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The Evil Left. The Democrats. Running For Cover, and Wayne LaPierre
2018-02-22 19:56 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Every. Single. Word.

I make no equivocation.

I hate leftists. I hate Democrats.

I refuse to associate with either, anymore. It’s my choice. I dislike them. I don’t associate with evil, anymore. I don’t equivocate and do a fake smile. I hate you.

They’re evil people motivated by stupidity, ignorance, and Dunning-Kruger, who would love to have school children shot up for political capital. There is nothing in humanity more despicably evil than a leftist and a Democrat. Nothing.

PZO: You have 350 comments on this blog. You’re a leftist fucktard. I’ve tolerated you, but no more. You are an evil person. I don’t need your input. Have an ice day. I wish you bad.

…The idea that you get back at the NRA et al, by making targets of children, by legislating a design that the equally stupid Bush signed in 1990 demonstrates that the right can be just as evil. You own that, Republicans. Because, you’re the fucking stupid party. So woefully stupid….because you’re so pathetically focussed on your bibles and churches and doGs, more than your culture and county; and the inherent solipsism (solipsism, a concept you’d have to look up because it’s not in the bible) makes you so pathetically primitive at all times that it’s palpable how fucking stupid you are.

You’re just really fucking dumb. Sorry. You’re reality is the only reality. Again, Solipsism.

…But at least, some sense seems to be coming about, thanks to Trump, fucking finally. No thanks to evil Democrats or stupid Republicans.

I loath and detest you all. Opportunists, on the bodies of children. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

There is no such thing as a rational world where school children get dropped off daily at a mass shooter target. And you Democrats and Republicans all own all of that.

And I will never let you forget how evil you all are, when politics are in play.

Why does anyone think I’m an anarchist and non-voter? I will have no part of your evil. All of you just go fuck yourselves and get out of my sight.

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For The Love Of God Shut Those Douglas High School Children Up
2018-02-21 22:39 UTC by Richard Nikoley

When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

I was sitting here this morning at the Worldmark timeshare in Vegas meandering here and there on the MacBook Air over what “everyone” seems to think is the waning end of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general (see what happens when you get too exuberant, too quick?) and flipped on the TeeVee.

It defaulted to one of the news channels—don’t remember which—and it soon became apparent that it didn’t matter which. They were all streaming the same greenish baby poop emanating from of the mouths of children at Douglas High School expressing their feelings. Well, duh. They just experienced a traumatic event where 17 fellows died, and amazingly, with zero competent protectors on hand to actually protect them from a lone crazy, a fellow student.

Where were the parents? Where were the cops? Is that a double “loophole?”

Were they waiting in line at the Starbucks drive thru and donut drive thru, respectively? Or, maybe they were at important jobs in the quotidian quest to sustain unsustainable lifestyles where, part of the style of most lives includes bearing children that comes with a simple deal, in exchange:

  1. You protect, nourish, shelter, and educate them during their dependent, formative years.
  2. So that they become competent adults in their own right who go and do likewise, in their own right.

Instead, we see a massive default on the core human job of always imperfect, but nonetheless decent parenting. It’s been a thing for a few million years, now. What’s the problem? Distraction?

Momma bear knows how to raise baby bear.

Check into it. Good parenting. It’s a real thing. And when leftist and Democrat political activism attains such an evil level that that they secretly feel glee after each of these horrendous events they’ve been prime movers in creating for political gain, we see what looks to me like a breakdown in social fabric—and what’s more societal fabric than raising, protecting, nourishing, and sheltering your children? Children in general, really—we all adore them. It’s not political football, folks. It should be something visceral, for all human animals.

In short, the leftists and Democrats have made political pawns and acceptable expendables of school children. Because they are evil beyond core evil. Sorry, there are no exceptions unless they wish to plead encephalitis. But no social breakdown, no cost in young and unprotected lives is too great in the quest to get back at white dudes like me who like their guns and who are highly competent with them. I grew up with them all around me.

They want to mold American men into Euro pussy boys. They’ll have to go fuck themselves because it isn’t happening. The good Euro genetic stock—including my dad—left that wanker paradise decades ago. (I know there are exceptions.)

So here’s what we’re left with.

On the one hand, you have all the news networks live streaming children who’ve suddenly become masters of public policy, as though it’s a State Of The Union Address.

On the other hand, you have The Usual Suspects, including the President, offering “legislation.” Again. So they’re placating the tykes. Of course. It’s no different that placating a leftist or Democrat. Even though Donald gives lip service to smarter people in saying, paraphrasing, “not just feel good, but effective,” in the end, it always amounts to just more restriction on the vast majority of folk who own the 300 million guns in America and does nothing to the crazies but show them what they have to do to get around the new “law” in order to do what they’re going to do anyway, which is find a way to kill a lot of people quick and make the evening news. Lot of ways to do that.

It’s tough to come to a final but rational realization that nobody on the political gridiron truly wants a way to seriously deter such events, because they are political gold or crypto capital for everyone. Gets them on TeeVee.

…In the end, I can be a bit less brutal to the kids. I understand they hurt. Jesus. But they are asking the wrong questions, looking in the wrong places, and are demanding the wrong measures.

  1. They should be taking their parents to task for placing them, involuntarily, in a place that’s a known defenseless shooting gallery target by political purpose and design.
  2. They should be asking “why have you made us such a rich target for crazies?”
  3. They should be asking “why, if you have armed and competent protectors in so many places, we can’t have any?”
  4. They should be asking “why is the majority of armed competent police and sheriff being used to conduct street and highway robbery to raise revenue?”

So perhaps, being optimistic by nature, trying to hide it, the kids serve a role.

Perhaps, parents, adults, and politicians should feel embarrassed. They certainly should and the solution is simple. Install competent, armed protection in schools. Pay for it by ceasing to pay bloated administration to the tune of wasted billions nationwide.

Final thought: stop taking knives to gunfights. And, “legislation” is less effective than knives, in gunfights.

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Pissing Off and Deriding Everyone on the Road to Desert Bar, Parker, AZ
2018-02-21 01:18 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Here’s a little entertainment for you. A mash up of video I shot while pissing off everyone on the road to the off grid Desert Bar in Parker, AZ, last Sunday. My parents and I went out the day before and because dad was driving his F-350 and mom was in the car, he just ranted and didn’t get to do what he’d have wanted to.

So this is dedicated to my 80 yo dad, who’d have loved to do exactly what you see here but when women are present, especially mom, you go gentleman. That’s why I had to do it again, the next day, with no such constraints.

I’m definitely not the clientele they’re looking for. I’m awful. I got honked at and flipped off the whole way.

I am puerile, repetitive, ranty, and arrogant.

But it’s for a good cause.

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Las Vegas It Is
2018-02-20 22:04 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Well, all good intensions in place, I ended up leaving my parents, Parker, AZ, and the Colorado river behind yesterday, beemering it 3 hours to Las Vegas where I have three timeshare properties (I rent out my Cabo properties if anyone’s interested in a 5-star vacation, here and here) and snagged a nice 1BR Suite for 11 nights. It’s near to The Orleans hotel and casino, with a number of attractive eating establishments including both a steakhouse and a prime rib joint. I picked the steakhouse.

Wagyu Sirloin, Medium Rare

Yea, the sirloin was the best value on the menu, at $33. I think the flavor and texture of a quality sirloin properly prepared beats your filets, ribeyes, and NY strips any day. This one met that bill. Yum.

So, yea, anyway, The Havasu / Parker area is experiencing outlier climatology this year. Generally this season, it’s mid-70s to low 80s, sunny, a little breeze. I got about one day like that, and we went out to the 100% off grid Desert Bar that requires a 5-mile drive on a rocky dirt road (along with tons of people who have neither the proper equipment nor the skills or know-how to drive such terrain).

This is my parents’ 4th year in a row camping out near Parker and they’ve never seen the weather develop into such a cold and windy mess, like with highs in the low 60s combined with winds in the teens. Add to that, the Wifi sucks and cell service is next to non-existant and I wasn’t able to get busy producing for this blog and Patreon as I now have the motivation to do.

Had a great 4 days with mom & dad, watching coverage of the winter Olympics every evening. How about that slope style, eh? We also did a good amount of cooking, only going out to eat once. I brought the air fryer along. Mom is really intrigued with it and so when she expressed sorrow at me heading out earlier than expected I was like ‘aw shucks,’ and I gave her my air fryer. I’ll get another.

