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Twitter and the Brands that Dominate
2014-07-22 14:42 UTC by

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Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, in my admittedly humble opinion, have always been the social media platforms that I get the most mileage out of.

And out of all the ones I would probably deem “most useful” in a customer service type capacity, I would have to probably dub Twitter the winner.

Apparently other...

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Are POP Displays Really a Thing?
2014-07-15 17:43 UTC by

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Point of Purchase Displays

While I’m certainly no expert, I’ve recently been reading up on POP displays and potentially using them in your brand strategy. 

You can walk into just about any Walmart, Winn Dixie, or  and find yourself exposed to what’s called a point of purchase display, whether you realized what you were looking at or not.


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Roar Like a Lion, Do the Unexpected; Unique Advertising isn’t for Wusses
2014-06-18 17:07 UTC by

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Clean Advertising

Imagine enjoying a morning run on the local trail and seeing a neat 3-D art stenciling of a wooden bridge over a gaping cliff right on the path.

Like, woah. Where’d that come from?

Now, imagine people having fun with it, pretending to walk over it, snapping pics, and sharing it on social media outlets with their pals,...

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Why I Could Give a Donkey’s Tickler About “Effective” SEO
2014-06-02 03:53 UTC by

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SEO and Donkey's

Disclaimer: I may or may not be slightly overtired from moving.

And I may or may not have had a glass of wine very recently while doing a bit of work.

OK, fine.

I am and I did. Grammar police and any other police-y type peeps, don’t hate. Appreciate. Ha.

OK, right… onward.

So I don’t actually know...

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Share (Eeeks!) Videos to Increase #BrandAwareness for Your #SmallBusiness
2014-04-29 14:16 UTC by

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Video Marketing for Branding

Howdy BGB’ers.


On average, five tweets per second contain a Vine link, according to research from tech company Unruly.

Consider Vine reports more than 40 million registered users and parent company Twitter reports more than 241 million active monthly users, and you can imagine the potential reach of those six-second...

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#Infographic: Simple Tips to Rock Your LinkedIn Connections
2014-04-10 01:43 UTC by

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Infographic on Maximizing LinkedIn

This is a handy infographic courtesy of

Obviously LinkedIn can be a valuable social platform in successful business building.

But are you using it effectively? If at all?

My guess is that you (like me) could stand to learn a trick or two on increasing the effectiveness of your LI efforts in the least amount...

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4 Keys to Building a Kick Ass Branding Crew
2014-04-04 17:11 UTC by

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Four Keys to Effective Branding Teams

Products and services may determine how customers value businesses, but those companies may never get a shot at their target clientele without an effective brand strategy.

Ouch. Harsh huh.

Brands have plenty of work to do in a competitive market.

Not only must they establish and promote themselves to the right customers...

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