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#BGB #Infographic: 10 Basics to an Effective and Successful Website
2015-07-14 18:07 UTC by Editor

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It is the age of the Internet, and every business – established or start-up – needs to have an online presence that makes it easier for customers to know more about its products and services.

But does that mean just any old website will do?

Um… no. Definitely not.

AddPeople, a popular Internet Marketing agency in the United Kingdom,...

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Focusing on the Human: How to Humanize Your Brand Online
2015-06-05 17:18 UTC by Ana Silva

Humanizing Your Brand

This is a guest post courtesy of Ana Silva.

We are moving towards a future that values real human qualities in brands and big corporations. In today’s world, customers are increasingly turning to brands that they can really believe in and trust, building relationships and extending communication channels.

Breaking down...

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Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool
2015-05-20 15:21 UTC by Editor

With social media emerging as one of the most powerful marketing tools that we have today, more and more companies are taking to Facebook and Twitter to increase their fan base and improve brand loyalty.

The below infographic from Maximillion shows us how event managers use social media networks to promote their events, but it also has some valuable...

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How to Integrate Your Brand into Your Office Design
2015-02-17 00:31 UTC by Editor

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Branding and Office Design

Whether you work from home or commute to an office, odds are you spend a sizable chunk of your valuable time in your workspace. I should know, I spend an inordinate amount of time in mine. Mine also happens to be my bedroom, so there is that.

That being said, decorating your office can have more of an impact than you think, both on you personally as...

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A Sing-Along Year: The Catchiest Jingles of 2014
2015-01-26 03:32 UTC by Editor

Marketing Jingles

I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe music holds power. A lot of power. I’m a faith kind of girl, so in particular I believe worship music holds extreme power, but all types of music can be powerful when it comes to bringing to mind memories of days gone by, or uniting a group of people in a way that only music can.


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Signage in Business: Effective Tips for Quality Designs
2015-01-14 18:22 UTC by Editor

Business Signage

Open for biz but not quite sure how to get the word out? Many businesses utilize signage such as banners to capture the attention wandering eyes.

Banners can be used for announcements, to promote products, and even just to look cool and raise awareness of your company’s name in the minds and hearts of onlookers. Signage can at times be an...

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‘Smarketing’ Harmonizes Sales & Marketing Departments
2015-01-03 00:13 UTC by Editor

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It’s no great business secret that sales and marketing departments are often at odds with one another. The problem usually starts with the idea that marketing and sales are needed at different points of the customer purchasing cycle.

This attitude that “we’re only responsible for our portion of the cycle” creates the feeling of...

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