Anyway, the prospect of the three of us cooped up in an RV for at least five more days of crap weather and crap internet was just not in the cards, for any of us. So here I am, hunkered down in this nice little suite with a full kitchen.

Shopping is done. Easy stuff; like rotisserie chicken, raw veggie tray, Halos, crackers, cheese, sardines, smoked oysters, Kashi cereal, milk, and eggs. And it should be a wash in terms of overall cost. The unit costs nothing but the maintenance fees I already pay, but the cabin is shut down; whereas December’s propane bill was $250 and January, a whopping $375! In all, January was about $600 worth of various utility services. Ouch.

Summers up there are way gentler on my pocketbook.

So, I have smokin’ fast internet again, decent levels of motivation and attitude adjustment, and am ready to spend 10 days producing stuff for this blog and Patreon, and manage vacation inquiries for Cabo (five of them just yesterday).

…Oh, and one more thing. If you’re under the delusion that Arizona is somehow marginally more free, I call bullshit. It’s just as overbearingly, paternalistically fucked up as is California.

It’s an off-grid bar five miles out on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere for fuck’s sake.

You know, this sort of bullshit is a perfect-storm manifestation of both the political activist left and conservative right, as bedfellows. On the left, you’ve your endless array of institutional “free” stuff for the purpose of controlling “bad” behavior. And the logic is sound. If I have to pay for your “health” care, then I have something to say about your behavior. On the right, you have your cults of Bible Thumpers who can’t stand the idea that some folks somewhere might be having fun and their activities must, therefore, constitute some offense to their doG.

They can both go fuck themselves.

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Anthropomorphism: Not Just For Animals; Children and Leftists, Too. A “Gun-Free” Zone Post
2018-02-18 19:51 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.

You can’t avoid it. In fact, Facebook is largely devoted to the human tendency to anthropomorphize all sorts of animal behavior, from cat and dog videos to animals in the wild engaging in behavior that appears to cross over with humans, and so the same insight, integration, emotion, intelligence, and intentions are erroneously attributed.

Is it harmful? That’s asking the wrong question because almost everyone engages in it to various degrees, so it just is. What’s unhealthy about taking it to obsession and extreme is that it serves the purpose of unjustly debasing adult human intelligence and ability.

Non-human animals are environmental specialists. Certain environmental conditions give rise to a plethora of various species evolved to exploit every facet of the environment towards an equilibrium. If the environment changes on glacial scales, then the various species can evolve along with it. If it changes rapidly enough, the non-migratory species just die off. Contrasted with adult humans of adequate brain tooling, the latter don’t die off but mold their environments. They create new tool weapons (e.g., swords, bow & arrows, guns, cannons, and bombs). They create clothing. They create shelter. They build fires. They invent HVAC. They invent transportation. They landscape on massive scale. They create reservoirs of water by massive damming. They build fire breaks. They pave and pour concrete. They treat water and sewage. They sequester waste. They create art. They engage in sports with rules. They invent new forms of entertainment and amusement. They grow social networks on global scales that blur language and culture…

And the list goes on.

What if we qualify the definition of anthropomorphism just a bit? How about rather than just “humans” in general, we qualify it to adult humans with sufficient mental capacity to mold their environments? Well, what we’ve just done is exclude children and leftist political activists.

“Children should be seen and not heard.”

There’s two things I have a very low tolerance for. The first is hearing how smart and great some dumb kid is who’s a dependent of some adult. I don’t give a fuck, you’re wrong. In fact, you will not know anything about the kid’s prowess until such time as the kid is on his own so that you can judge that objectively. The second thing is a kid saying to me, “well I think…” No, you don’t. You’re a dependent. You express feelings and emotions. Shut your Similac Hole and observe competent adults and business people. Learn something. Demonstrate competency, then you’re qualified to say “I think” because you’ve demonstrated that you do, independently.

And this goes for virtually all students at America’s Institutions of Higher Leftist Indoctrination, especially those on mommy and daddy’s dime, scholarships, grants, and loans. Just look at the brewing disaster out there, now.

So, as to this: ‘We will be the last mass shooting’: Florida students want to be tipping point in gun debate, sit down and shut the fuck up. You aren’t qualified, and I don’t give a flying fuck or a runny shit about what a single one of you “thinks” about anything.

…I saw this piece, below, on Facebook this morning, written by my good friend and brother-from-a-different-mother, Gregg Wolf. It deals with the other element of my qualification vis-a-vis anthropomorphism, the activist political left. I’m quoting it in its entirety, denoted by italics—along with a little in-line image and added emphasis fun of my own. I’ll have some additional thoughts right after.

Every element of the left’s argument is either a falsehood, out of context, or meaningless inflammatory rhetoric.

In the 70’s approx 19 states had conceal carry laws and gun ownership was something like 50 million guns nationwide.

The death rate was almost 10 per 100,000, and as current as the late 90’s it was around 9.

Since then, over 35 states have conceal carry laws, and the number of guns owned by citizens is over 300 million.

Murder rate? Including those involving a gun? Down almost 50% to approx 5.4 per 100,000.

Where is it highest? In cities with the strictest gun control. So in the rest of the country, where the most guns are, it is as low as any European country.

Gun crime and the murder rate has gone down by 50% as the number of guns in the country has skyrocketed.

So it is not the guns. Clearly. Nor does “common sense gun control” lower gun crime or more importantly, murder.

As stated above, we already have gun control in America. We have registration, liscensing, background checks, all kinds of controls, in every state.

To claim we need it is absurd.

All that is left to demand, is to ban and confiscate all guns.

Many people actually want this, though they claim to be for “common sense gun control”, which we already have, but I digress.

Here would be a good place to mention something that renders all of this moot.

The Second Amendment. Duh!

You cannot ban guns in America, anymore than you can ban free speech, or freedom of religion, nor should you want to, for the same reasons.

Another thing, how many crimes are averted, and innocent lives protected by citizens using guns in America? Low estimates are around 50,000, others are as high as over a million, a year. Who knows, but is assuredly higher than the few hundred killed by rifles, which includes all of the “mass shootings” combined.

So why do those innocent people have to suffer, which they would if we banned guns, at the hands of criminals? Where is the compassion for them?

But none of that matters either, why?

The Second Amendment

Then there is the “but Australia” or “only in America does this happen” claims.

To begin with, Australia had virtually no mass shootings before their gun ban, so having none after is not that necessarily meaningful, and their murder rate is now equal to or higher than it was before the ban. So net effect? Zero.

Australia is also tiny, with only 23 million people, it would barely be a state here. Most European countries are tiny as well, as some are smaller than American cities, let alone counties. When we aggregate the countries of the EU, the differences in murder rate become much smaller.

Only happens In America right?

Norway mass shootings anyone?

Charlie Hebdo?

Paris shootings at the concert?

Guy in a van kills 89 in Nice?

That last one is a higher death toll than any mass shooting ever in America, including Mandalay Bay.

What about the mass stabbings in elementary schools in China over the last few years, or on mass transit?

So yes, mass killings happen everywhere.

Something else that is always ignored, is that approx 1/2 of America’s murder rate comes from a few cities. Ethnic urban gang warfare and the drug trade account for almost all of that. The European countries trotted out as evidence, do not have these demographics.

Besides – The Second Amendment.

Now what else is involved in everyone of Americas’ mass shootings for the last 30 years, especially since Columbine?

Anti-depressant drugs, depression, and mental illness. Hmmm.

So how about we stop pumping SSRI’s into children?

Also since many Universities have their own police force, why not have school districts do the same, or use local police? Too expensive?

Maybe we could stop paying superintendents and excess administrators $200-400K a year and use that money to pay for it?

Why is this so controversial? I mean why do you think these shootings do not happen at the private schools of the wealthy and powerful? Because they have armed guards maybe? 🤔

Lastly, if you think prohibition laws like gun control prevent crime, and thus will save childrens lives, then I guess you believe your kids cannot get illegal drugs either, in which case this rant was for nothing.

