority, no exchange float-account.

2. As a portal only, everything it does goes to the blockchain directly and there is a transaction cost associated with all of it.

On number two, a knee-jerk reaction might be, this is crazy. I get that, and then I understood what I was really dealing with.

It made me understand what I was really dealing with, and once I understood, the epiphanies flowed, and I had to write this.

More for the Patrons to come, though this is not essential. Like I said, this is a taste of 201, and there’s no security blanket. I posted this because it’s an example of the power of blockchain. On levels, it’s a PITA, but, is relies on no authority whatsover and no authority could interfere with a transaction, reverse it, seize proceeds, or, in this application, even have a clue who did the trade.

You click one button to crate an account and you get a public and private key, which is all you need.

Latest Primary Resources:


Sunday Church: Bitcoin Is Not An Equity
2017-10-08 17:25 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Another post to Patreon, delivering value for $5 per month, all inclusive.

Since delving into all of this crypto stuff very deep and having a million things to write about over time, I find one annoying conflation that runs equally deep.

You can spot this conflation easily. Every time you hear someone in the Main Fiat Media besmirching Bitcoin and other crypto, listen for the buzzwords they use. Chew on those words. More often than not, you will conclude that the pundit in question is thinking of Bitcoin (I’ll use “Bitcoin” hereafter to refer to all crypto) as an equity rather than a currency. The two aren’t even similar.

In essence, what you’re hearing is someone saying: “well, it trades like a stock, has a market like a stock, so it must be a quasi-stock.” Or, thereabouts; or, they just simply don’t know what they’re talking about, to invoke Occam’s Razor. Then you dismiss them.

[You can read the rest here, where I go into the intricacies of equity, debt, financial instruments, money markets, and etc. by popping for the 5 bucks per month, along with all the how-tos and brilliant distinctive insight, and you really don’t get this level of stuff anywhere else. Rather, you get bullshit daily upsells everywhere else.]


What’s Been Up: The Personal Stuff And The Future
2017-10-06 21:02 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Two weeks ago we headed out by automobile. Five hours to my brother’s place in Tehachapi, CA, where we spent the night.

Then a few more hours to Vista, CA, the next day. Beatrice’s parents live there.

Early the next morning, Bea delivered me to the airport at San Diego where I boarded an Alaska Airlines flight (my favorite, along with Virgin that they just bought) and I jetted to Orlando, FL, non-stop.

I spent the first three days with a friend who moved from California to Orlando only a year ago and loves having left behind the commie state. We did airboats and I got my first taste of VR headsets. Vive: WOW! I’ll have you know that I made it through round two of a Zombie Apocalypse.

And then I checked into the hotel for The 21 Convention.

I spoke the next day, Friday afternoon, for an hour+. A friend posted a 4-minute video clip, fan footage. This is not official 21 Studios video production, which will be forthcoming in the near future.

So, here’s the deal.

The wife unit took me out to lunch with a file folder in hand. This was in early August. She retired from 35 years as a school teacher in June and had been observing me since, with a view towards the future.

She told me I was going to hate what she had in store for me.

The file contained a number of articles she had printed out that admonish bloggers to get compensated for what they create.

Many of the printouts were old and dated, some were new. But I knew one thing: putting up a pay wall would destroy this blog. My wife is not a regular reader, nor a particular fan—though she does love posts from time-to-time and what’s most important, she loves how I write—usually…not so much the vitriol. What’s more, she simply told me she’s watched the effort I put in and on some level, it offends her that I’m not compensated directly. She understands ad revenue and affiliate deals, but none of that is direct compensation from beneficiaries. Nor is it big money. And we don’t need big money. It’s the principle of the thing, for her.

But anyway, you don’t just start charging for what was “free,” and I’ll get to those scare quotes later.

I began chewing on it.

What if I just did an added-value thing? About the same time, I got wind of Patreon, a site for creators to create and receive direct compensation from patrons.

I sat here and created a draft presence for what was to be a hyped-up version of this blog, along with some vague idea of what might be for paid patrons and what might be free. I never got comfortable with it. I knew it would flop and I’d get excoriated over an attempt at something I didn’t really believe in myself.

Around the same time, Bitcoin hit $5,000, long after scoffers had laughed at me when I bought in at $618 in 2014. $5K, and if they’re still laughing they’re just too stupid for me. Most people are, anyway…

I had an idea. What if I create a Patreon presence over something completely different? I floated the idea here, with this post: You Can’t Afford Not To Jump Into Cryptocurrency. It seemed to resonate and ultimately, I used that post as my hook for potential patrons.

