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Weekly Top Posts: 2020-01-26
2020-01-26 05:00 UTC

  1. The goal of what I do
  2. Ecstatic Release
  3. John McFee - Working with Elvis Costello
  4. Jake Shimabukuro
  5. Home Versus The Road

Jake Shimabukuro
2020-01-24 16:49 UTC

Last night I filmed an interview with Jake Shimabukuro. If you have not heard of him, do a search on YouTube. You will be amazed.

The goal of what I do
2020-01-21 16:48 UTC


John McFee - Working with Elvis Costello
2020-01-20 22:01 UTC

John McFee of The Doobie Brothers on what he has learned from working with Elvis Costello. [Watch clip on YouTube]

[Watch the full interview]

Ecstatic Release
2020-01-19 22:53 UTC

You said with your live shows that you have the goal of moments of ecstatic release. What do you guys do as a band to get people to that spot?

Robbie Wulfsohn of Ripe: I'm going to start by saying it is the goal. We fail. We fail hard. We're willing to fail triumphantly. It's not like we have the pride to say this is definitely...

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Weekly Top Posts: 2020-01-19
2020-01-19 05:00 UTC

  1. Huey Lewis & The News album
  2. Crowd Surfing In A Wheelchair

Angry Girlfriend
2020-01-17 17:52 UTC

One of my favorite stories from the interview with Kryz Reid of Third Eye Blind. [Watch the clip on YouTube]

[Watch the full interview]

Playing Daily
2020-01-16 15:42 UTC

 Joey Dandeneau from Theory of a Deadman talks about his drive to play every day. [Watch clip on YouTube]

[Watch the full interview]

Huey Lewis & The News album
2020-01-14 19:02 UTC

Working on the ramp up and launch of the new album by Huey Lewis & The News. Just one month out. 

Weekly Top Posts: 2020-01-12
2020-01-12 05:00 UTC

  1. John McFee (The Doobie Brothers) Talks About George Harrison
  2. RIP Neil Peart
  4. Home Versus The Road
  5. Crowd Surfing In A Wheelchair

RIP Neil Peart
2020-01-11 16:14 UTC

​Neil Peart was my gateway drug to all things drumming. In 1989 I bought the live Rush album "A Show Of Hands". I was three-fourths of the way through, already loving what I had heard and knowing I would be playing that cassette again and again. Then I got to the drum solo. That was it. I was done. I didn't know you could do that with the...

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A New Perspective
2020-01-09 20:20 UTC


Cris: Did this whole process [recording a concert with a symphony] change how you viewed any particular song of yours?

Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls: That's a really good question. Gosh, I'll have to think about that for a second, stop and think about it. I just have to say that the arrangements, they bring the songs to life in a way...

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Crowd Surfing In A Wheelchair
2020-01-08 21:55 UTC

Kryz Reid talks about an amazing moment during a Third Eye Blind concert. [Watch the clip on YouTube]

​[Watch the full interview]


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