…Back to me. Of course, the above is a total loss and waste on all children, the left in general, and leftist political activists in particular. In the first two cases, you’re generally dealing with feelings, emotions, and dependency in various forms—from dependency on parents to dependency on meaningless government jobs, entitlement programs, victim politics, etc.—to Democrat Party exploitation of the former via its cartel of thieves, frauds, and conmen.


A couple of other thoughts. First, the mere term Gun-Free Zone is absurd on its face (as is the fucktarded federal act of 1990, introduced by Fucktard Biden and signed by Fucktard Bush I—and equally stupid). Generally, it’s an inversion of human cognition. That is, the human mind is an organ that senses or perceives reality and then integrates those percepts into a hierarchy of concepts that attempts to know something about reality, such that testing can commence, so that corrections can be made. I call this the process of being a little less wrong every day.

Coming up with a meaningless phrase like gun-free zone—meaning the reality to some, public policy to others, and hopes and desires to still others—is really an attempt to abuse human cognition by fallaciously “creating reality” with words.

Racist? I don’t give a fuck. It’s accurate.

The other thing is the laughable arbitrariness of the thing. One. Thousand. Feet. …As though this gives rise to yet another mind-created reality: that humans with guns can’t walk a thousand feet. It’s just more of the stupid political legislative imperative of both the left and the right: fake reality by passing a new law.

Look, if everyone is going to be stupid by creating laws with an arbitrary number of feet denoting legal from illegal, then how about do something that makes slightly more sense, since, and I sincerely believe, the viciously evil left actually loves mass shootings in “gun-free” zones so much that they resist any attempt to install armed, qualified personnel in schools as deterrent and protection. Scrap the original “Gun-Free” Zone Act—completely fucktarded since 1990—and enact something like the Guns-Close Act of 2018.

It would have two stipulations:

  1. The closest police or sheriff station to any and all schools in America will relocate their station to within 100 feet of such schools within 30 days of the passage of this act to temporary quarters until permanent stations can be built.
  2. All new schools shall be built within 100 feet of an existing police or sheriff station.

To conclude, I’ve posted this remarkable 6.5 minute video a number of times before. Time to post it again. It’s inapplicable to children, leftists, and Democrats in general for all the reasons already mentioned. They just don’t have the capacity of adult humans with the brain tooling to survive on their own, even to the point of changing or molding their environment. It’s also inapplicable to professional leftist political activist and leftist politicians. They’ll either ignore it, misquote it, equivocate about it, or plain lie about it, because the former collection of leftists constitute their core constituency.

It’s just dumb all the way down.

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Oil-Free Air-Fryer Chicken Wings (Bonus: With Fries)
2018-02-17 01:03 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Buffalo Wings are a pretty dumb thing to eat much or very often. Take the fattiest part of the chicken, with skin, deep fry it in fat, toss it in a sugar-laden sauce, then dip it in a 100% fat sauce like blue cheese dressing.

Here’s a better way, though for ketotarded morons it doesn’t have enough fat and has too much protein, LOL.

What a stupid lot of fucking fools.

…Anyway, the Air Fryer, ladies and gentlemen. Be smarter while enjoying the essentially good nutrition in birds while avoiding some of the downsides.

Get 10-12 thawed wings (for the 3.4 quart air fryer), patted dry, tossed in about equal proportions of salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne (the cayenne is super important—and it only renders a mild spicyness). Of course, you can play with whatever seasonings you like (like onion and/or garlic powder), and you can toss also toss them in a spicy or savory sauce after cooking— and you ought not need much of any sugar or fat. I’ve tossed them in just a few shakes of a standard bottled hot sauce. Take your pick.

Go ahead and pre-heat your air fryer for a few minutes. Then, simply add your seasoned wings at 400F for 13 minutes. Turn them over, then air fry another 13 minutes. Here’s what I do, instead of a sauce, typically: I toss them in dry, grated parmesan as soon as they come out. Hell’s Bells. I could eat these every damn day. Good thing I have three packages of frozen wings in the freezer (well, at this point, had).

Tim Steele told me they make a mess, but that wasn’t my experience. Took a minute, and I wiped the basket clean with a paper towel. Amazing ease. I have used this unit for every single meal since I got it a few weeks ago, except for heating up frozen mixed vegetables on the stovetop here and there. I would never go without one. It’s my favorite kitchen appliance and most essential I’ve ever had, by far. I love my InstantPot and I use it a lot. I use this 10 times more.

I have the 3.4 Quart version of the Power AirFryer, but check out any of the Amazon links they serve up below.

Don’t cheap out. The reviews on the cheap ones, say $50-75, say the outside gets hot and parts warp from heat and don’t fit right after some usage. This unit is about $100 and I’m about to order up a second one, 6-quart version, so that I’ll have more flexibility.

…Here’s another idea: combined air fryer fries and wings, but with a twist. To make good air fryer fries it’s simple, but preparation ahead of time is best for simplicity and rapidity. First, par boil a bunch of russets. I do five pounds at a time. You can do peeled or with skins. I typically do them peeled.

  1. Cover the whole potatoes in cold water in a boiling pot.
  2. Place on the stove, on high.
  3. Once they come to a boil, remove them from the heat immediately.
  4. Let them sit for exactly 5 minutes in the hot water.
  5. Drain the hot water immediately and cover with cold water to stop further cooking.
  6. Once cool, place them whole in the refrigerator overnight (this forms resistant starch).
  7. The next day, cut them into fries. I think something between thin and steak fries is the best size.
  8. Toss them in a big preparation bowl with plenty of salt (I like a little pepper too) and a small amount of oil, like I use no more than a TBS or two for the whole 5 pounds and much of it coats the bowl. I prefer using Sisson’s Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil over EVOO which surprised me. The taste and texture is better.
  9. Now, pack them flat in a couple of large Ziplock freezer bags (so they don’t freeze all clumped together).

Now, within a few hours, you have low-fat, high resistant-starch fries on demand. Always preheat the air fryer, but you can do the fries right out of the freezer or let your portion thaw for an hour or so. Do them at 400F. If out of the freezer, I do them for 18 minutes. If thawed, 15 minutes. In either case, toss them halfway through cooking.

In this case, to have them with my wings, I do a hybrid. I fist do the fries for 10 minutes and pull them out. Then, I do one side of the wings for 13 minutes. Then, I pull them out too, put the fries back in and place the turned over wings on top of the fries for the final 13 minute cooking.

You get the idea. That’s right. Some of the seasoned chicken fat dribbles over the fries.

Amazing; and best of all, no mess. Cleanup consists of wiping the pot down with a paper towel. The basket is dishwasher safe as well.

…Oh, hang on a second. I jut made up a little afternoon snack for dad and mom, and she cut up some vegetation and added a little of her homemade ranch dressing.


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Attitude Adjustment: California, Arizona, Sunshine, Colorado River
2018-02-16 19:59 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Sometimes you just need to get out and change everything for a while.

So I did. Six weeks of isolation in a 3-story mountain home was just about enough for me (as was binge-watching Netflix, et al). It was about six weeks ago as well—four days after his 80th birthday—that my dad and mom headed out for a six-month round the USA excursion, from Placerville, CA. It’s taken them to a few places in the southwest so far and will eventually take them to Houston, Orlando, up to the northeast, and back across the country via the northerly route during the summer.

A few days ago they arrived in the Parker, CA area where they’re set up for a month. Didn’t take much convincing to leave the mountains to enjoy time in sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70s right on the CA/AZ border, along the Colorado river.

I arrived yesterday afternoon; now focussed on the acclamation and getting my head back into business as usual, including neglecting Patreon too much. I’m here indefinitely, no fixed return time but I imagine it will be a minimum of two weeks. But it might be longer. Who knows? I like it that way.

One note: many folks have messaged me on Facebook but until my 10th ban is up in about two weeks I have no means of replying.

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Perfect Salmon and Asparagus in an Air Fryer
2018-02-07 23:05 UTC by Richard Nikoley

My second Air Fryer meal.

I’ve a substantial backlog, so these ought to be a bit more frequent as I try to catch the blog up.

About 15 minutes.

Season the salmon with a mixture of 1/2 tsp each of smoked paprika, garlic powder, sea salt and 1/4 tsp pepper.

Got that? No oil required.

Got that?

Toss asparagus in olive oil and sea salt. How much EVOO?

Meh, about a 1/2 teaspoon for a lot. Accurate enough?