In preparation, I began building a portfolio on September 3. I reasoned: people don’t give a shit that I got in at $618 and now it’s over $4k. They want to know what might be accomplished starting now. So, I created a portfolio  beginning that day, with Bitcoin and about 10 other Altcoins so far, new ones being added with each round of buying. Over the month of September, I’ve put about $1,000 into that portfolio. It’s well diversified and so, is holding its own in spite of tremendous volatility. 30% swings in a day’s time are not uncommon. The more diversified I make it, however, the less volatile. 10% swings daily are more common, now.

I launched the Patreon Project on September 8, having no idea if it would flop, I’d be ridiculed, or it would take off. The launch post: Cryptocurrency and the Nature of Modern Money.

I did my Patreon different than most do. Most have a number of different reward levels, so the more you pay, the more you have access to so-called premium content. That rubs me the wrong way. How would you like to subscribe to a magazine and once you get it, there’s blank pages and you find you need to get a premium subscription to see those?

Accordingly, I have one single reward level. Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.52.21 AM

See, over the course of this epiphany, it dawned on me that folks will go out of their way for “free,” but then waste untold time and endure enormous levels of over-the-top ad bullshit so they don’t have to spend a single “Starbuck” to get to the content they seek. Of course, one can’t be subscribed to everything, but even that’s not the real issue.

The real issue is that whether you subscribe or not, you’re getting bombarded by ads and upsells. Subscribe to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or whatever. You’re literally paying to be annoyed constantly with advertising. It’s particularly awful on a tablet where a good percentage of the time, trying to kill a pop-up actually shuttles you over to the link. It’s just awful. It’s a life drain.

There’s got to be a better way. I think it’s moving that way. For instance, we cut the cable TV. No more $150 per month to be inundated with ads. And DVRs suck. I don’t know which is worse, watching the ads, or doing the fast-forward and then having to go back and forth to get to the beginning of the next content segment. Hulu is one of the services we subscribe to. Originally, we had the basic. One night, I found that for a measly $5 more, we could have all the same programs next day, but ad free. It literally does a short pause, then comes back on. No more futzing with the DVR remote. Duh.

I could go on and on about this issue but suffice to say, I’m in pursuit of a better way. Direct payment of a reasonable amount, no ads, no upsells, and no trolls. Trolls never pay to troll.

…So, here I am, 28 days from launch and there are 141 people who’ve signed up for clean, ad-free, no-troll content with a specific purpose: to make money trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Douglass Casey, a very well-known investment guru I first read in 1992 thinks crypto will change the world and Bitcoin will go to $50,000.

That’s $705 people are willing to spend on my take, signed up over the course of less than a month. Patreon takes a very reasonable 5% of that for providing the platform. My goal is 5,000 patrons for $25,000 monthly and that would match what I used to take from my business back in the day. It’s not unprecedented. Some Patreon creators are already pulling in more than $50,000 per month. Jordon Perterson, the Canadian psychiatrist, psychologist, and sociology guru hauls in $68,000 monthly.

So, rather obviously, I find myself at somewhat of a crossroads. Free The Animal is my baby. The blog has been around since 2003, I’ve written over 4,600 posts. There’s over 100,000 comments. But, I only have so much time and the Patreon deal is exciting and enticing, and it’s not only that I created it and everyone listens to me and my latest. There are plenty of crypto traders and investors who have signed up so it’s a burgeoning community where information gets shared. There’s not only my posts, but any patron can post, and any patron can comment on those posts.

And all in an ad-free, pop-up-free, upsell-free, and troll-free environment. So refreshing.

…Anyway, thought I’d just share all of that, get it off my chest. I have people to thank, too.

  1. Beatrice Nikoley. It’s good she’s never been a hyper-fan of my blog (or any blog). She saw things from a different angle and made me look beyond what I thought I already knew and understood.
  2. The Patrons who took a leap. You’ve shown me there’s no turning back. This is a worthwhile pursuit that has my full attention.
  3. The Patrons, again, for making my wife happy, and by natural extension, me. When she’s happy, I’m happy. Home life is pretty much that simple for me.

So, I don’t know, going forward. Maybe a second Patreon presence to migrate the best content from Free The Animal to same kinda deal. Think “Free The Animal Unleashed,” or, perhaps, uncaged. I’m very good at producing content regularly because I love to do it. The crypto thing has shown me that I can be really focussed and disciplined. I don’t even use the word “damn.” Totally clean and pro. People are paying for crypto insight, not insight into my emotions.

But, I’m just wondering what I might be able to do in the NSFW environment, getting paid to produce high-quality rants.

Still chewing.



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