You cook both together, 400 for 12 minutes in the air fryer. For a thinner salmon filet, I’d probably do 2-3 minutes of asparagus alone, then add in the filet for 8-9 minutes.

Of course, I like my salmon rare.

If you don’t like it rare, then get over being clueless, stupid, and commenting…and just cook for a couple of minutes longer and then shut the fuck up.

…It’s astounding how well this does asparagus. It transforms it into candy, complete with stinky pee.

…Oh, BTW, if you don’t use all of your asparagus, don’t be a compete fucktard, putting it in plastic, in the fridge. Keep it alive.

Random Crazy Crypto Market Musings
2018-02-07 22:47 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Well what a week, eh?

Who’s panicked?

Who bought high and sold low (to those who kept averaging in with regular consistent buys as Crypto markets move up and down)?

Who’s happy and who’s sad? Angry? Who’s been holding off to jump into these markets and now sees opportunity? Who concludes this just isn’t for them? Who’s been buying regularly all the way down and will keep buying regularly on the eventual and [I think] certain trip back up?

Here’s my general take. I don’t look at my portfolios very often, neither the Patreon nor my personal. In fact, I haven’t even looked at my personal portfolio in over a month. I don’t care about the prices. If I think about it at all, which I try to avoid, then I think instead about other things in the history of human civilization that were true game changers.

[Read the rest….]

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Weekly Top Posts: 2018-02-04
2018-02-04 05:00 UTC

  1. What In The Hell Is Up With Richard Nikoley?
  2. The Very Rational and Healthy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Pullback
  3. Crypto: Jason Hreha Is Fucktarded About Both FOMO And Bitcoin
  4. Kitchen: Grilled Ribeyes, Mash, and Roasted Asparagus
  5. Be Stupid; Lie Yourself To Sleep. Everything’ll Be A’Right.

My 10th Facebook Ban: What Went Down
2018-02-03 21:27 UTC by Richard Nikoley

It amuses me at this point. You knew I had to get ‘er done, 9 being such an odd number. I think my first ban (24 hours) was just over two years ago. The second was a week, the third two weeks, and 7-10 are 30 days each. So, in the last couple of years, I’ll have logged a total of 232 days in banned status. LOL.

So here’s what went down this time. An orthopedic surgeon by the name of Gary Fettke posted an image to Facebook, which I shared to Richard Nikoley’s Ketotard Chronicles, with an introduction.

The post has been removed, but I was able to capture the notification from Facebook with the intro I wrote copied.

Now, I don’t know much about Dr. Fettke. Apparently, he’s been gagged from giving nutrition advice in Australia. I assume he’s a reasonable guy and having checked, I see he was actually a Facebook friend at the time of the post (I did not know this at the time…probably would have toned down the vitriol if I had). Looks like he has unfriended me, though I don’t appear to be blocked. Perhaps he wants to save my soul.

Truthfully, I don’t have much against rational low carb such as, say, Atkins, or Dr. Eades’ reasonable Protein Power version. I can get along fine with these folks.

My deal is simply that just as sometimes some folks go over-the-top radical, I go over-the-top vitriol in response. It may sound coy to say so, but in truth, this all is far less “personal” than one might think. It’s kind of like saying, “this is business.” It’s my schtick. It’s what I do, particularly on a platform like this blog, or the Ketotard Facebook group, its raison d’etre being to mock this sort of extreme nonsense in an area where I agree there are valid therapeutic uses for low-carb, or even keto. But this whole “carbs are not essential” is just bunk for stupid, simplistic, impressionable people.

I explained why in more depth, in a subsequent post.

There seems to be great confusion in this idea that “there are no essential carbohydrates.”

Let me show you how it’s dumb. First, it’s plain silly to infer some sort of ideal human behavior based upon all that is non-essential in a human life. For instance, a monk living in a monastery is essentially practicing a human life that excludes almost everything that’s non-essential.

So is that an ideal life and if so, why don’t more do it?

In fact, there are very few SPECIFIC things that are truly essential in a human diet. There’s some vitamins and minerals, some amino acids, a couple of fatty acids.

There are many, many ways to get all these essential things that our bodies can’t synthesize. In terms of non-essential things (dietary), some micros can be synthesized (so don’t eat foods that contain them directly?), as can sugar…which is utterly essential to a human (biologically)…so much so that if we weren’t able to synthesize it, we’d all die in our sleep…and this is reason to not ingest any at all, or its upstream substrates? It’s IDEAL to not do so?

When a vegan says to you that there are no essential animal foods, he or she is technically correct. But you laugh and you think it’s crazy. Why? Because you understand that while technically true, what a crazy way to live when it’s so much more enjoyable and so much easier to hit your essential nutrients; the vegan must surely be speaking from pure ideology and nothing more. He’s inferring some sort of virtue or ideal based on what isn’t, rather than what is.

But you have your various #hfcl and #keto crowds who do exactly the same thing, in reverse.

Just because humans have the ability to synthesize sugar because they absolutely have to, or death is sure and quick, does not in any way whatsoever even remotely imply that it’s an ideal way to craft a diet.

It’s plain moronic, every bit as much as the idealist proclamations of vegans.


Like and share.

You can go to the thread to check, share, or comment. Here’s a couple of choice comments by Alex Leaf.

…So, now back to Facebook, in order to demonstrate what a silly little maternalistic organization it is that absolutely panders to the worst sorts of tender little flowers.

First of all, Facebook isn’t even correct, or consistent in applying their silly little one-size-fits-all “Community Standards” [for children, crybabies, and wankers].

We don’t tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow you to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but remove content that appears to purposefully target private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them.

Hey, you stupid dickheads over in Dublin (Dublin, Ireland is where FB runs this stupid feeling protection racket). Gary Fettke is indeed a person of public interest. So, you fucked up, and this isn’t the first time (for instance, the several blocks over saying what I think of that dickweed, Obama and that lying ugly whore, Hillary). And, as you explicitly state in your FAQ, a temporary facebook block is final, there is no means to appeal it, and you “cannot” undo it. But don’t worry. I wouldn’t appeal it even if I could.

I far more enjoy publishing what incompetent fools and fucktards you all are and it’s why so many loath, detest, and hate you. Many, like myself, can’t wait until the day your graves are danced on, like the forgotten MySpace.

…During my last ban, I wanted to see what actually happens when you report a post as “abusive,” so I reported some Jimmy Moore post for shits and giggles. Here’s what you get back, complete with tender blue hands and gag worthy patronizing language.

For me, it conjures up images of something straight from the Communist Youth League or Hitler Youth.

There’s more. This is what you get when you block someone. Because, they just want you to know it’s alright and you don’t have to feel bad about it and don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone.

Alright, that’s about enough laughs for today.

Elixa Probiotic is a British biotech manufacturer in Oxford, UK. U.S. Demand is now so high they’ve established distribution centers in Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Still, sell-outs happen regularly, so order now to avoid a waiting list.


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The Very Rational and Healthy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Pullback
2018-02-03 19:27 UTC by Richard Nikoley

It’s kinda funny because had this general market NOT done what it has been doing since after the first week of January, about a month, and instead continued on as it did throughout the entire holiday season since Thanksgiving, then I might be inclined to believe the Tulip Mania schtick.

Of course, for the naysayers, it’s always heads I win, tails you lose; when the markets are briskly up, it’s a bubble and when it rationally retracts, it’s a seeItoldyouso crash!

Over on the Facebook Group this morning, patron Ben Davison posted a nifty little…

[Read the rest on Patreon…]

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Transformational Wisdom
2018-01-31 20:31 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Since my last post about my personal troubles, here and on Patreon, I’ve had quite a warm reception via a number of means. Here, on Patreon, on Facebook, and via lengthy emails were folks divulge personal information from their own experiences in an effort to say: you’ll get through it.

One I received this morning was a bit different. While he’s had his troubles, he wanted to give me his take on what’s going on with my pain and anguish—that gnawing voice that says“call it all off, beg forgiveness, settle…”

At first, I thought it was so special that I would just put it somewhere to refer to in my personal times of need, and then within seconds of thinking that, I realized that such a thing would be just too selfish of me, keeping it to myself like that.

Marc is a long time reader of this blog and my gosh, it must be about 7 years ago that he dispatched cans of whole cod livers to me. I enjoyed them so much (poor man’s foie gras) I’ve been buying canned whole cod livers on Amazon and have ’em in my pantry at all times since.

Here’s what he took the time to write to me:

Hi old friend,

Saw your post . – couple of things-

1. I have a sneaky suspicion you’ve been going through an “un-weaving” with Bea for 2 years now. And it’s now done.

2. The pain is real and NOT real. Whats real pain is the “cell memory” that’s taking place . This is no different than a soldier getting a leg amputated and screaming days later that their leg hurts. The cells do not forget for a while … As such your very cells cry out for connection and anchor points that are now gone. This process takes a lot more time to dissolve and  dissipate than you might realize .

3. The other pain is BS pain and you must get it out of your “head.” I believe that although hard at times you will be fine with this as you are strong and focused when you want to be .

4. You’re a truth seeker my friend… not an easy path but I urge you to engage in extreme gratitude with Bea as I believe she’s an integral part of your growth. You most likely wouldn’t be where you are today without her.

I believe that transformation and change are two VERY different things. Most folk want to “change” but you my man  have always wanted to “transform” and when we say “transform” we mean nothing from the past remains … that’s transformation not change and that is necessary when appropriate and as such NATURAL.

I’ve been through some crap in my life when it comes to marriage and family and my only advice is- be grateful, respectful and follow your desires and dreams. So many stop dreaming at our age ..dont you fucking do it :-)

Was just thinking about you and wanted to share. You’ve taught me so fudging much over the last decade . … I’m grateful !

Hang tough my friend …  but not too tough  :-)


I can’t keep it just to myself, because maybe anyone out there is facing really tough shit and it applies beyond marriage relationships to it’s like my favorite thing: a synthesis. There’s tons of insight and wisdom there, and what made it so damn prescient is that I was beginning to work out a core commitment of my own about 24 hours prior. It’s natural for breakups to be antagonistic, but after the catharsis inherent is the posts posts I did on my birthday—explicitly to make them meaningful and definitive for me—I texted Beatrice the next morning. Here’s what I said, excerpted:

1. Yes, I had my own “party” yesterday. Today is a new day. Yesterday I wrote my posts on Patreon and FTA as sort of commitment.

2. That commitment is both to myself and to you. To me, it is to be true to myself, be strong, get my life back in order rationally. To you, and this is a promise, to never again lash out in unprovoked anger, to be friendly and yes, loving; to remember, reflect upon, and cherish all the innumerable good times which far outweigh the bad.


Marc’s email, even more deeply, contemplates the core difference between Eastern and Western philosophy.

I’m a lay student of the Western and am in league with the Greeks.

But I have had way too many friends and interlocutors over a long time that find serendipitous curiosity or even scholarship in Eastern philosophy. Perhaps the most popularized idea is that of Yin and Yang

Most people have zero idea what it means. They think, loosely, ‘sometimes I want to do this, sometimes that.’

It’s not what it is. It’s the parallel idea in Western philosophy that there is reason and logic….emotion and desire—the material and the spiritual—and your path is to self-flagilate in various ways to quiet the emotion and desire in favor of the former.

The Eastern way contemplates a deeper integration, where one side is just as inexorably part of us as is the other, it’s a deeper wholeness. There is no preferred part or the other part. Rather than be at internal war, enlightenment is found in some sort of internal counsel where you seek to integrate their interests, in pursuit of your own better mental health, understanding, and enlightenment.

If I had to reduce the difference between Western and Eastern modalities of thought into a nutshell, the Western seems to encourage higher levels of personal hubris; whereas, the Eastern seeks to help you deal with it and tame it.

…I have my own version of humility I have stated over and over here, over many years. It’s that’s I’m always wrong, so are you, so is everybody. We’re always wrong, all the time, every day.

The snuggle of life, therefore seems obvious.

You can never be right. But everyone can be a little bit less wrong today than they were yesterday.

That is a very attainable and worthy goal.

What In The Hell Is Up With Richard Nikoley?
2018-01-29 19:33 UTC by Richard Nikoley

I suppose it’s time to provide context. I’m posting this here, and on Patreon.

In February of 2001, Beatrice Fabela and I got married at Rocky Point, 10 miles south of Carmel, CA. It was after about 4 years of living together, two of those since buying a house in Willow Glen in San Jose, fixing it up, etc.

It’s been a good run, but it’s over now.

Three weeks ago today—well, at about 11pm the night prior—she took the dogs and left after an argument and I have not seen her since, nor spoken with her. She’s safe and sound with her parents and general family down in SoCal. We’ve texted here and there.

Today marks my 57th birthday and over the last couple of days I have finally crossed the point of no return, which is also the point at which I stop stewing about the past, transitioning to a view of the future and the opportunities and joys it may afford for me—and to Beatrice as well, which I would certainly hope for and celebrate.

The how and why is not important, anymore, though I will say that it does not involve infidelity on either part; not now and not ever. It’s just the process of life, in which we’re both guilty and we’re both blameless. We’re both human animals living a human life and sometimes there comes the point where our paths must diverge for our mutual well-being.

But fuck, it’s hard. When we were married I had just turned 40 and she was 41 and some months. It was the first marriage for both of us and in a bit less than a month it will be the 17th and last anniversary. No children were involved then, nor since. In that respect, it makes this process an exercise in an equitable distribution of assets.

In terms of my own production here and on Patreon, well, now you perhaps have some insight and understanding into how I have not been myself, lately. That part has been especially stressful because I’m such a consistent producer going back a very long time. And in terms of Patreon, I’m being paid for it directly, which gives me a level of guilt that must be rectified. I thank and appreciate all those who understand and wish to stick with me. It will get better, and very soon. This post is the first step in that definitive process.

Your monetary support at $5 monthly and vote of confidence means a great deal to me. I don’t take it lightly. As it turns out, January has proven to be a healthy lackluster coast in terms of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency which I’m thankful for on a number of levels, as it has provided me the opportunity to not say much of anything when there’s really not that much to say. In a sense, you also pay me to not fill your eyes and ears with the irrelevant and meaningless in times such as these.

Well, it is my birthday so I believe I’ll take the rest of the day off, blast lots of Rush music, and when not, continue my binging of the History Channel series, Vikings.

You will see me tomorrow, moving forward and onward. Thank you.


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2018-01-28 05:00 UTC

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Kitchen: Air Fryer Steak Frites
2018-01-24 01:00 UTC by Richard Nikoley

I caved, got an air fryer.


Because I create delicious dishes, for one. For number two, it is very, very difficult to do stovetop without added fats. It’s really impossible, and I won’t delineate all the reasons why. There is the broiler, but it’s messy, and very hard to control. Fish is pretty easy in the oven broiler, but a steak will drive you crazy. Of course, you can grill a steak. But still, you have a mess you eventually have to clean up.

I eschewed Air Fryers initially. It’s a convection oven, I estimated. Well, it is, but in concentrated form, quite different, and there is just no mess. In terms of cleanup, beyond your plating, a paper towel or two does it all.

I got the 3.4 quart version of this one. You can search around, but I link the larger one will suit more, because usually, most folk are cooking for more than two. At the moment, I’ve been cooking for one, me.

A note on what you choose: best not go cheap. I spent a good while reading negative reviews on the units you can get for $45-75 and most common complaints were that the exterior of the unit gets very hot, case warps, stuff doesn’t fit as it should. Also, takes more cooking time. Bottom line, $100-150 entry price, you’re good. The one I got is well engineered. Only warm to the touch exterior, solid, works great.

Go big. I decided to see if I could do a decent steak frites as an initial try.

I got a decent NY Strip, seasoned with salt an pepper. Its’s best to let it sit for 30-40 minutes ahead. I also got a package of frozen fries. It’s not the best choice—you can do your own from fresh fries, coming up—but I wanted to get in quick.

For the frozen fries, you’re working at 400F. You put them in for 10 minutes. Toss when you’re done, move aside, and put in your NY for another 10, only, at 360.

No fooling.

People have asked, “how good is it?”

It is very good, but not as good as grilled. Depends on the trouble you want to go to. But this is a couter-top deal I could have used in a college dorm room to do this (we used to do mac & cheese in electric hot water pots in the 80s).

Tomorrow, salmon and asparagus.



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Crypto: The Problem With David Stockman Is That He Wants You To Think He’s Smart
2018-01-03 00:29 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Another day, another elitist telling you how he’s much smarter than you BECAUSE you made tens or hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars, and he didn’t.

He didn’t advise you to do that, so he’s smart, and you’re stupid.


President Ronald Reagan’s Former Director of the Office of Management David Stockman has told CNBC’s Futures Now in an interview that investors in the cryptocurrency market are “stupid speculators” and will suffer a “spectacular crash.”

Stockman stated:

“It’s basically a class of really stupid speculators who have convinced themselves that trees grow to the sky. It will burn out in a spectacular crash. All of these latter-day speculators will have their hands burned to a crisp, and they will learn the proper lesson.”

Look, you all get to be just as meticulously stupid and clueless as you like. He doesn’t grasp the underlying monetary revolution and dollars are like Bibles to a clueless sort like that who will remain intransigent so that he was always right about everything.


Weekly Top Posts: 2017-12-31
2017-12-31 05:00 UTC

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  2. How’s My Patreon Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Gig Going?
  3. Be Stupid; Lie Yourself To Sleep. Everything’ll Be A’Right.
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Crypto: Jason Hreha Is Fucktarded About Both FOMO And Bitcoin
2017-12-28 23:44 UTC by Richard Nikoley

Got this in my email just now. Look, it’s just hilarious to me.

It’s a delicious mix of an inability to differentiate rational from irrational fear from a “behavioral scientist,” combined with a big mix of Dunning-Kruger about the viability of Bitcoin, from a “behavioral scientist.”

Where in the holy fuck do they come up with these most fucktarded of human debris?


From: Jason Hreha <>
Date: Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 2:31 PM
Subject: Are you afraid of missing out? I am.

Jason’s Behavioral Science Newsletter

I’ve been experiencing a lot of FOMO this holiday season.

For those of you who aren’t up to date on the lingo, FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out.

It’s a powerful cocktail of cognitive biases.

First, you take a couple shots of social proof and place them in a large glass filled with ice.

Then, you add an equal amount of the finest “loss aversion” you have on hand and stir until the two are evenly mixed.

If you want, you can sprinkle a little bit of envy on top–but that’s not necessary. The cocktail is strong enough with just two ingredients.

All of us experience plenty of FOMO during the holiday seasons… after all, this is the time of the year when every single store on the planet runs “can’t miss” sales that “are ending in 24 hours”!

This is also the time of the year when families and friends gather together and tell each other about the awesome stuff that they did (and bought) that you (unfortunately) missed…

But this year there was something new in the mixture. Something powerful. Something exotic.

Can you guess what it was?

Let me give you a hint.

It starts with B.

Still can’t get it?

OK–here’s another hint: it’s nerdy.

No. I’m not talking about books.

I’m talking about…


Yes, that ever so sexy digital gold. That rocketship that keeps on moving up and up and up and breaking new price records.

That magical new money that has turned that one friend of yours on Facebook into an overnight investment guru: “Stocks are so 20th century, man…”

We all have someone like this in our orbit. And we’ve all seen the news stories about some 20 year old kid or another who now drives a Porsche because he bought a few hundred coins when they were still a few pennies each.

“If only I had purchased Bitcoin in 2010…”

I bet that the topic was brought up at least once during your holiday festivities.

In my case, it was mentioned at every single dinner I went to between the 20th and 26th.

I’m not going to lie, I had at least 3 fantasies about what my life would be like if I had purchased a couple thousand dollars of Bitcoin back in 2010.

And, yes, they did involve yachts and the occasional Rolex (and I’m not even a watch guy!).

Which brings us back to the topic at hand: FOMO.

There are few things better at changing behavior than FOMO.

It’s the driving force behind fads of all shapes and sizes.

Remember Beanie Babies? That whole fiasco was driven by FOMO.

The housing crisis? FOMO.

Bieber-mania? Yep–you guessed it. FOMO.

Savvy observers of human behavior can detect these manias in their early phases–and capitalize on them.

But most people aren’t astute observers of human psychology. They choose to run with the herd because it’s running–not because of any deeper understanding.

Which points us to another characteristic of social proof: it’s most impactful when we’re uncertain, and very few of us know that much about investing & financial instruments… and even fewer know much about cryptography, and all the other complicated stuff that Bitcoin is built upon…

Which makes it a perfect catalyst for herd behavior. People don’t understand Bitcoin because it’s complicated, so they defer to the judgement of others. The only problem is most of the “others” out there don’t understand it either.

People then buy it because other people are buying it, which causes the price to go up, which causes even more people to buy it because they don’t want to lose out on all the amazing gains people are making.

It’s a devilish loop, and it’s not the best way to invest one’s money.

Which reminds me… you know what’s a good use of money?

Investing in yourself. Investing in knowledge.

Which is why you should sign up for my premium behavioral science round-up.

Every 2 weeks I send out a list of the most interesting 15-20 behavioral-science studies that I’ve encountered. People love it. They learn a lot.

And the next issue is going out tonight.

Don’t miss out! Don’t experience FOMO (see what I did there?). Sign up here:

Until tomorrow,

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Kitchen: Grilled Ribeyes, Mash, and Roasted Asparagus
2017-12-13 17:51 UTC by Richard Nikoley

As you can see, above, the name of the blog has changed. It’s been Free The Animal for 10 years, was two different names in the four years prior, and it’s time for a change so as to better reflect my intentions going forward. As you can also see by scrolling down the page, I’ve been blogging about crypto and money mostly, for months now. This, owing to my paid gig on Patreon, now just shy of 500 Patrons at the time of this writing.

Yea, imagine that. Upwards of 500 folks willing to cut lose with $5 per month in order to participate in a troll-and-bullshit free environment with no ads, pop-ups, up-sells, or “premium” content—euphemism for “I’m just going to charge you more for this because I can.” Nope, it’s very egalitarian of me. Everyone gets the same deal.

It’s funny what levels of general annoyance and harassment people will endure online because it’s “free.” LOL

Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check out my Patreon Profile.

So, anyway, I’m never about singular focus on a blog and as always, blogging any fucking thing I want is always on the table. TheCryptoKitchen is just a way to narrow the focus just a bit, give some sense of direction. After all, who doesn’t love good food and money? Amiright?

I’ll tend to stay away from all the goddammed dietary nonsense, focussing instead on good food from the kitchen. Simple. Let it just speak for itself. This was always the most pleasurable thing about the whole diet and health thing all the way back. Not only did I get the pleasure of shopping for it, preparing it, and then eating it, I then got to tell the story through pictures.

On the crypto side, I get to write about what is increasingly taking up my life and times in a more work sense. More on all that, later. This is a kitchen post.

Tired of paying for probiotics that do nothing, because they aren’t engineered to do anything? Then learn about a dose engineered to make it all the way through to your colon, and then deal directly with the engineer and manufacturer.

So let’s cook. It was spur of moment last night, Tuesday. I realized it had been a week since good steak on the grill. At the end of our 10-day motorhome excursion over the holidays with five overnight stops along the way, the last one was a night in Santa Barbara in order to break up our return from Carlsbad, CA to our home in the Sierras. I invited my friend Dr. Mike Eades over, shopped, and got cooking. Unfortunately, MD had choir rehearsal so couldn’t attend.

Motorhome Kitchen

The NY Strip looked better than the ribeyes, so got those, which were cooked on the mini-Webber with charcoal—a lost art, given gas, now. Also on the menu was Texas-style green beens, roasted fingerling potatoes, my shallot-mushroom beef stock reduction sauce, and a butter lettuce salad with my Dijon vinaigrette. Unfortunately, no dinner service pics, for some reason.

But not this time. You want pics, we got pics. Up top are the essentials. I also did a simple browned butter drizzle. No, not a cube of butter per serving. A 2-pat portion per serving—as though we’re sane or something, not Ketotarded.

You just can’t go wrong with roasted asparagus. I only ever get the thin ones and when I see them, it almost always overrules any other side-option I might be thinking about. So simple, too:

  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. Trim the tough ends of the shoots, usually 1-2 inches
  3. Toss them in a TBS or two of EVOO and liberally season with sea salt and finely ground black pepper
  4. Roast on the middle rack for 20-25 minutes, until the flowers at the tops are crispy

Done. There’s also mashed potatoes. Everyone knows how to make them. In terms of added fat, I calculate about 1-2 pats of butter and 1/4 cup whole milk per serving. I do not use half & half nor heavy cream. Just don’t need it. Typically, it’s being served with a reduction sauce anyway (my sauces are fat skimmed for better texture and flavor). I do big batches of mash now, so I can easily reheat. In this case, the casserole went in the oven alongside the asparagus. Works great, very convenient, and gets more mashed potatoes in your belly because, who doesn’t want that?

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Shall we proceed? Okay, these are not done on charcoal, but I happen to have the Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill with three close-together burners in a small space that can get it up to 800 F internal. I also have the offset charcoal and smoker attachment. Grill mastery.

Last night, it was a tight schedule so gas only.

I use various methods of grilling, depending on the cut, how lean or fatty, etc. In this case, pretty fatty ribeyes. So, all burners on high, grill is preheated to full on way up, 700-800 deg internal. Toss ’em on, cover for about a minute, open up, move ’em 45 deg for pro-level grill marks, then cover about another 1-2 minutes, until you really hear the fat poppin’ and and sizzlin’, then open it up so as to not overheat the center for medium rare, allowing the fat to char. Then turn, repeat the process, but not so long covered. Open it up and do the finger test until perfect.

And now let’s plate up, including just a drizzle of that browned butter.




Now and then, someone may have doubt that my steaks always come out how we want them: generally medium rare for ribeyes, NY strips, sirloin, and the various flat iron, hanger, and flap cuts. For filets, usually rare, and I’ll sometimes do flat irons rare as well.



And so that will do it for this Kitchen installment. more to follow in the days to come. Also, yes, I will be getting the domain name sorted,, and will just forward once that’s done, so you’ll still get here either way.

Elixa Probiotic is a British biotech manufacturer in Oxford, UK. U.S. Demand is now so high they’ve established distribution centers in Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Still, sell-outs happen regularly, so order now to avoid a waiting list.


Crypto: Post 21 Convention Interview
2017-12-12 21:40 UTC by Richard Nikoley

At the end of September I gave a talk on cryptocurrency at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. The public release of that video will be forthcoming at a future time and I’ll publish it here when it does.

In the meantime, here’s a brief interview.

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Weekly Top Posts: 2017-12-10
2017-12-10 05:00 UTC

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  2. Andreas Antonopoulos Becomes Instant Bitcoin Millionaire
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My Change in Heart, Mind, and Focus: Cryptocurrency Vs. “Paleo” or “Low Carb” Diet
2017-12-09 23:35 UTC by Richard Nikoley

A few nights ago I texted someone y’all know.

BTC just over 14k now. Started the Patreon gig when it was 4,500. 15k will drive the final nail into diet blogging for me.

Whereas my normal gettyup time now is 4:30-5:30am, I languished insac until 8am the next morning. After clearing my eyes, I checked the markets first thing, just as I used to do a dozen years ago when trading the S&P 500 options (SPX) on the CBOE. Here’s what I saw.

15K hit when I was sleeping and the price level said ‘goodby, for now.’

Not even a week ago, I was talking about maybe snagging another stake under 10k. I did that. $500 more into bitcoin.

But honestly, I was just looking for a clever excuse to use for what I knew for certain was coming anyway.

…Last June 9 my wife, Beatrice, retired after 35 years in the school district. For about 30 years of that time, she taught 5th and 6th grades, sometimes split classes—where she taught two grade levels at a time. But she always wanted to work with kids on a more fundamental, underlying level. She went back to school herself, after more than 15 years of teaching, and got her master’s degree in counseling.

There were no such jobs to transition to.

Eventually, in 2005—10 years of waiting later—the district experimented with academic counseling, with an equally experimental budget. It lasted two years. Her academic counseling program was hugely successful and parents and PTAs loved it uniformly and actually fought for it, but failed.

You can’t fuck with Mother Nature, and when budgetary constraints come along, the very first thing administrators do is protect themselves and find ways to cut the budget for the kids—that is, cut the budget on fulfilling their mission. Whenever you want to look pure and true evil in the eye, think on that.

Bea always took it in total stride. She’s completely unlike me, with an essential amazing grace and a roll-off-back nature like crazy and, it’s impressive. To her, it’s simple; she’s not much interested in the prescient, apropos, and most clever vitriol I can bring to bear with a wink and twinkle of eye on blogs and facebooks. She might laugh, but is never particularly enamored. Her “serious side” operates on different value standards and timescales than does mine.

She could still do that “job” in the classroom. It’s about getting to the nitty gritty. It’s finding out why the kid isn’t curious, is stressed—or whatever it is that’s preventing him or her from doing what kids naturally do, which is suck up information like sponges, with enthusiasm.

I’m helpless when it comes to this sort of true love, in admiration of her essential humanity in a context of a human life where I’m easily Mencken about a whole lot of stuff.

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” — HLM

The female is the absolutely essential taming influence for the male. Moreover, the female has a dual role in managing the “problem” of the male species…

The best of the females find ways to spur on the males they influence to great, greater and in the rare cases, the greatest. There’s almost always a female behind the greatest male—and that’s just biology on the most fundamental hand, and being social enough on the other.

The essential value of the female is to make the male social enough. I’m not being factious. The smartest females know how to make this fundamentally essential thing happen and it’s not for me to understand. It’s rather to be smart and prescient enough to comply with female when boundaries of paths are reached; or, in my case many times, better paths enlightened for me.

Thanks, chicks. I literally, couldn’t do it with out you; but, I’ll still be a male of the human species which means you all have endless work to do. And why would you not? I think it’s a wonderful and natural trade.

I guess I digress.

…A few weeks after retiring last June, Bea took me out to lunch with a file folder of outdated articles about making money blogging. It’s not that we particularly need more money. What it was is that in the space since retirement, she had observed me more closely than ever before.

“Richard, you need to get paid.”

Me: “Well, I have Amazon, Google, a couple other ad things, and Elixa. It comes to 1-2K monthly, on average.”

“You need people to pay you, for all the effort, time, and attention you put in.”

To her, as a never-blogger nobie, it was simply a matter of setting up a paywall that day, on a deal that’s 4,500 free posts in the making.

I knew that would be a flop, of course. But the underlying and essential idea was something I could consider. I’d really just never thought about it much. I kind of like not caring about money a whole lot. I used to care way too much and it resulted in bad things.

Through a series of circumstance I found Patreon. Initially, I thought “Okay, I’ll do a premium diet thing and bla bla bla.”

I hated the idea, knew I’d get killed for even trying. All I could do is stew, caught between my wife’s wishes and the impossibility of delivering, though I knew in the end she’d be OK. But what proper male of the human species doesn’t want to strut around and show off his colorfully erect peacock display to the female he’s nested with?

…In August it came together, something happened. Bitcoin, or more generally, cryptocurrency.

But it was rather subtle. While I couldn’t predict the future, I could easily identify a rising tide and it’s exactly what I saw. I just detected an increasing level of buzz all around me. Buzz is essential to bring it mainstream, where everyone is invested and liquidity is given. That orange circle is when I went in principally with this change for my future, with my female. I say principally—and not all in—because I wasn’t yet ready to dump my 10 years of cred in diet blogging.

So I placed a small bet and got to work creating a couple of posts to launch it on the Patreon platform where, as I reasoned, I could at least show my caring wife that I gave it a shot, and did it as smart I could think to do it—preserve what’s there already while venturing out to something new for a good she’s finally happy with.

I still remember day 1. Ground Zero. I immediately got a few Patrons at $5 monthly and they kept trickling in. I recall telling Bea at the end of the evening, when we were at 17, that we’ll be at 20 by morning. A hunerd bucks gross.

I’m at 469 Patrons at $5 monthly as I write. I was 3-months-in just yesterday, Dec 8.

But do you know of what I’m most enamored? It’s that I’m a male of the human species that gets to do what he wants, but for some inexplicable reason, cannot help but try to please the female I love so much, and am helpless about it. Yea, she checks regularly, gives me updates on the latest Patron count…

I win. :)

But it’s not all I win. There’s the actual deal, and, how does it compare with what I’m leaving behind, diet blogging?

How might a change in focus change your life? Well, I set out September 2 to find out—a week before launch—and this is the result after 3 months. It’s a diversification, about 40 individual and separate crypto investments, not an all-eggs-one-basket.

Yes, of course I’m in Bitcoin and it’s actually the biggest weight of the portfolio (50%ish). It’s a 100% crypto portfolio of about 40 crypto assets, some  green as much as 700% since I took a stake. Only about 5 are rouge currently. To get this list—where others try to sell you a $3,000 newsletter subscription for just one tip—you can get all 40 for $5 per month, no catch.

I’ve been up 80-90% for a couple of days and am happy to have been able to snap a shot right at the 100% mark, which is weekly buys into crypto from early September to just last week when I jumped to put $500 more into Bitcoin because I figured my limit order to buy at $8,001.01 would never fill, so I cancelled it and just took the market at a bit under $10k.

Of course, things depend. I finally got Bea to put just $250 into Bitcoin a few weeks ago in her own account and it’s worth $600-700 now, depending. She gets a kick out of looking at it and is beginning to get over that it’s too complicated to contemplate. I have an app for that, actually; where I show you how to get in now, today. Not tomorrow; today. That post is on Patreon but it’s public, so you can test drive if you like.

…In May of 2007 I wrote the first blog post of what was to become a 10-year obsession that would amount to over 3,000 blog posts, 100,000 comments, a number of speaking gigs and a lot of podcast interviews. It’s 10 years, now.

I’d gone to the gym, started trying to understand why, at 45, I was just getting fatter and fatter and fatter. The rest is history and I’ve made my mark very well, with integrity. I don’t regret anything about it. I especially don’t regret ever making much money off it.

I began like this:

  • Real food is better
  • Low carbohydrate is better
  • Cooking at home is better
  • Working out harder for shorter is better than easier for longer
  • Not eating anything regularly is better than asking what to eat all the time

I hit these deals all along the way:

  • Be mindful of vitamin D, it’s sunshine, and understand if you’re a fish out of water (dark skin in high latitudes)
  • Cholesterol is not a problem on real food diets
  • Ketosis is not a particularly natural state, it’s a survival adaptation
  • Vitamin k2 (MK-4) is so potentially amazing you can’t not hook it up with D3 and get them a room
  • Eat liver
  • Drink whole milk (sometimes…nutrient dense)
  • Eat oysters, mussels, and clams
  • Whole grains have super important minerals, so the cost/benefit goes to eating some
  • The gut is the new frontier, we’ve not begun to understand probiotics and prebiotics, better to feed it willy nilly than starve it with a silly level of ignorant hubris
  • Protein is king
  • And many more things…

Where I end up:

  • Real food is better
  • Low carbohydrate doesn’t matter, calories matter
  • Cooking at home is better
  • Working out harder for shorter is better than easier for longer
  • Not eating anything regularly is better than asking what to eat all the time
  • Be mindful of vitamin D, it’s sunshine, and understand if you’re a fish out of water (dark skin in high latitudes)
  • Cholesterol is not a problem on real food diets
  • Ketosis is not a particularly natural state, it’s a survival adaptation
  • Vitamin k2 (MK-4) is so potentially amazing you can’t not hook it up with D3 and get them a room
  • Eat liver
  • Drink whole milk (sometimes…nutrient dense)
  • Eat oysters, mussels, and clams
  • Whole grains have super important minerals, so the cost/benefit goes to eating some
  • The gut is the new frontier, we’ve not begun to understand probiotics and prebiotics, better to feed it willy nilly than starve it with a silly level of ignorant hubris
  • Protein is king

So, basically, 10 years to come up with something decent foundational, and other than the few ad-ons here and there, that calories count.

I spent 10 years and 3,000 posts coming to a full-circle realization that you’re fat because you eat too much too often, yet you complain you’re too hungry. Well then, you’ve gotten yourself there though self-medicating with junk food for decades. You have to do rehab or detox, or whatever. You have to reprogram your stupid dog brain.

Anyway, I just got a better gig. it doesn’t mean I’ll not keep up Ketotards, do likes and comments on FB, or any of the other things. As to this blog, I’ll post now and then, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly going to be about the real food I cook every day.

I have months of really awesome food pics, only shared on the Facebook that has seen fit to block me 9 times, the latest of which ends tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve come to understand what a disvalue Facebook is; it’s tops. I’m not going to get into it, though. I’ll just use it as a means to get people to click away from it, and spend their money elsewhere.

My energies are in turbo-mode elsewhere, now.

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Andreas Antonopoulos Becomes Instant Bitcoin Millionaire
2017-12-08 22:14 UTC by Richard Nikoley

[Reposted from Patreon]

I don’t know if you’ve been following the story over the last couple of days but it’s emotional on many levels. Here’s Andreas from the Wikipedia POV. He has a website, YouTube, and a Patreon too. Yes, I’m a Patron.

Back in August, when I was chewing on what to do next—as my FreeTheAnimal diet blogging was just not really doing it for me, nor the revival of excitement via a Facebook group I created early June that quickly gained over 1,500 members—I began turning to crypto, having had a long-term interest. Andreas’ videos are what really got me shouting ‘amen, preach it brother’ from the pews.

The TL;DR is that another bitcoin millionaire and investor guy, Roger Ver—whom I gather lots of people hate—chastised Andreas over Twitter for resorting to Patreon to pay his bills when he could have just invested $300 in Bitcoin some years ago and he’d be a millionaire. Andreas responded in a private post on Patreon that got leaked to Reddit.

A gut wrenching excerpt.

It is hard for many to accept that someone who has been involved since 2012 has not amassed a great fortune in bitcoin. The truth, however, is that due to circumstances and some poor choices I made, I was not able to benefit as much from the rise of bitcoin as some others have.

At the end of 2012, when I heard about bitcoin, I had been working as a freelance consultant for about a year after burning out of my previous work as a partner in a research firm. I had a modest retirement fund, a small amount of credit card debt and enough income to make ends meet. I was really in limbo, looking for the next opportunity. Bitcoin arrived into my awareness and slapped me in the face. You’ve all heard my story of tumbling down the rabbit hall, absolutely consumed by awe.

What is not quite obvious is that my obsession also drove me to abandon my consulting work and put all my attention into bitcoin. I worked as hard as I have ever worked, focusing full time on this technology. During this time, I was unable to find any way of making a living through bitcoin. I traveled to speak at conferences (which didn’t even cover expenses), I consulted with startups (which couldn’t pay me), I wrote articles etc. To support my “habit”, I dipped into my savings. I cut back on my expenses as much as I could and started ravaging my savings. By mid-2013 I was forced to start liquidating my retirement funds. In my early 40’s, I was undoing a lifetime of savings, in a way most people would consider irresponsible. While doing so, I incurred penalty taxes for early withdrawal. Then, I went into credit card debt. By the end of 2013 I was “worse than broke”: going into debt at an alarming rate.

Finally, in 2014 I started making a bit of income. I was so deep in debt that I continued to live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to chip away at my debt. It was going to be a long two years before I finally became debt free at the end of 2016.

I won’t complain about the lost opportunity. I am extremely fortunate to be able to live debt free, doing my dream job in a field I absolutely love.

The thing about it is—if you’ve seen his videos, interviews and such—he’s doing it all as an evangelist who truly believes in it; that he can help the poor, unbanked, and fiat victims the whole world over…and he just may be right about that.

The more TL;DR is that this getting out there resulted in tons of people sending Bitcoin to his donation address and within 24-hours, those who love him had sent 50 Bitcoin his way, worth about $750K. One individual sent 37 coins. But it continued. Last I heard, the same individual sent another 42 coins and in total, he’s up to donations of about 100 coins for a cool $1.5 million.

And I haven’t heard a bit of resentment anywhere. Quite the opposite. Most seem to feel that it barely repays him for all he’s done to educate and energize.

So, wow! The story changes. Here’s one I hadn’t read: A bitcoin booster got $1.5 million after being “bitshamed” for being poor.

A few things about this to take particular note of.

1. No middle-men money-changers or “charities” to take cuts.

2. It was peer-to-peer, 100%.

3. It was global, people from all different fiat realms.

4. Fiat currency “exchange rates” were irrelevant.

5. PayPal can go you know what to itself. :)

Have a good weekend chewing on a great love story.

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